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The silence stretched, only broken by the sound of the elevator arriving at the floor and then footsteps.

Everyone glanced up when Linus appeared in the doorway. The pickpocket glanced around the room, "Did I miss anything?"

Wondering, Teenagers and Fluff

A simple nine to five.

Good income, high but not so high as to be considered rich.

Oh why couldn't she have become an account? Or a lawyer?

Or something mundane.

Pamela Landy sighed as she thought back to what she used to think she wanted. Sometimes she wondered when exactly her dreams changed from being an average, mid-class, mundane officer worker to being in charge of a bunch of arrogant, social inapt computer geniuses, similarly arrogant but irritatingly charming politicians and mysterious, insanely dangerous and eerily calm and emotionless assassins. The days that left her wondering usually involved dramatic meltdowns from the geniuses, power hunger campaigns by the politicians and/or disastrous fights between an assassin and someone else, often another assassin. Those days, while stressful and irritating never made her seriously consider finding a new occupation, an event that had occurred so rarely over her long tenure at with the CIA that she could count all the instances on one hand and still have fingers left over. And they all had one major thing in common.

One Jason Bourne aka Linus Caldwell.

Somehow it seemed that the most stressful things always related back to him. That's not to say that every time the ex-assassin turned citizen (though a criminal one) came up something bad happened it just seemed that with him, bad usually meant cataclysmic.

And she had a feeling that she was going to add one more instance to her list.

"What have you done this time Linus?" She muttered as she pulled her car into the parking lot of the hotel Linus had informed her to come to. Pamela could see the familiar figure of Nicky standing in the well lit lobby of the hotel. The younger women smiled and waved as she saw the car and Pamela couldn't help but smile. It was hard not to like Nicky; she was sweet and kind a surprisingly perfect counter Linus' tough but secretly protective nature. Also, after working together for so long (Nicky had been working with Pamela for all the time she had been at the CIA) the two had become close; being the only two females in a dominantly male career path gave them a reason to connect.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Pamela climbed out of her car heading towards the lobby. Her entrance into the well decorated but entirely generic hotel lobby broke the comfortable, we're-strangers-and-I-would-noramally-be-polite-but-it's-way-too-late-for-me-to-even-care silence that had stretched between the two occupants.

"Hey Pam!" Nicky smiled warmly, pushing up from the side table she had been leaning against, "Great to see you."

Smiling back, Pamela warmly hugged the younger women, "Same with you. It's been way to long."

Nicky smile brightened before she ushered her older friend down the hall towards a bank of elevators, out of the lobby and away from the obviously apathetic teenage receptionist. Once out of earshot, Pamela glanced around before quietly speaking, "So, Jason?"

"Linus." Nicky corrected, knowing exactly what the older woman meant.

Pamela relaxed visibly. To the two of them and a small number of other people, Jason was the trained, ruthless, paranoid, and all around badass personality that only really came out in highly dangerous situations, Linus, the more common personality, usually referring to the rather even mix of the bumbling, loyal, kind of determined to prove himself personality from before he joined the CIA and Jason, though sometimes the mix changed. (1)

They reached the elevators and Nicky pushed the up button, bouncing on her heels, much to the older women's amusement. She continued to bounce in the elevator until Pamela interrupted her thoughts, "You know I could have found the room by myself."

Nicky shrugged, "Didn't want to interrupt."

"Interrupt what?" At her question, Nicky just smiled and exited the elevator. Following her, Pamela could easily tell which room Linus was in, as the splintered doorframe gave it away. Nicky quietly made her way to the door, leaning against an unbroken section of doorframe, smiling at the scene inside. Pamela found herself smiling as well at the group of eleven men sitting around the room on different things including the table, the floor and a box that read, "DANGEROUS HIGH EXPLOSIVES HANDLE WITH CAUTION" all relaxed and laughing. Her smile grew as she saw Linus wedged carefully in between a handsome salt and pepper haired man and a blonde haired man, both older than him but not by much. Watching the scene with affection, Pamela was suddenly reminded that no matter how capable Linus (or Jason) seemed, he was still a young man. And he was still human.

(1)I will start using this in the story. During a fight scene or something, I'll call him Jason, but usually I'll just stick with Linus, that's kinda how you'll know when a fight scene or something intense is coming. Hope it's not too confusing!

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