Though Derwin was still passed upset with Melanie, he figured it was time to talk things out. After all he had been gone for a whole month. He missed seeing his wife's pretty face, seeing her smile, and looking into her eyes. Although she revealed the test results were wrong and Dj was his son , Mel had really hurt him and needed some space. So he went to stay with Janae and their son. But Derwin decided it was time to go home.

As he pulled into his parking spot, Mel's car wasn't in its spot. This concerned Derwin. But he let it go they'd just talk when she gets back. Derwin opened the car door and began the walk to his front door. As he approached the door he noticed the porch light wasn't on. Now this really caused concern. It was almost 9:30 at night, and he and Mel were not home so the porch light should be on. That's just how things operated around here.

Derwin put his key in the lock and unlocked the door and immediately knew something was wrong. All the lights were off, everything was spick and span but there were no dishes in the sink. Mel usually didn't clean the dishes and straighten up till after dinner. Where was she and when was she coming back?

Trying not to panic Derwin sat down at the dining room table. Deep in thought he put his elbows on the table, but quickly removed them as he bit his tongue to keep from yelling when one of his elbows connected with something sharp.

Derwin looked down at what attacked him: Melanie's keys laying on top of a note.

"What the hell?" Derwin said out loud picking up the keys and made sure that he was seeing what he thought he was seeing.

After fully examining the keys, he dropped them and picked up the note and read it.

Dear Derwin, My heart,

Well if you ever decided to come by then I didn't want you to sit and wait for me and I never show up. That would be a waste of your time. Listen, well, read carefully, I love you and I know I hurt you and I truly apologize. By hurting you I have honestly hurt myself. Your first priority is Dj. Don't ever forget that. I figured you'd want a divorce from the unstable crazy skeptical chick you married. If that is what you choose then the papers are on the bed. There is an envelope next to it with the forwarding address. Derwin I love you. I hope over time you can find it in you to forgive me but if you don't; I completely understand. But I have forgiven myself. I had too because it is not just me in my care anymore. But I've said too much.

Yours always,

Melanie xox

Derwin was not about to lose her. Not again. So he pulled out his phone and rang her cell only to find that it was turned off.

"C'mon Mel. Don't do this to me baby. Please don't do this." Derwin said to himself but at the same time begged Melanie.

Derwin read over the note again. And after which he walked to their bedroom and the only trace of Melanie left was the faint lingering of her scent. There on their bed, the same bed where they made sweet, sweet love, the very same bed where he held her at night and woke up to her beautiful face for the past three years, lay the divorce paper and the envelope.

Tears quickly filled Derwin's eyes and made their escape down his cheeks. Derwin shoved the papers and the envelope off the bed and sat and thought and thought. Where would she go?

Tasha Mac's.

Deciding that's the only place she could be Derwin quickly dialed Tasha's number and prayed that she'd answer. His prayer was answered.

"Hey D." Tasha said sounding jolly.

"Tasha is Melanie with you?" Derwin asked getting straight to the purpose of his call.

"No I'm actually on my way over to check on her." Tasha responded.

"Don't play with me Tasha, where is she?" no time to play, Derwin asked.

"Derwin, I really don't know." Serious as a heart attack, Tasha answered. "I am pulling up in her spot right now."

"Don't park there! What if she comes back home?" Derwin exclaimed.

"Back Home?" Tasha asked. "Derwin what do you mean?"

"She's gone Tasha." Derwin said quietly. "She left."

"I'm on my way up."

When Tasha walked into the apartment she called out to Derwin but got no response. She her a muffled sob from the bedroom.

"Ima kill you Melanie," Tasha mumbled looking towards heaven. "If I ever find you." Then she made her way to the room.

Walking in to the room Tasha's heart went out to Derwin but he'd brought this on himself. Not a word to Mel since the day he left. On top of that of all places, he chose to stay at Janae's. What did he expect her to do? Tasha wished Melanie wouldn't have cut everyone out of her life after Derwin. Last time Tasha talked to her was three weeks ago and the conversation was cut short because Mel had gotten ill in the middle of it.

Moving further into the room Tasha saw legal papers on the floor and an envelope next to them. She said a silent prayer that they weren't what she thought they were.

"Derwin, sweet heart. What are those papers?" She softly asked.

"See for yourself Tasha." Derwin answered.

Just as Tasha assumed they were divorce papers and a forwarding address.

"Derwin!" Tasha said excited at the glimmer of hope she got while pulling out her phone.

"What Tasha?" Derwin asked not understanding the sudden burst of happiness Tasha got from looking at his divorce papers.

"There's an address." Tasha replied as she was entering something into her Blackberry.

"So?" Derwin asked still not fully comprehending.

Tasha simply sighed and continued to google the address. He'd get it in a few minutes; and sure enough as soon as the address and the directions popped up Derwin popped up and began packing a bag.

"It says she's in North Dakota." Tasha said.

"With her parents." Derwin said as he zipped his bag up. "Thanks Tasha." He said grabbing his bag and heading for the bedroom door.

"Hold up player, go wipe and fix your face. You know how the press can be." Tasha said.

"Thanks T." Derwin said as he dropped his bag and headed for the bathroom.

After Derwin finished fixing himself, he went to throw his trash but as he was throwing it away he looked down his eyes landed on an open pregnancy test. Immediately his mind flashed back to a part in Mel's letter:

But I have forgiven myself. I had too because it is not just me in my care anymore. But I've said too much.

"Oh My God." Derwin said picking up the box and emptying its contents only to find two used pregnancy test, and their results were both positive.

Tasha who had walked in to tell D his flight schedule, saw what he was holding and said "Oh damn! I'm going to be a Godmommy." And started jumping for joy.

Derwin however was completely astounded. He was going to be a dad, again. And Mel wasn't even going to tell him. Boy, did his wife have some explaining to do.

"Alright, so your flight is" Tasha started to inform Derwin but he cut her off.

"I'm driving there. It will give me time to think." Derwin responded as he walked over to where the divorce papers and the envelope were. Pulling out a pen he wrote a simple note over the first page and ripped up the following pages. Then he put all of them in the envelope and asked Tasha to mail them as soon as she could. Then he ushered Tasha and himself out of the house and locked the door behind them.

Run Away Love

3 days later Melanie went to check her parents mailbox and in it was a familiar envelope. It was the divorce papers. Mel's eyes filled with tears. She walked into the house and went straight upstairs to her room. After she sat on her bed and took several breaths, she opened the envelope but there was only one sheet of paper inside. She pulled it out and was shocked at the message boldly written across the sheet of paper. In true Derwin style it said: Hell No! I am coming for you Baby. Be ready. We're gonna work this out. I love you.

Mel smiled and let the tears flow freely and put her hand to her stomach and as she did so her smile slowly faded and her tears of joy became tears of sadness and confusion.

It was then that she heard a car pull into her parents driveway. She got up and walked over to her window and looked out.

There in her parents driveway stood Derwin, her husband, and he looked like he was on a mission. The determination and confusion in his eyes made her cringe and shrink away from the window.

"Please open the door baby." She heard him say, and it sounded like he was walking up the driveway.

Because of her condition she had to walk slowly down the stairs. By the time she opened the door Derwin was already there.

And there they stood face to face. Man and wife taking each other in after a month of being hurt and away from each other.

Ready for the showdown Melanie stepped back and granted her husband entrance into her safe haven.