A/N: Written for a request on Livejournal where one of my friends wanted to read about Heine-Lily-Gio-anyone who was there, kid!fic. Can be cute or whatever. Prompt? 'flowers I've never seen.' I failed on the cute. Terribly.

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Warnings: disturbing imagery.

Invisible Flowers

After yet another mindless slaughter Haine found Lily sitting in a puddle of blood, her eyes dilated and unseeing while her hands splashed in the blood, drawing strange patterns. He approached her slowly, wary of that look in her eyes. He didn't want to fight her; not her of all the kids, but she didn't seem to be in any state to tell who was who. She noticed his approach nonetheless, big blank eyes flicking over to him before returning their focus down at her hands and her current activity. She wasn't going to attack.

"I see them," Lily said absently, without even realising the act of having spoken. "When everything goes red, I see them. All kinds of them. They are so white. I can't see because they are so white."

Haine said nothing. He couldn't find any words in this situation; he could only watch in horror how she drew stray lines and circles and curves in the blood over and over again. The blood flowed back over the lines drawn by her stained fingers, making her repeat the same motions again and again.

"There are so many of them," Lily continued, wiping the blood away from the white floor only to have it creep back and erase her drawings. She frowned and tilted her head as if trying to remember something. She remembered that someone was standing next to her. "Can you help me put them back in the red?"

Haine didn't answer and Lily looked up at him with an expression that was borderline desperate.

"I want…"

She didn't finish that sentence. Her gaze cleared and she blinked up at Haine before looking around, and finally – down. She saw the puddle of blood in which she was kneeling, saw the lines overflowing with blood, saw the red stains on her clothes and her bloodied hands, and screamed, tears welling up in her eyes. In the next moment she had already launched herself at Haine, clinging to him with all of her might, and he could only hold her, but never console her. At their feet the slowly oozing blood erased the lines of the white flowers drawn by an eternally cursed child's hands.