A/N: Written for 30 nights Livejournal writing challenge community for the prompt #31 - Finally together.

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The other side, Kadaj thought grimly, was nothing like he had imagined. He didn't know what he had expected, but it wasn't this blinding whiteness. He hastily looked around, eager to see Mother because she should have been waiting for him here. She had been the one to call him to this side, but she wasn't there. Only his brothers were. Loz sat a good distance away from him (as much as distance was discernible here) while Yazoo was already heading his way. Kadaj hadn't noticed the moment of their arrival. Had they gotten here before him? Had Mother called them over first?

"Where is Mother?" was the first thing to come past Kadaj's lips. He took a few steps toward the approaching Yazoo. In this place his voice didn't carry, didn't echo, and it looked like Yazoo hadn't heard him. He opened his mouth to repeat the question, but then the two brothers were already standing face to face.

"She's not here," Yazoo said, having heard Kadaj's question. "She's not in that world anymore, either. When you left…"

Kadaj quirked an eyebrow when his brother suddenly fell silent, eyes narrowing at something behind Kadaj's back, and Kadaj was about to demand that Yazoo finish his thought when, somehow, he was able to see the same thing Yazoo was seeing. For some reason, Loz was there even though Yazoo had left him a little ways behind and had been blocking him from Kadaj's sight just a moment ago. What was stranger still was that somehow Kadaj and Yazoo were now standing side by side. Apparently this place, or world, or whatever it was seemed to revolve around itself in a way that the things left behind would turn around and appear in front of you. Yet this wasn't the most surprising of things. The sudden appearance of two other beings was. There were two people standing near Loz now and one of them – a girl – reached her hand out to him and helped him up to his feet. The other one was a man and he stood with his arms crossed, keeping his distance. He was seemingly relaxed, but ever watchful.

Before Kadaj could ask any questions or demand any explanations, the whiteness morphed again and now all five of them were standing together and they could hear the girl's voice.

"You're not Mother," Kadaj said in a way that was clearly meant as an insult. He'd recognised the voice which had called out to him and guided him all the way here. He had been tricked, he realised now. Loz, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind this girl at all.

"No," the girl said serenely, her gaze fixed on Kadaj, but somehow seeing all three of them at once. "I am not her. Do you want to go to her place?"

She seemed saddened somehow. Kadaj glowered. He didn't think this question needed an answer – it was so obvious to him. He felt Yazoo's gaze on him and, out of the corner of his eye, he saw him nod his head in agreement.

The girl nodded as well in understanding.

"You wish to be together."

This time, Kadaj opened his mouth for an angry retort because something in her voice, something in that response had ticked him off, but the white world was already fading around him. The girl and her companion disappeared, evaporating like mist. For a moment he felt Yazoo's hand on his harm, could glimpse Loz's form by his side, but even that vanished and he was all alone again. And in the next moment… he wasn't.