11 Years Ago

Isabella Davis ran through the woods towards her house. Once she had gotten to her house she locked the door and ran up to her children's room. Her two girls woke up scared of what was happening.

"Come on get dressed," said Isabella helping her eight year old, the youngest, Elaina with her clothing.

"Mom what's going on?" asked Alyssa throwing on her coat. Alyssa was only 12.

"No time to explain we gotta-"

Isabella was cut off when there was a loud crash of windows breaking and the doors hitting the hardwood floor of their house.

"Where are you witch?" yelled a man.

"Mom?" asked Elaina scared as she stared at the door with large round eyes.

"Hide," said their mother as she ran towards the door. She looked at Alyssa and said, "Take care of your sister. Keep her safe."

Alyssa nodded and they both watched as Isabella closed the door and there was silence. Alyssa walked towards her sister who was tearing up and she hugged her. She opened the closet door and the two hid inside. All the two little girls could hear was a loud commotion going on downstairs with yelling, gun shots and screaming. Alyssa put her hands over her sister's ears and pulled her close to her chest. She could feel her sister's tears soaking up her jacket.

Finally after minutes, but felt like an eternity for the girls, the commotion stopped and all was silenced. The two stayed hidden in that closet holding onto each other because they were the only ones they had. They were alone in this world now.

A few minutes went by and they heard their bedroom door open and a few footsteps walking around their bedroom. The two sisters stared at the bedroom door terrified of what they might see and it opened…


Sam and Dean pulled up to an old hunting buddy of their father's house. The two were still trying to find the yellowed eyed demon and they were hoping to find some information here. Their father hadn't talked to this man in 12 years but they were hoping for anything.

"This the right place?" asked Sam looking around at some of the cars that were parked around the house.

"Yup, James T. Walter at 243 Biedler Avenue…the only house on the street," said Dean closing his father's journal.

"Yeah because that's normal," said Sam as the two walked up to the house.

"Who said this job was normal Sammy?"

Sam rolled his eyes and rung the doorbell. A few seconds went by and James opened the door, "Can I help you two?"

"Uh you probably don't remember us but our father use to help you hunt his name was John Winchester," said Sam.

James looked between the two and smiled, "I'll be damned Dean and Sam Winchester get your asses in here boys."

Dean smiled and shrugged at Sam before heading in first. Sam wasn't getting the good impression on James from the smell of the alcohol on his breath and the dirty stained shirt he wore. He decided to look around himself at anything that seemed odd.

"Boys," said James walking into the den where a couple other hunters were sitting around drinking and playing, "These are John Winchesters sons, Sam and Dean. This is Cowlick, Trigger and Rodger."

"Hey," said Dean and Sam nodded towards them, "Look is there somewhere private we can talk. It's about our dads work."

"Sure yeah," said James and walked into another room, "What can I do for ya?"

"Did our dad ever talk to you about the demon Azazel or the yellow eyed demon?"

"A little. John wasn't the talkative type."

The boys nodded in agreement and looked towards the door when they heard someone walk in. There was a girl with dirt on her face, her hair was greasy and unkept, her jeans were torn and her shirt barely fit her, it was too big. It looked like under the dirt she had bruises and cuts on her and also some burns.

"I-I-I'm sorry," the girl stuttered, "I-I didn't know you were i-in here s-so I brought d-dishes."

Dean and Sam looked at James with a confused look. He had what looked like some sort of anger in his eyes but it quickly faded but the girl in the room stayed tensed up as if waiting for something to happen.

"Just put them in the sink and go see if the guys need anything."

She looked down at the floor and nodded walking by the three quickly. Sam continued to talk to James as Dean glanced over at the girl and noticed fresh blood on her shirt forming on her back.

"She catching your eye Dean?" asked James and Dean quickly looked at him.

"No, sorry I didn't mean to look at your daughter she has-"

"She's not my daughter," James corrected him and as the girl walked by James grabbed her by her hair and made her face Sam and Dean, "She's just a filthy little witch, aren't you Alyssa?"

She nodded quickly tears on the verge to be let loose. Sam and Dean looked at each other then back at the two, "She's a witch?" asked Dean.

"Yeah caught her mother a while back and when I searched through the house with the others I happened to come upon her and her little sister hiding in the closet. There's no way I will be letting those two back into the world knowing their mother was a witch but she is a great little piece of ass. Would you like a go?"

They watched the girls eyes look between the two begging them for help, pleading with her eyes but they also saw no hope in her eyes knowing they wouldn't. Like every other hunter that came by, they'll rape her, hurt her or do the same to her baby sister.

"N-no," said Sam, "I'm good."

"What about you Dean?" asked James looking at him, "I saw you eyeing her up. Trust me just because she's damaged goods doesn't mean it's still not tight. She's only $100 an hour her sister is $50. I give half off on the small one."

Alyssa closed her eyes in shame as a tear slipped down her cheek.

"No," he said shaking his head, "no."

Alyssa opened her eyes and looked at the two. She didn't think they would say no but something by the look at them, something was different about these two hunters.

"Alright," said James and they watch him let her go but flinched when he slapped her across the face, "Because you're damaged goods you just lost me some good paying customers you little bitch. Now you get in that basement with your sister." He opened a door and pushed her down the stairs.

"Hey!" yelled Dean as James slammed the door shut. James looked at him.


Dean didn't know what to say. He's never seen something like this before. "Dean let's just go," said Sam pulling his brother. Dean was furious at what he saw, just because they were witches they didn't deserve that.

Sam and Dean were sitting in the Impala a few blocks away from James house. Dean's hands were tight around the steering wheel and Sam was quiet. All they could hear was the rain hitting the roof and windows of the Impala.

"Dean we have to do something," said Sam breaking the silence.

"I know." Dean was just staring out the windshield at nothing.

"Just because they're mother was a witch and they may be witches doesn't mean they deserve that kind of treatment. No one does."

"Don't you think I know that?" Dean snapped looking at Sam, "Did you see the look in her eyes when he asked us? She was begging us to help her and her sister but there was also denial in them. As if she knew we were going to hand him money and take her right here."

Sam nodded, "How long do you think they've been there?"

Dean shook his head, "I don't know but I'll be damned if they stay there another night."

Alyssa opened her eyes after she fell from the top of the stairs and slowly pulled herself to her feet. She licked her dry bleeding and chapped lips and looked over at her sister who was hugging her knees and sitting on the lonely, flattened, dirty mattress.

"Are you ok?" asked Elaina with tears in her eyes, "You wouldn't get up for a good hour. I-I thought."

"I'm ok," she limped over to Elaina and sat down wincing in pain and pulled her sister onto her lap. Though Elaina was no 21 and Alyssa was 23, she still put her on her lap and hugged her letting her know she was there for her.

Alyssa promised to be there for her sister and keep her safe. Though this wasn't a safe house, this was Hell itself, she was determined to always keep her safe no matter what. Even if she was the one that was taken the beatings and rape more then her, she would do anything for her baby sister.

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