A/N: author's note i dont own this game whatever it ITS DEADLY PREMINITION! one shit. Congrats

keith was withs his soxmzibe frenz and it was real real funs. BUT THEEEEN kkkkkeith get s an awseom raddical awesome idea and he deciseds to throw a pizza party for all hiss aweosme frenz and deputy willie was theere too a nd he was like "wooooolf" and then he called up the pizzaman not depiuty willie kieth tdid. Didnt xach and york alreay order a pizza? Bt pizza man was like "i have a pizza with your name on it keith the pizza says keith i mean not the name but whaT" an kith was like "what kind ogg of pizza issit?" the pizzam an was like "it's ... i dunno *sobs* what kind of pizza should it be? i'm asking YOU this, toggle! hawaiian pizzas are pretty gross so it shouldn't be that... maybe it should just be a totally awesome PEPPERONI pizza!" and keitz agres "gret suggestin broooo" said keth geleefully "make sure to bring some awesome aprty sodas" "what do you bring to a party" "party bunch? party milk? party milk barn?" said toggle "WE'RE HAVING A PARty AT THE KMMILK BARN" sad keitch as he took his ants off bt putt em back on cuz thatsd itd be really innapropriate if he dids that. Tjem he but put on a part hat and his pants had special little party hats too. ANT THEN Keith took his pasyt fast cat (car) and picked up all the townsresidents except he didnt pick up the raincoat killer because he's kinda meen sometimes : ( . uh And UHH they went to milk barn cuz thats wherepartys at and where keith works and sells spirtual maps. Onceo they arrived they "LETS KET THIS PARYT STARTED" AND EVERYone started higging each other because it was a friendy party except fro keith cuz hes very dead NO KEITH ITS YOUR PARTY YOURE NOT SUPPOSED TO DEAD says aru. He passed out praey hats and zomvibes remmebered they were there. And the zomvbies got free pixckles and pizza rrrived but there was only one oozzia (pizza) and theyre was not enought for the whooel apraty! But hten keith got an idea! Wait no, it was not keith. It was THOMASQ! He got a n idea so he stared dancing and then everybdoy else starting dancing too! and then pizza startign raining down from the skyu! it WAS THE PIZZA DANCE ! ! !1 what is wrong with me microwabes EVERYONE JWAS HAPPY GAUSZE THEY GOT PIZZA EVen the pizza man although he awas not a n actual character in the game joined itno dance. aru wished she had some pizza and oh right the story what was the last thing oh right pizzamna and then I toggle thought of an idea where keith and zombie friend CHUCK and depooty willies and thjomad no wait hes too busy being FAMoUSE frrom his noow song "Cat Hat feat. DJ MiC Masteah Willy (Steak)" WOLF says adachi but then keith realized that adachi is not here and ada\chi disaspaears from existance and time and kieith and willy gets two legs dances and keeth and zombie chuck and keith and he dances but he his arms comes off and he goes "oooooooooooooooooooohg nooooooooooel" jkeith eggnog comes to hsi rescue by glueing on his arm back son that it woill not fall icky off again. ICKY He signed his name on his armso whenever chusck looks at his arm he will say "thatnk you keith you saved my life my undead life THANK YOU KEITH I LOVE YOU *sobs*" and keith just thumbsup and willy parks his awesome car on top keiths thumbbeause its so HUGE:LY awesome and also his car is a tiny little bicycle not really a car.

THE eND !1