Can I say I just absolutely LOVE Deeks? Anyway, I watched the last five episodes when I came home from school and this popped into my head. I found that the present tense works best with these characters for some odd reason (I never write in the present tense-well, almost never, but past tense just wasn't working for these two). Hope you enjoy! ~Jed

"You've gotta stop doing that, you know."

Kensi's head snaps toward the sound of her partner's voice. He's leaning against the car with his arms braced on the roof, looking not at her, but somewhere in the distance. She shifts her weight so she is no longer halfway in the car, but standing in front of the open door. Arms on the top of the car and she resembles him, only she isn't staring off into space.

"What are you talking about?"

He still doesn't look at her. "You've got to stop getting so badly beaten up. You'd hate to have to take up a medical pension."

She stares at him for a moment, then fixes her gaze on the top of the car when his eyes finally meet hers. Her voice is quieter than normal when she breaks her silence.

"How did you know?" A quick glance up shows a slight smirk on his face, only there for the briefest of moments before he answers.

"There's a slight limp to your gait, and I'm pretty sure you winced when you stood up back on that footbridge. Then again, it was a little difficult for me to tell, seeing as I was in the water at the time."

She gazes at him in wonder, and he thinks she's still trying to figure out how he knew. He could keep her guessing, but he's wet and he just wants to get back to the office so he can change.

"We may not be as close as Sam and Callen, yet," he adds almost as an afterthought, "but I can still tell when something's out of whack with you." There's a brief pause, and when he speaks again his voice is soft. "What happened?"

She looks out at the surrounding town and sighs. "Traffic decided to pick up while I was trying to cross the street in our chase." She hears him wince, anticipating what her next words will be. "I rolled up onto the car a few times. Cracked the guy's windshield. Nothing too big, just bruised."

She chances a look over at her partner, and is slightly startled by the stormy expression displayed on his face. She sees his jaw clench a couple of times, but then he's looking back up at her and his inner turmoil has cleared.

"Like I said, it's gotta stop. In two months you've gotten nearly blown up, beaten into dreamland by a witness-turned-suspect, and now this. Do you really want a new partner so badly?"

She hears the joke at the end, sees the spark in his eyes and knows he means nothing by it. Secretly, she's pleased at his concern. Despite their trust issues and their struggle for partnership ease, she knows he won't let anything happen to her. She heard it in his voice when he tried to stop her from going with the Russians a few weeks back. She'd seen it in his face when he held his hands out to her before pulling her to safety, the smile he couldn't banish when they realized his plan had worked, and again while she struggled to clear the fog from her eyes, her head pounding something nasty and her mouth spewing a joke about three wise men…

She smiles and he must know that that's as much as he's getting from her, for he opens his door and climbs into the car, his clothing making a disgusting 'squelch' sound as he settles in on the leather. She scowls and he smiles, making promises of obtaining a towel when they get back. They're halfway home when a thought comes to her.


He murmurs a "yeah?" from his quiet of study of the scenery flying by his window.

"How are you so familiar with my gait?"