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The Doctor palmed the mobile, having set the TARDIS to just float along in the Time Vortex whilst he gathered the courage to once again ask Jack for help, anger coursed through him; he didn't need Jack he could handle Drew on his own. He sighed right after the angry thought entered his mind, he knew he couldn't handle her; he wanted so badly to think he could but the truth of it was he couldn't; he'd always coddle her and tell her what she wanted to hear instead of being a man and doing what was needed. He put the contraption to the side of his head and waited for the American to pick up, 'Doctor?' his confused voice came through the speaker "Yeah" he said quietly "I need your help…again"

'That's new' he could tell Jack was trying to lighten the already very tense call, but it didn't work the Doctor's muscles were still clenched; he wasn't sure if it was because of his jealousy of the man or keeping himself from breaking down. "Something's happened. Donna and I don't know what to do… so Donna suggested you might," he explained vaguely

'And what's happened that you can't handle?' Jack asked, his voice dead serious

"We're on our way to Cardiff, I'll explain then," he said quickly before hanging up and throwing the phone across the control room before rising to his feet and setting the TARDIS to materialize on the Cardiff rift.

He stepped out into the cool, almost spring, air; he was met with the presence of a slightly taller man standing a few yards away with his hands in his dark blue coats pockets. He put his own hands into his pants pockets as he made his way towards the lone man, he didn't make eye contact upon stopping in front of him, instead choosing to look up at the stars what twinkled above them. "What happened?" the American questioned

"A paradox, with her and I in the middle of it. Leaving one dead and her broken" he said skirting around the actual answer


"We landed on a planet that was at war, they were using reproduction machines. Being new to the planet we didn't have any marks on our hands so they made some" he said holding up his hand showing the American the scab on the back of his hand "They stuck her in one with me…"

"What's the problem then? We both know where the two of you are headed so having a kid thrown in there shouldn't be this much of a problem"

"She's dead…" the Doctor said flatly, shutting the American up rather quickly

"Dead?" he stumbled, not fully believing the information

"We stopped the war, but the human general was angry. He picked up a gun an aimed it at me, she stepped in front of me and was shot in stead of me…" the Doctor said looking anywhere but at the man in front of him

"And Drew? Where is she?"

"Locked herself in my room… wont come out for anything. She's blaming herself for everything" Jack pushed past the Doctor and ran towards the TARDIS; he all but threw the doors open and rushed past Donna who stood by the controls stunned. The TARDIS guided Jack to the Doctor's room, worried herself about the small woman in the room having been cut off from connecting with her. He halfheartedly tried to open the door, completely unsurprised when it was locked, he backs up to the wall and glanced up at the ceiling "Sorry" he apologized quickly before kicking the door open.

Drew felt the TARDIS land; it was a lot more controlled than usual and didn't lurch as she normally did. She didn't know where they had landed nor did she really care, she could feel the TARDIS trying to connect with her mind but she pushed against her advances. Music pulsed in her ears causing her head to throb in painful waves, as she lay curled up on the Doctor's bed, she felt bad for running away from Donna and ignoring the Doctor's pleas for her to come out but she wasn't ready to face either of them or have them tell her it wasn't her fault Jenny was dead. She ripped the earphones from her ears and pulled at her hair fighting back another wave of tears that threatened to spill from her light blue eyes. She brought her denim covered knees up to her chest and put her forehead against them as images of Jenny flashed in her mind making her chest tighten and her breath come in short, struggled pants. She could feel the niggling depression she had kept locked away for two years trying to break free of its chain, small black wisps wrapped them selves around every good thought she'd had in the last seven hundred days and choked them.

The sound of heavy, pounding foot falls reached her ears as the chains became looser and looser on the beast in her mind, the door knob wiggled slightly before the wall cracked and gave into the force against the door sending it careening into the dresser beside it. She pulled her hair and bit her lip as the mental chains broke and the beast ran rampant through the halls and rooms of her mind, her chest felt as if an enormous weight had been placed upon it, a metallic tang filled her mouth as her teeth broke through the skin of her lip. Her whole body felt like it was paralyzed, she felt someone shake her but she couldn't find the strength to look at them or even respond to them. She felt arms wrap around her and her head leave the soft comforter that covered the Doctor's bed, warm fingers pried her own from digging into her palms which she was vaguely aware where bleeding and stinging now. Red bobbed around in the corner of her eye, she figured it was Donna who was tending to her palms; a stronger cold hand wrapped its fingers around her jaw and squeezed to release her lip from its toothed jail. She could feel the blood drip down her chin once her teeth were removed, she felt herself be laid back down on the bed as Jack's face came into her vision on her left and Donna appeared to her right, both looked positively terrified by her. She was too lost in her own mind and depression to even react to either of their fear; she just stared at the ceiling blinking when necessary. She watched Donna brush the fringe out of her eyes "You think she'll be ok?" she asked looking up at Jack almost in tears, he put his hand on Donna's cheek before sighing

"I don't know" he said quietly "Do us a favor and get a cloth and some water. Possibly some stitching supplies?" Donna looked back at the silent woman before nodding and moving off the bed. Jack cupped Drew's cheek while looking sullenly at her "What's going on in that head of yours?" he asked rhetorically, he figured this was a by-product of fifty years of depression and the shock of Jenny's death.

