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There he finally was. There that man finally was, realizing what he had done, how many innocent lives were killed, how many people were tortured.

Germany was crushed. Devastated. Horrified in every way possible. He had lost so many joys in life, and barely gained anything. Yes, Germany only clung to that one man if it meant good for his people.

Of course, many people were happier for awhile, But Hitler, the one who once ruled, got more greedy with every ounce of the citizens loyalty that they gave him.

All because of that one insane man, alliances were shattered, and trusts were lost. families were even torn apart; some even went insane.

Germany tore the Nazi band off his arm, knowing that he had made a large mistake. He wasn't proud of his countries actions that were taken. He felt alone; as if there was nothing left to do, but start cleaning up. But there was one problem, which was, where to start? His country had almost nothing now.

He leaned against a partially destroyed house, and ended up sinking to the ground. There was barely any noise, any colors...or even anyone. The grey sky reflected in a single solemn tear that had escaped his tired eyes.

His closed them and tried to remember the good days; the days before the war started. There was once beautiful music that filled the air. People drank and laughed together, their faces marked with happiness, and not desperation. He even missed the lively but obnoxious children that ran the streets daydreaming and snickering.

The sudden gesture of somebody wrapping their warm arms around him made him snap his eyes open again. It wasn't most definitely not a mean movement, so he didn't squirm. His eyes were still blurry from crying, so he couldn't see who it was, but they certainly had a lovely scent. A scent of someone trusting. When the unknown person leaned back to face the tired German, he became face to face with a man with the most gentle brown eyes he had ever seen. Immediately he identified this man to be Italy, but what was he doing here, in this wasteland? The red strands of his hair swayed in the wind, as he muttered a soft "Ludwig."

Smooth fingers cupped the blonde's face in his hands, while he leaned over to softly press his lips against his forehead.

"You've really done it this time, huh." A weak smiled played across his lips."But, you know what they say, love and hate are on the same coin. You just need to turn it around, start loving instead of needing." A full smile finally came across Italy's lovely complexion. "Mach dir keine Sorgen, ich werde dich immer lieben." He finally said, letting out a small laugh. Sudden tears flowed out of Germany's eyes; he really wanted to and needed to hear that. He grabbed Italy's hands and pecked him on the lips, only to make himself flush. They smiled and pressed their foreheads gently together. "Feliciano, Prometto di essere sempre li` per te, te amo" Germany replied.

Germany's weak eyes seemed to have a earn a little more spark back into them.


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Translation: Mach dir Sorgen, ich werde dich immer lieben. = Don't worry, I will always love you. (German.)

Feliciano, Prometto di essere sempre li`per te, te amo = Feliciano, I promise to always be there for you; I love you. (Italian)

Those are only according to google translate, but if you speak the language please correct me!