"But your grief is a burden I cannot bear to watch. Until such time that you find your friends let me distract you from your misery." Perrier silently stared at her.

"I-I would like that greatly. Thank you," she replied quietly.

"Good then it is settled."

Eleanor looked at his curiously. "What is settled?"

"A date. One that will release you from your demons." Perrier retrieved the now empty plate and placed it under the bar in a bin filled with other dirty flatware. "But you need your sleep and I have to finish work. You are welcome to my bed if you need a place to sleep; I won't be using of course. I will have someone wake you when the time comes."

Eleanor said nothing and nodded not caring to argue due to how fatigued she felt. She yawned as she got off her stool. Sleep felt good right about now and so did a warm bed.

Perrier looked after her with a concerned expression. "Do you know where the sleeping quarters are? There just down those stairs. My room's the last door on the left. I could show you…"

Eleanor shook her head. "No I'll be fine."

"Well until then. Au revoir my chérie."

Before Eleanor left she studied the newly made sign above the bar. It appeared that some of the letters had been smudged. The sign now read 'PENELOPE's FUBAR'. The suitable name left a grin on Eleanor's face even as she walked down the stairs.

"Didn't she seem a little down?"

"Huh, probably something she ate at the girl's bar."

"I don't think so, she seemed…"

The voices Eleanor heard were coming from through the door at the bottom on the stairs and just before her foot hit the last step the automatic door lifted revealing Max and Stanley walking towards her. Stanley had put on a fresh shirt while Max traded her leather jacket and trousers for a skirt with leggings and a shirt, similar to Stanley's, but the sleeves were cuffed to the elbows. Eleanor also noted the rifle resting on Stanley's shoulder, but the closed picnic basket Stanley was carrying held the biggest question for Eleanor.

"Oh, hey guys."

Max approached the girl and cupped her hands on Eleanor's face. "Eleanor, you look tired. Did it go okay with Mathew being there? Gil asked that we not say anything so you wouldn't… never mind that what did he say?"

Stanley propped his rifle against the wall and placed the basket behind it. He folded his arms and carried a serious look on his face. "Did Gil find anything out?"

Eleanor spent the next three minutes recalling what Dr. Alexander had said. She would have told them later but they needed to know. She knew they cared too much not to know.

"Hephaestus, huh," Stanley whistled. "Never thought I need to go there. Nothing sane lives there anymore. But your father? Do you even know who he is?"

Eleanor shook her head. Her eyes felt extremely heavy. "I never met my father and I do not think mother even knew. She left it up to the doctor." Eleanor, wanting to change the subject, pointed at the old picnic basket. "What are you guys doing?"

Stanley smiled and pulled Max closer. "Where going on a date. Diana told us how Perrier wanted to take you on a picnic and we thought we'd go on a picnic ourselves."

"You look beat. Wanna rest in our room?" asked Max.

Eleanor sleepily nodded and was silently grateful when Stanley assisted her to the room. Once inside even in her state Eleanor immediately noticed that the room smelled less musty than the hallway. The room itself had one small bed with candles lying around it. A toilet sink and mirror were on one side of the room while the other side had a small dresser and wardrobe. Next to the bed was chair to which Stanley helped Eleanor sit, as per Maxes instructions.

Max then handed the things she was carrying to Stanley and started to shoo him towards the door. "Stanley I need you to wait outside."


"Dear don't hmm me. I need to take care of Eleanor," Max retorted whispering that last part.

"Oh," Stanley replied blushingly.

Once the automatic door had closed Max turned her full attention to Eleanor. "Let's get you out of that dirty suit." Max proceeded to unscrew the metal wing-nuts that held the chest plate to the rest of the suit. Eleanor instantly felt light as air once the chest plate had been removed. With Max's assistance, Eleanor worked her hands and feet out of the suit leaving the suit lying on the ground like an abandoned exoskeleton.

Relieved of the suit, Eleanor would have immediately fell back on the bed if not for two hands that were fixed to her arms. "Max just let me sleep," she moaned.

"Oh no you don't." Max reached behind Eleanor and unclasped her Brassiere.

Eleanor's face blushed from the feeling of being exposed. "W-what are you doing?"

"You've been trudging through all of Rapture without keeping proper hygiene," Max replied tossing the dirty Brassiere on the floor then walked over to the dresser. "And while I do not have the right size brassiere for you," Max continued feeling slightly annoyed. "… I think are waists are about the same so try these on."

Eleanor gazed at the black lacy article. Without another word, Eleanor changed her unmentionables only to find a nightgown being handed to her.

"It was a gift from Stanley so be careful with it," Max admonished.

Eleanor nodded as she sprawled the gown over her head. Her arms and head soon found the appropriate gaps. Hardly a moment pasted before Eleanor had once again slumped back against the bed. Several blankets were drawn over her as she dug the side of her face into the pillow.

Before Max left she blew out the few candles that had been lit. "Eleanor," Max said almost whispering. "I hope you have a good time with Perrier but… be careful with him. He's can be- just be careful."

"Max," Eleanor replied her voice half muffled by the pillow.


"Thank you. For everything."

Eleanor could barely make out Max's reply. Her head was clouded with sleep. The only thing she could hear was a clock that happened to be sitting on the ground right next to the bed. The sound of the minute hand coupled with the groans of Rapture formed a lullaby that drifted her off to sleep.