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Epilogue: What Lies Beyond Ever Grande

He was completely absurd. I didn't know how much more of his ridiculous behavior I could handle. I tried to be tolerant; I knew I should have been grateful that he accepted me, but this? This was going way too far.

I had enough attention drawn to myself without the help of Professor Birch. The "I heart my gay son" bumper sticker was unsettling, the gay pride posters and signs in his lab were downright embarrassing, but coming to Brendan's big contest wearing pride shirts and waving rainbow flags was unacceptable. This wasn't even supportive anymore; he was just making a spectacle out of himself. Why couldn't he just go to PFLAG meetings and send us supportive little emails?

I slumped in my seat next to Wallace, hoping that this chaotic event would end soon. The loud cheering of the people filling the stadium grated my nerves, the densely packed seats made me crowded and uncomfortable, and Prof. Birch just managed to make me angry. Brendan's father made me grateful that my own father practically brushed off the fact that I was gay. Once it sunk in, he didn't really care saying "Well my boy, it's not like I really expected grandchildren anyway, Ohohoho!"

To this day I'm not quite sure whether or not I'm offended by his response, but it doesn't matter. The fact that Brendan and I were together and everyone was alright with it was all that mattered. Everything was going smoothly now. Wallace was serving as a superb Champion, Brendan trained vigorously with Wallace to make it to the Hoenn Grand Festival Pokémon contest- where we were now- and I had taken up my father's offer to work alongside him at Devon.

All of my irritation aside, I was excited for Brendan. Nervous and excited. He'd been working nonstop with his Swampert for the past month to prepare for today. I'd barely gotten to spend more than an hour with my beautiful lover, when we weren't collapsed from exhaustion that is. Not to mention the fact that I'd been commuting all the way to Rustburo every day and working tediously long days. We'd sacrificed so much time together that I'd be crushed if he didn't win this.

It was almost the final division of the battle round and it was between Brendan and a young girl named May. I wanted Brendan to win this tournament even more than I wanted his dad to disappear at the moment.

The lights of the stadium dimmed and Wallace clutched my wrist in a vice-like grip. The PA announcer's voice echoed around the room introducing May and my Brendan. I couldn't deny the way my stomach fluttered with excitement when Brendan entered the arena. Pride swelled up from my gut and fizzled out my mouth in a goofy smile, watching as Brendan practically skipped across the floor waving enthusiastically to the audience. I wonder if he's looking for me?

Wallace jerked me out of my seat, clapping and cheering wildly, I had no doubt he was even more excited for Brendan than I was. He'd been coaching Brendan on performance techniques and strategies, perfecting their routine from hours upon hours of training. This was the moment it all worked up to.

It was nearly impossible to hear the PA over people, like Professor Birch, hooting and hollering uncontrollably. Fortunately we had had fantastic seats to see Brendan, which I imagine was due in part to Wallace's history in the contests; from where we were seated I could even see the shimmer of his gorgeous ruby irises. Our eyes met and he beamed, waving at our trio eagerly. Wallace was jumping and waving so wildly I had to grab onto his arm to keep him from toppling over the seats in front of us.

I watched in horror as Professor Birch trust an arm into the air and shouted "Kick her ass, Son!"

Wallace and I gaped at him in shock. "What? Too much?"

I rubbed my temples in response and averted my gaze from the garish man. Everything about him was too much.

The MC in the arena announced the beginning of the finals. I could feel my stomach drop from the anticipation.

"We have five minutes on the clock, and BEGIN!"

I sat back down in my seat and clutched onto the armrests anxiously, watching as Brendan released his Swampert. Wallace screeched loudly in my ear when the small girl released a Sceptile.

"No! Swampert is so weak to grass types! I can't look!" He hid his face in my arm and I cringed while Brendan's Pokémon took a hard hit from the Sceptile's Giga Drain. Brendan was struggling to dodge the fast attacks and attack with water moves. Sceptile was too far away and too aggressive to use any close combat attacks. Things were looking bleak. Wallace groaned against my shoulder.

"No, no, no, no! We trained so hard!" He was right, there wasn't much Brendan could do, all of his moves would have little effect…unless-

I jumped to my feet and joined the yelling crowd around me.

"Use your ice attacks! Ice, Ice!" Come on Brendan, get the hint! Water won't do you any good! Your only chance is to inflict some damage with ice! My heart was raging and I clutched my fists so tightly my nails dug sharply into my palm.

I could just hear Brendan's voice through the chaos shout "Swampert, dodge to the side and use Blizzard!" And as if a miracle from Arceus himself, the Sceptile froze solid. Glacia would have been proud of the effectiveness of this move.
"Wallace, look!"

"No, I can't bear to watch it."

"Just look damn it! He's turned around." Wallace uncovered his face and jumped to his feet when he saw the frozen Sceptile.

