Denzel held Marlene tightly and watched as Cloud held the blue Materia. By the faint glow Tifa pressed keys on a usually invisible keypad. Password, the computer prompted. "Omega". After a few seconds a portion of the wall moved to the side revealing a passage. Tifa adjusted her gloved hand then entered. Cloud turned and swept his arm out toward. "Come on"

Denzel nodded helping Marlene to her feet. The two shuffled into the hallway and then Cloud behind them. The door slid shut. Above the complex there was dull pounding. Denzel imagined the black creatures. Their bodies a swirling nexus, with two gold eyes peering out. Then there were the silver ones, their amorphous bodies becoming blades. Denzel then looked down to his arm. The blood flow had slowed and was caking onto his clothes.

"I thought this was done ten years ago," Denzel spat.

A pause followed. "We all did." Cloud's response was calm and Denzel instantly felt guilty for his outburst.

The narrow corridor widened into a larger room. The room was warmer that the corridor. When the lights flickered to life Denzel gazed upon a large alabaster door peaked with a gold crown on top. On either wall of the door were gunmetal cabinets. Opposite of the cabinets was a worn couch. Denzel lead Marlene to it sitting her down. Her face was ashen. She still hadn't spoken since one of the monsters touched her. Without letting go of her hand Denzel turned gazed at the radiant door as Tifa and Cloud tore through the cabinets and

"What is that?"

"We aren't completely sure," Tifa responded as she put a metal case in the bag, "Several years ago this door appeared. There was a note. It is some sort of Gateway."


"Yeah," Tifa heaved a knapsack and handed it to Denzel, his gaze went to Cloud.

Cloud picked up with the cue, "There was an explanation that something like this could happen. We've been preparing. "


There was no answer from Cloud. Instead he handed Denzel his Buster Sword. It was like his original Buster, except the blade was ridged. The hilt had several slots for Materia.


"This will help you where you are going."

"Me, what about Marlene?" He looked across the room to the young woman. He could see her frame shaking.

"She is going with you."

"And you two?"

Cloud shook his head, "We need to stay here. "

Denzel became could feel the tension building in him. His thoughts spun as Cloud and Tifa handed him totes with Materia, survival equipment, and armor. Marlene was equipped with similar items, except Tifa also bestowed a necklace around Marlene's neck. He looked to Tifa, she smiled at him and Denzel forced a smile.

Cloud stepped over to the pair. He gently wrapped his hand around the back of Denzel's head then pulled him close. "It is up to you know. " Cloud's words were barely audible in Denzel's ear, but they echoed inside his head. He strided back to Marlene carefully supporting her as she weakly gripped him. He helped her to her feet and supported her as he went to Cloud. He smoothed his hand over Marlene's hair.

"Hold up the Keyblade to the door."


"That is the name of that weapon. There is no time to explain more than that. You'll know more when you arrive."

"Where are we going?"

"Somewhere that you may be able to stop this."

"Why not you all?"

"It is not us that need to do this. Denzel, I know none of this makes sense, but you need to trust us."

Denzel had always trusted Cloud and Tifa, there had never been a reason for him not to. Why would now be different? Denzel tightened his grip on the weapon and held it up with one hand. Cloud's words reverberated in his head; he tightened his grip around Marlene.

A thin stream of light shot from the Keyblade to the door. As a response the door opened. The large door slowly and soundlessly opened. Light poured from it and gathered around the two. Denzel looked down and smiled at the Marlene. She weakly looked up and just before the light blinded him he could have sworn that he saw her smile.