Draco stared up to the sky in amazement.

What were those ridiculous flying things? They were way too big to be birds, and birds didn't make whitish trails in the sky, did they?

It had to be some sort of Muggle invention. He suddenly regretted not taking Muggle Studies.

He wondered if he should ask Hermione what it was. He glanced over at her. He couldn't help but think that she looked extremely pretty in her zebra-striped bikini. In his mind, the bikini was the best Muggle invention ever.

Hermione was relaxing, and she had those – Earwigs? Earplugs? - worm things in her ears, so he knew she was listening to some music.

Draco didn't particularly fancy asking her what the flying, noisy things which left a trail of white smoke were. She was already upset with him.

Draco had sneaked into her parents' house, looking for her. Hermione had been in the shower at the time, and Draco had almost scared her to death when she walked into her bedroom singing, and he was smirking, lying on her bed.

Needless to say, she was still a little bit pissed off. The only reason she agreed to spend the day with him was because he gave her that puppy-dog look, the one he picked up when they were watching the TV together. Hermione just found it impossible to resist his charm. He smirked at the memory.

He was jerked out of his thoughts by seeing another one of those flying, noisy things travel quickly over the sky. He decided to just go for it, and hope she wasn't too mad.

"Hermione?" he asked carefully, shaking her a little. She pulled out one of the worms in her ears without opening her eyes, and replied, "Yes, Draco?". "What are those, um, flying things in the sky?". She smirked. "You mean birds?". He sighed. "No, those things which leave a white trail, and they make noise and... stuff..."

Hermione looked confused for about two seconds, before she giggled. The giggle turned into a full-blown laugh, when then went into the region of silent laughter. When she recovered, Draco was upset. "Oh, Draco... You seriously have never seen a plane before?" Draco shook his head. "Right, well, a plane is the Muggle way of flying, it's just a thousand times better than a broom." Draco nodded. "Have you ever been in one?" Draco wondered. "Yeah, when I went to France with my parents a couple of years ago. Why?"

Draco smiled. He knew what he was getting her when they had been together for a year. In two months. "No reason," he said slyly. "Now, come here, I want a kiss!" said Hermione. Draco was only too willing to oblige her.