Brendan wasted no time in delivering solid fighting attacks to the opponent.

1 minute left on the clock and Sceptile was beginning to thaw. Wallace clutched onto my arm tightly and cheered on Brendan. Fourty-Five seconds and Sceptile was fully defrosted and charging for a Solar Beam attack. My skin broke out in goosebumps, knowing that if Swampert was hit by that beam it would all be over.

Brendan shouted something to his Swampert that I couldn't decipher over the roar of the crowd. I just prayed that it would be enough to win him the round.

Twenty seconds left and just as Sceptile was about to release his Solar Beam, Swampert attacked with a deadly Hyper Beam; the two beams even clashed together for a moment in a dazzling and frightening array of red light, but the Hyper Beam quickly demolished the Sceptile's attack and took the Pokémon to the ground. It was astounding.

Time was up. Everyone was on their feet screaming, even I cheered on Brendan. There wasn't a shred of doubt as to who won the challenge. My little Brendan whopped that girl's ass. Everything suddenly turned into a chaotic blur.

Confetti poured from the ceilings, Wallace strangled me in a hug, the crowd and music over the PA created a cacophony beyond comprehension and I was being herded to the arena by my teal-haired companion.

Before I could process what was happening a familiar body pounced onto me and wrapped its limbs around my neck and waist.

"I did it Steven! I really did it!" I could feel his warm smile against my cheek as I wrapped him in a tight hug.

"I'm so proud of you Brendan! I knew you would win this." I gazed into those lovely ruby eyes affectionately, noticing a hint of tears and placed a tender kiss on his lips- completely oblivious to the swarming press all around us. He giggled against my mouth and I swung him around in a circle the way he loved, adoring the way he ruptured with laughter.

I placed him down safely on the ground and leaned in against his ear.

"Now go get your fancy trophy." I whispered with a shove towards the judges table.

No sooner was he gone than Wallace squished through the crowd to my side, a sniveling mess.

"He-He was s-so wonderful." He hiccupped wiping the tears from his eyes. I rubbed his shoulder gently.

"Come on Wallace, pull yourself together. You don't really want people to see you like this do you?" He sniffled and scrubbed his eyes some more.

"I'm trying, but I-I'm just so emotional. It's like my little baby evolved from a Feebas into a majestic Milotic." I could feel my eye twitch at the metaphor. Of all things…

"But Brendan was never a Feebas." Before Wallace could even respond we were attacked by Professor Birch with a large hug.

"You two! It's all thanks to you two that my boy won!" I cringed in his grasp and squirmed away.

"It was nothing, really. In the end it was all Brendan's work anyway." Professor Birch laughed and pulled me against his tacky rainbow shirt in another hug.

"So humble! I really do love my son-in-law!" I gagged and broke free again, hoping to stay that way.

"Whoa, we're not married!" I could feel my face heat up at the mention of the word. Prof. Birch's face hardened and got serious all of a sudden. He moved to face a near-by camera recording the chaos and slammed his fist into his palm.

"That's right, son! You're not married because this damned government denies the right of marriage to hundreds of wonderful gays and lesbians out there, and I'm going to fight until my son has the right to marry his boyfriend Steven Stone!" I felt my stomach churn and hid my face beneath my hands. Arceus, kill me now. I jabbed Wallace with my elbow when I heard him snicker beside me.

This man needed to be forcibly restrained.

Brendan pushed through the crowd, giant trophy in hand, and grabbed his father. Thank Arceus.

"Dad! What are you doing?! Stay away from the cameras! We don't need you saying anything stupid and embarrassing!"

"Too late." I groaned, earning another chuckle from Wallace, who already scooted off to admire Brendan's trophy.

After a few more minutes of tolerating the chaos of the competition, I grabbed my lover by the elbow, bid our companions farewell and headed home with Brendan on my Skarmory.



"Now before we go inside, you need to promise me you won't peek. I got you a surprise." I wrapped my arms around Steven's waist and kissed his chin, giggling and pulling him closer to the door.

"Alright, but you need to walk me through so I don't fall over anything." I teased with a swing of my hips, barely suppressing my laughter. I'm just so happy. I felt his hand reach behind me and open the door, his other hand covering my eyes.

"Remember, no peeking." He placed a quick kiss on my lips before he spun me around and guided me into the house. I adored the feeling of his arm wrapped around my waist and strong body pressed up against my back, even if I couldn't see. He slowly sauntered with me into the house, to some unknown destination, placing tender kisses at my neck. Even if this were my surprise I would have been thrilled. Spending intimate time with him was the best gift he could have given me.

"Can I open my eyes yet?" I could feel his teasing smile against my neck.

"No, not yet." I reached behind me and pulled his hips closer to my body, grabbing a handful of firm ass while my hands were back there.