He stripped his coat and threw it over a chair; he unhooked his braces from his shoulders and let them hang around his hips before stripping his light blue button up shirt revealing a plain white t-shirt. Donna came back in the room, the Doctor following her with a small basin of water; he stopped at the sight of Drew lying on his bed with blood covering her chin and palms. Jack stood up and grasped the Doctor's shoulders blocking his view of the woman "She's going to be fine" he said quietly "She's just in a bit of shock, she almost bit through her lip and cut her palms open with her nails. Nothing major" he tried to reassure the older male, he nodded and set the basin on the table beside the bed before moving to sit beside her. He watched Jack and Donna clean the blood from her already healing self-inflicted wounds, time passed slowly as he watched her just stare at the ceiling unmoving, Donna and Jack soon left claiming to be going to get something for dinner. He laid beside her on his side, unsure of how to deal with his own feelings towards the death of Jenny; he'd cried and been angry back on Messaline but now he was left with the bubbling hurt and sadness it had stirred up from losing his children back on Gallifrey. An idea floated into his mind, he moved and put his hands on the sides of her head and opened the connection between them, depression washed over him as he searched her mind for her consciousness.

He wandered down the many halls looking for her, calling her name but found nothing until he came to a room that was open slightly, he pushed it open with his foot uneasy about what he would find. A great black beast stood in the center of the room, black wisps came off it making it look like its form was in constant motion, he strained to look around it but he managed. He found Drew crouched in the corner of the room sobbing hysterically, "Drew" he called quietly, hoping to catch her attention but not the beasts; his hearts broke as she turned towards him, he could tell the beast had had a go at her while they were fussing over her physical body. He waved her over, hoping the beast was too distracted with whatever it was doing to notice her moving, she shook her head to scared to move "Please" he begged, he didn't need her to move for her anymore it was for him; he knew if he lost her he wouldn't be able to handle anything anymore; he didn't doubt he would end up with her for the rest of time, she wasn't Rose but in her own ways she was better than Rose. Tears still rolled down her cheeks as she nodded weakly and began moving slowly, glancing between him and the beast, the closer she got to him the more he prayed the beast wouldn't turn. His hearts sped up when she got into almost grabbing distance, the beast suddenly gave a great roar and spun around; without thought he grabbed her arm and pulled her from the room slamming the door behind them. He kept a hold of her arm and took off down the hall as the beast scratched and clawed at the door "You have to get out of here!" she yelled at him trying to pull her arm away from him, he ignored her looking for something before suddenly ducking into a surprisingly empty room, he closed the door and turned to her. Her face was bruised, her lip split open, blood had trickled down from her nose, she cringed as his fingers ghosted over the bruise surrounding her eye. "You have to go," she breathed looking up at him "If you don't it will get you too"

"I'm not afraid that thing" he scoffed "I wont leave you here alone"

"You have to. Donna needs you, hell the whole world needs you," she argued

"The world can burn for all I care" he spat "And Donna is with Jack, he'll keep her safe. Right now my priority is making sure your safe," he said brushing his thumb over her split lip

"There's no point in both of us being stuck in my useless mind" she said pulling away from him, he grabbed her chin

"Your mind is anything but useless," he yelled, "I know you're upset Jenny died, but this is ridiculous! You're going to willingly be trapped in your own mind instead of trying to beat this thing?" he was getting angry now

"It's obvious I can't beat it," she snapped motioning to her face

"So you'd rather be in here alone then out there with me?" he snapped, he watched the anger leave her abused face and be replaced by shock and confusion

"No…" she breathed, as tears filled her eyes again "I just don't know what to do…" she admitted quietly, he smiled slightly

"That's why you've got me" his smile widened, he watched her eyes close fighting off tears; he held her hands in his own and ghosted his lips over hers as he pulled them both from her mind. She gasped violently before sitting up gripping her hearts; she jumped and all but screamed as the Doctor touched her back, her eyes snapped to his before filling with tears. She smacked his arm "You should have just left me" she breathed, covering her mouth

"Never" he smiled pulling her against his chest and pressing his lips to her hair as she softly cried against his chest.