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Two years later-

Leah Hale was holding her husband's hand as they entered the grave yard. (They had married a year and a half ago and Charlie had been the one to give Leah away) The clouds had chased away the sun and soft breeze chilled her skin. "Are you sure you are ready to do this?"

"I'm sure princess Hale." Jasper told his wife as they made their way to the very back of the La Push cemetery.

"You are going to have to call me Queen Hale as soon Maggie pops out." She corrected him while resting her free hand on her large stomach which looked almost ready to burst. Matthew Jacob was home with his Uncle Seth and brother Jason.

The honey blond laughed. "I suppose you are right darlin'."

"I am always right." Leah teased and squeezed his fingers. "It only took you two years of marriage to figure that out. I hope Maggie gets my brains and not yours. Jasper are you sure that are ready to do this? The counselor said you can take as much time as you need. This is not something you can rush in to."

Letting out a sigh as they reached the grave which read Natasha Uley he bent down and placed a white rose on the grass. "I need to do this baby. If I am ever going to make peace with myself then I need to make peace with her first. If you get tired then you can go back to the car. I will try to hurry this as quickly as I can."

His wife stubbornly shook her head. "I am staying with you the whole time so don't bother arguing with the pregnant woman."

Jasper cleared his throat nervously as he placed his hand on the top of the cold stone which was her grave marker. "Hello Natasha, you never had a chance to meet me face to face, but my name is Jasper. I should have come sooner I know and the only excuse I can make is that I was scared. I have never been able to forgive myself for the accident which caused you your life. I hope you know that I tried to get you out, but I was badly injured and never made it to your car. The doctors say you died right away and didn't suffer so I suppose I can be happy about that.

I am not really sure what I am supposed to say. My therapist says to speak from my heart and so that is what I will do. After the accident I fell in to a life of drugs. I wanted to die because out of the two of us I felt I should have been the one who did not make it. I went down the wrong path and did a lot of things I wish I could take back. It was Leah who brought me back to life. She helped me realize that my past did not define who I am. When we lost the baby it was Leah who said you would watch over our child in heaven. I do hope that is true because from what I have heard about you our baby would be lucky.

I guess what I should be asking is if you can forgive me in a way your son never could. I have tried to do good deeds in my life since them and with Leah's help I feel as if maybe I do deserve forgiveness. We are going to name our baby girl Margaret Natasha Hale when she born. Well I better go now and get my wife home before she chews my arm off in her hunger, but I promise to come back once every two weeks. If you know my guardian angel please thank them for sending me Leah because I would be lost without her."

When he finished his speech Jasper stood up and headed back towards the car with Leah. She kissed his cheek and when they go the cemetery gate a wind blew a bunch of apple blossoms around them. It was a sign that Natasha had forgiven him and now all he had to do was forgive him-self for what he had done. It would take one baby step at a time, but it would happen eventually.

The female mechanic smiled cheekily before shoving him hard on his ass. "First one to the car gets to drive home!"

Jasper shook his head and rolled his eyes as he got up and followed her. "All you had to do was ask you know."

His wife smiled and slipped in to the driver's side of his Roushe. "Where would the fun in that be scar face husband of mine?"


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