By Rain Everwood, Ravin Wood and Nightshade Black.

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Chapter 1: Never Again

5:47 AM,
Tendo Dojo,

Ranma Saotome was lying on his tatami mat pretending to sleep as he was deep in thought. He sighed, For Kami's sake, any moment now and it will all start again. Everyday it's the same stinkin' thing. I don't know how much more I can take… .

His watch started lightly beeping, informing him it was 'Go Time'. He tuck-rolled forwards, dodging his father Genma's foot, which would have gotten him right in the chest. Ranma quickly came out of the roll and kicked his dad square in the ass, sending him flying out the open window into the koi pond.

Soun was already setting up the goboard when he saw his friend land. "Ah, Genma. I see you and Ranma are awake. Care to play a round of go before breakfast?"

Back in the house, Ranma stood outside the bathroom with a weary look on his face. He knew even though he knocked and no one answered that if he opened the door to take a bath, Akane would be in there naked and would freak out on him. With a heavy sigh, he closed his eyes in resignation and opened the door. Sure enough Akane was standing in the middle of the room butt-naked.

Eyes still shut, he heard her scream out her typical, "RANMA YOU PERVERT!"

Hearing where her scream came from he instantly knew her attack pattern and without even opening his eyes, he dodged and ducked every object Akane threw at him until he could close the door. Deciding to make things easier on Kasumi, he gathered up the stuff from the bathroom and sat them neatly next to the door before heading down stairs.

A short time later everyone sat down for breakfast. Ranma wasn't shoveling down his food as usual. He seemed very distant and ate slowly.

Nabiki and Kasumi shared a look after noticing Ranma's downcast behavior. They apparently were the only ones as everyone else acted as usual. Kasumi watched the slight tremble in Ranma's hands and the depressed look in his eye. She was feeling near tears because short of Ranma himself she knew how he was feeling and she couldn't do anything about it.

Soon Ranma Akane and Nabiki left for school. Nabiki decided to see what was going on and so she walked with them rather than catching a ride with her cronies. It really is a shame to see him so down. Maybe with some more info I can help him… for a fee obviously.

As always Akane was insulting Ranma, but Ranma only halfheartedly shot back retorts as he walked along the top of the fence. Sure as clockwork Shampoo on her bike came flying out of nowhere and nearly hit Ranma. Fortunately he knew this was coming and back-flipped over her.

"Ni hao, Ranma!"

Nabiki watched with an eyebrow raised in annoyance as she saw Shampoo hug up with Ranma. This was quickly followed by Akane attacking Ranma. What was odd was Ranma didn't dodge or fight or even a reply. When they got to school Ranma ran ahead of the others and started savagely beating Tatewaki Kuno and his gang that was lying in wait in the school yard. This even caught Akane's attention but sure enough she got angry with him, muttering about how she didn't ask for his help.

The morning classes seemed to both fly by and drag on forever. He had to dodge Kodachi, avoid two Akane attacks and stop his deranged chi-sucking teacher from draining the class's energy.

Ranma went to sit alone when lunch rolled around. However Ukyo wasn't going to sit by and watch him mope all alone. She slid in next to him and took a good look at his face. She had seen him like this before but never this bad. She went through her thermal case and pulled out a 'Cheer up, Ranma' okonomiyaki. She had been bringing what she liked to call 'mood okonomiyaki' rather than just the one with 'I love you' spelled in toppings. "Here Ranma darling. I… I hope you like it."

Ranma looked down and saw it said 'It will get better'. Ranma couldn't help but smile at it, and smiled warmly at Ukyo, "Thanks, Ukyo."

"Are you ok Ranma? I've never seen you this down," her voice was laced with concern.

"It's… nothing you should worry about."

The two talked about nothing until lunch was over. If their classes weren't on either end of the school Ukyo wouldn't have just left the clearly distraught boy.

That afternoon Ukyo waited for Ranma just inside the main doors of the school. As soon as she spotted him she somersaulted over the crowed of students and pulled Ranma aside. "Ranma, what's going on with you? I know there's something bothering you."

Ranma sighed heavily and looked deep into her eyes.

Broken…broken…broken…, that word repeated over and over in Ukyo's head as she looked into his eyes. She slightly shook and began tearing up as she held his shoulders.

Ranma hugged her tight and whispered in a frighteningly monotone voice. "Ukyo… Thank you for being one of the few people to truly be a friend to me. I know you love me, but you're really like a sister to me."

