Bonfire Night

Draco had (reluctantly) agreed to go with Hermione and her family to watch the fireworks on the 5th of November. Hermione was patiently explaining to Draco why Muggles celebrated the 5th of November as Bonfire Night. It was taking a while, because Draco was slightly busy drooling over the fireworks.

"Draco! Seriously, I am not going to explain this later, so if you want to know why we're celebrating, pay attention NOW!" Oh dear. Draco gave her all his attention. She smiled.

"In the 1600s, there was this bloke called Guy Fawkes. He decided he wanted to blow up the King and Parliament. The police caught him and he was burned at the stake. So, we are celebrating the King from 350 years ago didn't get blown up!" Draco really didn't see the point. Once again, he wished he had taken Muggle Studies. Then he and Hermione would have so much more to talk about.

His brow furrowed adorably, Hermione thought. "But... why do we still celebrate it if it happened so long ago? Where's the point? And why have I never heard of this before?"

"I don't really know," replied Hermione. "I suppose Pureblood families didn't bother with Muggles, even if he was the King..." Draco nodded. He honestly didn't get it.

Muggles were so complicated sometimes!

As a little girl ran past, squealing at the fireworks, Draco pulled Hermione closer, and they stood and watched the fireworks together.


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