"How about now?" His head shook against my cheek and he spun me around to face him. His lips were caressing gently at mine, his hands at my hips as he walked me backwards carefully.

I'd been working so hard recently with Wallace on my competition strategies that I'd barely gotten any time to spend with Steven like this. I missed it so much.

My knees hit something unfamiliar, but Steven continued to push me back. My eyes snapped open and I was falling backwards for a second, I thought I was going to die, and clung onto Steven's neck. To my shock, I hit something fluffy, and springy, and even a little bouncy with Steven braced above me. I could still feel my heart pounding from the second I thought I was going to die.

"Surprise." Steven grinned above me and pecked me on the lips. I glanced around us disbelievingly, moving towards the center of the bed and bounced a few times to test it out.

"You got us a bed?" I felt his contagious grin spread across my face and tugged him closer by his hands. He was quick to catch my lips with his own and press me against the mattress.

"I got us a bed." He mumbled against my lips. My back relaxed wonderfully against the soft mattress and my leg hooked itself around Steven's waist while I just melted into Steven's warm kisses. He completely showered me with kisses, kissing my cheeks, my nose, my chin and especially my lips. His hands cradled my head lovingly and he watched me with hooded steely eyes. I nestled my hands comfortably in his silver tresses and slipped my tongue into his hot mouth.

We spent forever just caressing skin, suckling lightly at lips and occasionally nipping at each other. When our tongues met they would slide against one another perfectly; his filled my mouth with outstanding warmth that made my entire body heat up. I would slip mine into his mouth and trace patterns against his, and stroked the familiar crevices of his mouth.

It wasn't until I reached down and slowly began to unbutton his shirt that we broke apart.

"You know, now that we have this new bed…I think we need to break it in." I emphasized myself by hooking my other leg around his waist and pulling his hips closer. A deep feral moan escaped his throat and he attacked my lips with a much stronger passion than before, grabbing the hem of my shirt and pulling it above my head between kisses.

"I thought you would never ask." His grin stretched against my lips as his tongue prodded my own. His hands teased at my nipples for a moment, causing me to whimper in anticipation and thrust my hips against his. I was already hard; I didn't need to be teased. I just wanted him inside me so badly. With his hot tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth I could already imagine his throbbing cock filling me again, thrusting deeply inside my body and making me scream with pleasure.

I whined eagerly and rubbed my groin up against his.

"Oh, just take me already. I can't wait anymore." I panted against his lips. He shook his head and grabbed a small bottle of lubricant from his pocket.

"It's been too long. I don't want to hurt you." He nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck. I sighed and buried my nose in his fluffy silver hair. It had been too long; in fact it had been so long that I couldn't bear having to go through preparation to be joined with him again. I needed to be connected to him again.

"It's fine. We don't need to." He moved down and trailed light kisses along my stomach, making me shiver with delight. He knew exactly where to apply pressure with his lips to drive me mad.

"But it could really hurt." His fingers began unbuttoning my pants and sliding them slowly along my legs. I groaned and held onto his shoulders as my pants slid free, leaving me exposed in my underwear.

"I don't care." I drew out, grabbing his arms and dragging him up for a gentle kiss before I flipped him over onto his back. "That doesn't matter." I emphasized with another quick kiss.

"But," I covered his lips quickly with my own and stared into gorgeous blue eyes defiantly. Feeling his own hardened length beneath my hips I rolled down onto his erection and licked at his lower lip teasingly.

"Now that I don't have a dumb table above my head I'm going to ride you so hard." I smirked against his lips when his face began to redden. He grunted beneath me and began shoving his own slacks off and wrapping me in a tight embrace.

I adored the feeling of his heart beating within warm flesh against my bare chest. His kisses were electric. His tongue excited every nerve in my mouth when he slipped it between my welcoming lips. I relished every moment with the man I'd missed so much. Between his work and my training we'd barely seen each other in weeks. But now we were together again, warm, hard, and alive, ready to make love for the first time in forever.

Grabbing the bottle of lube off the sheet, I pulled down Steven's underwear and squirted a generous amount onto his erection. He tensed and gasped.

"C-Cold." I smirked and grabbed his slick member and pumped it gently with my hand. His tension just melted away.

"Better?" He nodded and closed his eyes while his hips began to work against my hand; his breathing began to speed up. I could feel myself hardening as I coated his hot erection with the lubricant, anticipating the wonderfully full sensation that I missed so much. My own breath quickened as I watched Steven's body respond to my touches, it was exciting to watch his excitement.

His big hands grabbed my hips, slid down my underwear, and pulled me closer. I released his weeping cock, pinned his hips down and positioned myself to take him in unprepared. Our eyes met before I lowered myself down, only briefly before his fluttered close in a moan. I bit down on my lip when he reached up to suppress his grunts of pleasure.

