Title: Live Free And Race Hard

Rating: M for later chapters

Pairing: Leah/Jasper

Summary: In the racing world there are few rules. Live free and race hard is the first and most important. Never stray outside your crew is next on the list. What happens when Leah Clearwater and Jasper Hale find themselves breaking this rule?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything or anyone from Twilight!

In the street racing world there are few rules and only one is important. One rule you live or die by. Live free and race hard. It's a silent agreement that anyone who breaks that one rule isn't a real racer. When you race it isn't a hobby. Racing becomes someone's life. Your crew is your family and you have their back at all times. When something goes down you stand up for your crew even if it means death.

Under no circumstances do you ever associate with people from a different crew. It just is not something you do. Nobody is really sure why or how this rule came to be. All everyone knows is you stick by it. Who needs anyone that isn't in their small racing circle anyways? Your gang is your family and the only people you'll ever need in your life.

For years this seemed to work for Jasper Hale the leader of the 'Soldiers Of The South' racing gang from Forks and Leah Clearwater the only female mechanic of the La Push gang 'Wolf Pack Racers.' Neither ever felt a need to associate with anyone other than the people in their racing circle. Yet all that would soon be changing.

Before we get to how it all came to be let me give you a little history. Ever since anyone could remember the 'Soldiers Of The South' and 'Wolf Pack Racers' had been bitter enemies. No one could tell you for sure what started the feud. Maybe it had been when they were kids and Emmett Cullen shoved Paul Meraz's face in the dirt. Perhaps it started later on when Edward Cullen slept with Jacob Black's former girlfriend Isabella Swan. For most people, it started when Jasper Hale was in a terrible car accident at the age of fourteen which killed Sam Uley's mother.

Whatever caused the rivalry no longer mattered. The fact they were still enemies is the important thing. None of the members would be caught dead speaking to eachother unless of course it had to do with a bet or an insult hurled someone's way. So dating a member for the opposite crew was strictly forbidden. To think about it would be treason.

Besides the obvious, who would ever think Jasper Hale and Leah Clearwater could be compatiable? He was the guy everyone stayed away from. The one with scars from the crash ten years ago which took somebodies life and left him permantly marked up. Jasper was the mysterious leader who didn't take shit from anyone. The one who didn't talk to you unless it was to talk cars. He was also the father figure for most young street racers trying to make a start.

The other thing about Jasper Hale which had become well noted was the fact he never dated. He flirted plenty but if you ever tried to get close to him he would shut you down. The only women he did open up to were his twin sister Rosalie Hale and his bestfriends girlfriend Alice Cullen. Other than those two women he never opened up to the opposite sex. Many women had tried to get their greedy hands on him and all had one thing in common. Every single one of them failed.

Leah Clearwater was known as the 'She-Bitch.' You did not fuck with her unless you wanted to spend a night in the hospital. When she was dating Sam Uley a few years earlier, Emmett McCarty thought it would be funny to slap her ass and ask for a ride on the 'She-Bitch.' Emmett spend the next four hours in the E.R. getting eleven stitches below his left eye.

Leah unlike Jasper, seemed unable to keep her mouth shut. Even if you did not ask her opinion on a subject she had no problem giving her opinion. The female mechanic had a fuck the world attitude and a rebellious streak Sam Uley tried for years to beat down. He never did manage to do so. When he cheated on her with Emily Young, who happened to be Leah's cousin, that rebellious streak only got worse.

Leah and Jasper while having almost nothing in common did have some simaliarities. Both cared for their crew more than words can describe. Both had lost something due to street racing and neither liked to talk about it. The leader and mechanic also both had trust issues. Getting close to people was near impossible. Not that either tried very hard. Though to be fair, Jasper did not mean to close off the world. Leah on the other hand, purposely pushed people away.

To think these two enemies would ever find common ground was ridiculus. What was the need? What could Jasper ever see in Leah? What could Leah ever see in the scarred leader of 'Soldiers For The South?' Being friends would be a stretch. Finding romance was unthinkable. Breaking all the rules to be together? That is exactly what both would soon be doing.

To get to that point in the story we first have alot of ground to cover. The best place would be to start at the very start. The first time the 'Scarred Soldier' and 'She-Bitch' had a chance to meet face to face. Of course the whole story starts at a race. In the world of street racing, would you expect anything less?


AN: So this is the first chapter to my new story! Obviously it is going to be a Leah/Jasper story. The difference is this is my first AH story! I am so proud since I am a huge car fan and love anything to do with cars including street racing. As you may have guessed the idea for this story came from Fast and Furious. I love those movies and one day a thought came to me. I was like why not make the Twilight characters street racers? And thus this story was born.

I made a trailer for this story on youtube which should be up soon. Here is a preview for the next chapter!


"Come on Sam! You never let me race. Now is my chance."

"Women don't belong on the track Leah."

"You afraid she may actually be better than you?"

"This doesn't concern you, you scarred murderer!"

"My sister may have something to say against the whole women shouldn't race rant you just pulled. If I remember correctly she kicked your ass on the track last week."

"Sam...I can do this. Let me have my shot."

"Who you gonna put in Hale?"

"Who else? My second in command. The only driver almost as good as me. Edward get your ass over here."

"Your putting me against Sullen Cullen? I thought this would be a challenge?"

"Shouldn't you be in the kitchen where you belong 'She-Bitch?"

"Shouldn't you be fucking someone elses girlfriend? Put your money where your mouth is."