Before she could react, he kissed her on her forehead and left her with a stunned look on her face. Ukyo's heart broke. Some where deep down she felt like he was saying goodbye.

The walk home wasn't any more enjoyable. Happosai ran passed being chased by another angry mob of girls that in their haste, completely trampled Ranma. Shortly thereafter he was attacked by Mousse, who was thankfully dispatched quickly thanks to the old woman who usually splashes water on him.

Ranma was so frustrated at this point people on the street could see his battle aura. Ranma was only two blocks from home and he was starting to have a flicker of hope that the rest of the walk would be uneventful. Fate, however, was never very kind to the poor martial artist. From around the corner ahead of him came Ryoga, looking lost as ever. But as soon as he saw Ranma he charged him, calling out Ranma's name like a battle cry. One of the last threads of patience and self-control he had left snapped and he snatched the now stunned boy up by the collar and slammed him against a wall.

Ryoga was for the first time terrified of Ranma whom looked ready to deliver a slow and painful death upon him.

"Melon bread…"

Ryoga was truly scared now. Ranma had clearly lost his mind.

"This all started because I got the last of the fucking melon bread…," Ranma's voice was low and shaking with rage. "Then you're always on me for things I didn't do… calling me a womanizer and a pervert…," Ranma locked his icy glare right into Ryoga's eyes. "So tell me…, Pi-chan? Who is it that's the pervert? All those nights sleeping with Akane in your pig form. Well guess what. I'm really over it. If you ever come near me again I will end this."

Ranma dropped the shaking and rapidly moistening wanderer and stormed off for home.

Neither boy saw the shriveled old woman watching from the shadows. Cologne was not shocked but merely saddened by what she saw. She sighed, I was afraid this was going to happen. It was only a matter of time before the boy had enough of this life. If I hadn't had a vision of the future I'd be afraid he'd kill himself. Though the future I saw was far from safe… . She looked up into the sky which was rapidly darkening with black clouds.

Ranma walked into the dining room where everyone was already half done eating.

Kasumi had just handed him his plate when Akane swallowed her food to free up her mouth for a tongue lashing. "You're late Ranma! Kasumi worked hard on this dinner. The least you could do is show up on time. Honestly, you are so inconsiderate of… ."

The night was silenced by the sharp sound of a smack.

Kasumi's hand was raised, but Ranma had beaten her to it. Everyone, even the typically aloof Nabiki, was in stunned silence.

Tears were running down Ranma's cheeks as he glared at her. "I was attacked all day today. No… not just today. Almost everyday since I met you. And as soon as you knew I was a guy you've gone out of your way to be a real bitch! I loved you once, but I'm sick of your attitude and constantly attacking me verbally and physically. Oh yeah, and your precious Pi-chan is Ryoga! I mean really. After seeing me, Pops, Shampoo, and Moose you're really that stupid you couldn't put it together? Well you know what? Fuck you!"

With that he grabbed his plate and stormed up to his room. Akane was shaking as her eyes filled with tears. Kasumi was in the same state as she stood and walked after Ranma. Nabiki slowly started clapping which seemed to break the spell on everyone still at the table.

"Genma… what just happened?"

"I'm… not entirely sure."

Kasumi wasn't at all surprised to be met by a locked door. She knocked gently before speaking. "Ranma?... I … I'm so sorry about all this. Please let me in." There was no answer. She couldn't even hear if he was still crying. It was breaking her heart to see the boy she'd come to think of as a younger brother in so much pain. With a sigh, she decided to give him space.

She had no idea Ranma was now three blocks away. He ran full tilt along the roof tops with his travel pack on his back. He only stopped once at Ukyo's okonomiyaki shop. He slid a note into the mail slot and took off into the night. While riding on top of a train whisking him through Tokyo, the rain had started. Ranma was now cold, wet, and a girl on top of everything else that night. "Why not. It's not like anything else could go wrong today."

At that very moment, Nabiki was watching the news and saw a report about a sudden hurricane heading right for Tokyo from out of the Dragon's Triangle. About an hour later Ranma was walking west near the shore. She was rapidly regretting not doing this yesterday like she'd planned.

Suddenly a huge wave lurched up and swiped Ranma off the docks. The surf was too rough to get the travel pack off easily. She was getting tangled up in the rope and fishing line when her pup-tent deployed. By some miracle part of the tent ripped and the tent essentially became a large kite as it got caught in the wind and yanked the half-drowned redhead from the sea and into the air.

The last thing Ranma saw was a familiar looking dragon silhouetted in the clouds as lightening flashed. Then everything went dark.