Characters All Belong To Someone Else. It's Truly An Unfair World We Live In.

Angelus had just finished a meal, a young school girl sneaking around in the dark hours of the night, hardly thirty minutes ago but he'd never been one to pass up a good opportunity.

Her blood called to him, it felt like sunshine. She was young and vibrant, beautiful... and he hadn't even seen her face yet.

Her back was to him, her blonde hair in a mess of ponytail holders, bobby pins and tiny clips, her neck exposed to the world. She had on a long, snug yellow shirt and a denim skirt that was old and faded, obviously well worn in and loved.

Peeling his eyes away from her for a moment, he looked at the tiny brick building. On one side held a closed nail salon, on the other there was nothing but a "For Lease" sign in the window. In between sat the small video store, various old time movie posters hanging up in the windows, a dry erase board telling this week special and another for new releases. Peering inside, there was a mass of old VHS tapes on the back walls, a few racks in around the room, DVD's filling up the rest of the shelves and space. There was also a few books and other movie related merchandise, a sitting area with a couch and a few chairs, two wide screen televisions for viewing.

Stepping inside, he heard music, soft... coming from the girl's self stereo. One earbud hung down her side, the other he figured was in place. When she noticed him, she smiled and took it out, offering any assistance.

"Just browsing," he replied, his fingertips dancing along the plastic cases.

"Well, if you need anything, just let me know," she said brightly.

He nodded and pretended to be interested in a number of titles, searching the store randomly.

"Big on vampires."

"Hmm?" she asked before looking to where his head nodded, a wall pretty much dedicated to various vampire, mummy, ghosts and goblin tales. "Yeah, latest crazy going on and all. Most of them are crap to be honest, but there's a few good ones," she told him, stepping around the corner. He stepped back out of her way when she got closed, her hands and eyes flittering about the wall. He dug his nails into his palm watching her bend in front of him, just the same when she stepped over twice and began reaching for something higher than she so was standing on her very tip toes to get it. Before long, he had his arms full of recommendations, she went through them all, explaining what it was about and giving her own personal opinion after having asked if he wanted to hear it and getting the go ahead, until they were down to a more reasonable number.

"I think this should probably do me for now," he told her, his eyes scanning over the room quickly.

She chuckled. "Sorry. I get a little carried away. If you step over here I can get you all checked out."

He followed her, set the films down on the counter and signed up for membership when asked, listened as she explained and babbled on about something or other he didn't catch. He nodded and smiled at the right places though, paid and did just as she asked.

Buffy, as her nametag read, reached down and grabbed a small bag, placing the films inside and handing it over. "Well, I hope you enjoy," she told him, then reminded him once more when they would be due back.

He had made it to the door, pushed it open before pausing, slowly turning back. "I don't suppose you would interested in joining me?" he asked, holding up the plastic bag.

The start in her heart, boil in her blood, scent of her increasing arousal told him he was going to be having desert tonight.