A/N: This was a request by one of my friends over at Livejournal who wanted to read about Izaya and Shizuo during winter. Delivered belatedly; my sincerest apologies.

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Warnings: violent Shizuo. Which, I realise, is quite the redundant thing to warn for, as half of DRRR! consists of a violent Shizuo.
The other half is Izaya being a troll.


Winter was supposed to be a peaceful time in Ikebukuro when reptiles – such as Izaya – crawled into the deepest of holes and slept and – if they were lucky enough – froze to death and never emerged. At least Shizuo thought something along those lines, having come out for a smoke. The night had been quiet and uneventful so far; nothing out of the ordinary, and he hoped it would remain that way. Yet somehow he knew. The cigarette snapped in his fingers only a split second before he heard the most annoying sing-song voice he'd ever had the misfortune to hear.

Bellowing the name of his adversary into the night and scaring a group of nightlife lovers nearby, Shizuo veered around, a street sign somehow finding its way into his hands. He raced down the street, turned a corner and… nothing. A dead end. Shizuo knew that he wasn't hallucinating. His teeth were always set on edge when Izaya was in the vicinity.

"Oya, Shizu-chan."

Above. Teeth grinding vehemently, Shizuo glared up to see Izaya dangling himself off a fire escape. The suddenly airborne "No Parking" sign caught Izaya across his back even though he had tried to flatten himself against the metal stairs in the last moment. That was going to leave a bruise.

"Get down, Izaya," Shizuo growled.

The staircase suddenly parted with the wall, metal screeching in protest as it twisted and bent, as Shizuo pulled on it. Reptiles, he thought viciously, could also be put into jars of formaldehyde. He supposed Shinra could lend him one after he was done skinning one of a particularly nasty species.

Not feeling up to the task of physical violence, Izaya sighed and jumped. Or he would have, if he hadn't slipped and fallen first because of the metal which gave way under too much pressure. Still, he managed to laugh and get up to his feet before Shizuo could approach him. He lifted his hands up in a surrendering gesture which did nothing to calm the enraged man, and his usual sly smile was perfectly in place.

"Now, now, Shizu-chan. I only came here to talk…" and 'with some of my friends' remained unsaid because somewhere between "here to" the staircase disconnected from the wall and somewhere around "talk" it was launched at Izaya by a not very talkative Shizuo.

"Only after I kill you," Shizuo spat and advanced.

Izaya dodged only barely. He laughed despite that and retreated to maintain the distance between them in case Shizuo decided to throw something else. Like that garbage can, for example. Izaya fled, not feeling particularly interested in getting covered in trash.

"I thought winter would cool you off, Shizu-chan!" he called back over his shoulder, dodging around people.


And a vending machine ended its life prematurely, leaving naught but a mark on the asphalt.