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Part 3

The next night...

"why can't I go see Ryan and Kelsi?" I heard Maddie whine to her mother as we got ready for dinner.

"because maddie they don't have Rebecca and James with them and you'd be bored with a bunch of adults" Taylor said picking her up.

"I still wanna see them" Maddie said pouting.

"you saw them today" I pointed out to Maddie as I touched up my makeup.

"I know but still" Maddie whined again

"Madeline if your gonna whine go find daddy cause mommy doesn't want to hear it" Taylor said placing Maddie on the ground and Maddie stomped off with her arms crossed on her chest. "I don't know where she gets the attitude from" Taylor said smoothing out her dress.

"have you seen the other half of her gene pool?" I teasingly asked her.

"yes Chad is a drama queen sometimes" she said laughing.

"Taylor, Gabs we have to go or we'll be late" we heard Chad yell.

We laughed it was like he was listening to our conversation. We walked to the stairs but I stopped when I heard a particular voice.

"Taylor" I grabbed her before she could go down the stairs.

"Gabi what's wrong?" she asked shocked from my grabbing her unexpectedly.

"I can't go down there" I said feeling a case of vertigo hit me.

"and why not" she said giving ne her teacher look.

"cause Troy is down there and I'm not ready to face him" I said grabbing the rail to make sure I didn't fall over.

"I get it" she said placing her hand on my back for comfort. "I'll just tell everyone you aren't feeling well" she said smiling, but I saw a glimpse of anger towards Chad in her eyes before she turned away to go down the stairs.

"took you long enough" Chad said as Taylor walked down the stairs.

"Gabriella is staying her she's not feeling well" Taylor said as she picked up the phone.

"who are you calling?" there it was the voice, the one voice I hadn't expected to hear just yet.

"Chad's parents, we don't have to drop Maddie off over there anymore, she can stay here with Gabriella" Taylor said putting the receiver to her ear.

I heard footsteps come up the stairs and I had a visitor by my said.

"Gabi" Maddie asked

"Yeah Maddie" I replied still gripping the railing, my knuckles were white.

"Are you staying here tonight with me?" she asked, I could tell she just wanted to be sure

"yeah and maybe you can use that doctor kit on me to make me feel better" I said kneeling in front of her.

"I'll be the doctor and you be the patient" Maddie said smiling.

"Maddie we're leaving now" Taylor called from downstairs.

Immediately Maddie ran downstairs and hugged both her parents and Troy.

I looked down and there I saw him, standing there in a dark blue suit. He had cut his hair a bit and had a hint of a beard growing in from what I could see. I watched as they started leaving he looked up the stairs and I'm sure he saw me, cause he stood there for a minute before leaving with Chd and Taylor.

A couple of hours later...

"Chad Danforth how dare you not tell me Troy was coming" I heard Taylor yell as her and Chad walked into the house

"Tay I'm sorry it was last minute, he called me today to say he was in town for the reunion, and it slipped out that we were going to dinner" Chad said standing in front of Taylor.

I sat up from my place on the couch with a sleeping five year old next to her.

"Hey can you two argue upstairs Maddie is sleeping" I said letting know that I was downstairs.

"Gabi what are you doing down here?" Taylor asked taking her attention off the conversation with Chad who looked relief.

"we were watching a movie and fell asleep" I said picking up Maddie getting ready to take her upstairs.

"here I'll take her Gabs" Chad said stepping forward to take maddie from me.

"let Gabi do it, we aren't done talking Chad" Taylor said crossing her arms over her chest

"goodnight you two" I said walking up the stairs to Maddies room tucking her in.

I went back to the guest room and started changing into my night clothes. I thought about my encounter with Troy. Well almost encounter. His baby blue eyes were more vibrant than I had remembered. But those eyes belong to the person who broke my heart years ago, they also belonged to our daughter who was like him in many ways.

Short but more to come.