Theme: Friendship/Romance
Fandom: Final Fantasy
Characters: Baralai, Rikku
Pairing: (hinted) Baralai x Rikku
Rating: G
Word Count: 382
Summary: He can never figure out what is more stunning: her smile or the sunset.
Authors Notes: Just a little plot bunny that makes no sense to anyone but maybe one person. If you're wondering who that one person is, then it isn't you.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my imagination and copy of FFX/FFX-2. Don't sue me.

[d r a b b l e]

Stunning Smile.

A facial expression is all that a smile truly is, it's the upward turn of lips and can honestly hold any emotion, you just have to look at it closely. One can wear a smile as a sign of pure joy, or maybe even having a hint of sadness within it. It could also hold sarcasm or cruelty, and those were the type of smiles he had become use to. You see, he had began to study smiles after the fall of Sin, he realized then just how much misery Spira had been in during those times. However, it wouldn't be until he had almost destroyed the world, even though he was possessed by an evil spirit, that he realized just how fake he had become with all the sorrow surrounding him.

Although, with each single smile he often remembered, none of them shined like hers. He had quickly noted how nothing compared to her smile, so sweet and innocent, pure and void of any heartache. She never forged a smile when he was around her, he noticed as when they continued to meet and began to form a friendship. He had never understood how she did it, how she remained so beautiful; both her smile and her being. No matter what she did, she seemed to shine under the golden rays of the sun and he could do nothing but bask in it like the moon.

Like right now; the female sat next to him on the beach, her bare toes wiggling in the sand and digging tiny little holes. Her smile gracing her face as she stared up at the blue sky, her blond hair shining under the sunlight. Her green spiral eyes, which always attracted most of his attention anyway, glistened under the rays and came to life when she released a giggle—sights never leaving the setting sun. "It's so pretty!"

"What is," he blinked after the girl exclaimed.

"The sunset," the girl lifted her hand and pointed at the sky. His dark eyes moved to watch the colors and realized that she was right; the sight was absolutely stunning. He felt the corners of his lips twitch upward, he could never stop the small smiles that appeared when she was around, when she did something such as this.