It stung at first, but the lubricant made it easier to take it all in. When I met his hips I stopped to allow myself some time to adjust to his length. I could have cum from the feeling of his hot erection throbbing, buried inside me again. He grabbed my hips tightly and wet his lips, panting for air. It was a breathtaking sight.

"Ah, aaah Brendan…holy…." A satisfied grin tugged at my mouth and I squeezed myself around him. Oh fuck, that made him feel even bigger.

I couldn't repress a deep moan from escaping at the sensation. I needed more. I started out slow, getting used to the feeling of the bed bouncing beneath us, taking in the sensation of his thick member sliding in and out of me. With an occasional squeeze I changed the positions, practically screaming when his member brushed my prostate. His hands slid down to my thighs, I spread them wider and he groped at the sensitive flesh in a way that made my head spin.

My breathing was rapid, I was bouncing wildly against him now, and he started to thrust into me as I rode him; making his member drive deeper and deeper inside me. The sounds of our wanton moans, skin slapping against skin and the new box springs whining in protest echoed inside my head. It was amazing.

"B-Brendan, Brendan, oh Arceus Brendan! Aaah!" Steven was groaning beneath me, his hips pounding deliciously into my ass.

"Oh- Oh fuck Steven!" I felt myself nearing my peak, everything was getting tense and then his hand wrapped itself around my weeping member and squeezing. His other hand grasped my hip tightly, his blunt finger nails dug into my skin while I rode his cock as hard as I could. I was crying out uncontrollably, moaning with every thrust into my body. I was pounding down at an angle so his erection jabbed my prostate head on each time making my vision go white and blurry.

"Aggh Steven I'm gonna-aah" My voice caught in my throat is I climaxed, keening as I released myself onto Steven's abdomen. In seconds I felt his hot release spill inside of me. That was the feeling I needed. I leaned down to catch him in a deep kiss as he filled me with the last of his cum. We were finally connected again.

After we separated I collapsed onto his chest, smearing a mixture of sticky cum and sweat between our bellies. We met in a sloppy, languid kiss. He wrapped me in a warm embrace and I rested my forehead against his.

"I love the new bed." I whispered with a satisfied smile, basking in the afterglow of my orgasm.

"It's a shame we made such a mess out of it already." I stared into his gorgeous turquoise eyes and shook my head.

"Oh well." I pulled him into another messy kiss and rolled to my side, snuggling against him. We lay tangled together kissing lazily forever. The afterglow had vanished; the sun had begun to set while we cuddled happily in our new bed. He finally broke away and grabbed my face dramatically.

"You know, you were just so sexy and irresistible today during that battle I couldn't help but take you. I hope the Champion didn't see the battle and deicide to whisk you off your feet and away from me. I don't know what I would do with myself if that happened!" I slapped his arm.

"Shut up! It was a good plan and you know it! Besides, I won you over anyway didn't I?" He smiled and kissed me gently.

"Yes you did, my dear." I wiggled my fingers between his and rolled his sliver rings around and around with my thumb.

"Was I really sexy and irresistible?" He chuckled and pulled me into another kiss, his smile contagious.

"Mmm, you're always sexy and irresistible." I giggled and he caressed my cheek gently with his free hand. "But a sexy little thing like you won't up and leave retired, old, ex-champion me for a new exciting man will you?" I grinned and nuzzled his neck.

"Noooo." He sighed and I couldn't suppress a small fit of giggles. "Maybe."

"Maybe?!" He gasped and ran his hand through my hair. I love it when he does that.

"I would never." I gazed lovingly into his beautiful blue eyes and kissed him gently. I adored the way the orange glow of the sunlight glistened off of his shiny hair and eyelashes. He was so gorgeous I couldn't believe it.

Through the window behind him I could just see Ever Grande City rising above the ocean. When the sun set you could see all of the lights of the Pokémon League glistening along the skyline. To think that's where it all started amazed me. The Pokémon League was where Steven gained his title that drew me to him; it was my goal to make it there for so many years. It was there that I discovered Steven was the Champion of my dreams, and it was there that I realized Steven was the only one I loved all along.
-but I was beyond all of that now. I didn't love Steven because he was the Champion- that was foolish of me. I loved Steven because he was my everything. Ever Grande City was nothing more to me now than a pretty building in the distance that lit up the skyline.

Steven brushed my hair back with his hand, caressing the scar on my forehead in a way he'd done often.

"I love you, Brendan." I grinned madly and wrapped both of my arms around his neck.

"I love you too, Steven." We met in our trillionth kiss and embraced the rest of the day away, simply enjoying each other after spending so much time apart and making goofy pillow-talk.

Countless nights were spent like this, loving one another with all of our being, in our tiny home on Mossdeep Island, just beyond the twinkling Ever Grande City.


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