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In Another Life

Chapter Five

"What did they say?" Kono gripped the side of the door as they drove, and she thought she drove badly.

"Just said we needed to be there if we wanted to be a part and they were having something go down tonight." Steve sighed, "You ready?"
She nodded, "Yeah if we get there in one piece." She said quietly, offering him a iffy smile.

Steve smiled sheepishly, turning back to the road and whipping in the driveway.

"Glad you could make it." Josiah smiled opening the door to them, "Please come in. The others are on their way to discuss our plans." They had a bad feeling as they looked around, seeing just a few of the group's members. An even worse feeling when the lock slid shut behind them.


"I don't have a good feeling about this." Danny stated as they tailed their partners. "Not at all."

"You think their cover's blown?" Chin asked, casting him a look.

"I don't know..I just don't have a good feeling." He looked at the GPS locator blinking happily showing them that the two had stopped and were in the house, back up teams were set up around the neighborhood for fast action when necessary.

After a few moments of awkward silence Josiah tilted his head, "So who are you working for?"

"What?" Kono spoke up, gasping slightly as Steve tightened his grip on her hand, cautioning her. Something was up.

"We're not working for anyone." Steve said, "Like we told you, just interested in what you're doing."

"It just seems...strange...that you would so recently move to the area and jump into our group so fast." Josiah raised his eyebrows, "Not..not that we aren't grateful of course...just...suspicious." He smiled tightly, "You understand."
"Of course." Steve gave them a understanding smile, letting up a bit on Kono's hand.

"Good. We were concerned you may be infiltrating us, you know."
"Of course. So what's our plan?"

"You know it's funny." Continued Josiah, as if he didn't hear Steve, "I couldn't find much on you...or your wife." He watched them, "You don't think that we dont' do our homework, McGarrett?" He tilted his head.

Damn. Why couldn't one undercover mission go as planned..why? Why did every single one this side of the Military go bad? Steve sighed. "Kennedy you mean." He tried.

"Oh..no, no I mean McGarrett. See I didn't find *any* history of any Steven Kennedy...well besides some on the mainland..and one here that died in 1982. But see, I have sources. We're not just some mansy pansy little activist group who makes threats and tries to carry them out, we're the real deal. We're a real army. You see, I circulated your pictures...did *my* homework..which really you should have done." He nodded to two men, "And please, cooperate with *my* partners..."

The pair stood silently as they were ridded of their hidden weapons.

"Now..were you stupid enough to wear wires this time?" He directed the question to Kono. She shook her head. "Good. Good. So you all and your little party are in the Governor's back pocket." Josiah continued, "I find that very very...interesting." His face was hard, "That makes you our enemy."

They didn't say anything, just waited, plotting, Steve glanced at Kono who just kept looking on bravely.

"So there was really nothing happening tonight." She said.

Josiah turned to her, "OH there is...just..not with our final targets. See..we have to take care of you and your boss here. Kinky much?" He smirked.


"Damn!" Danny swore as they watched and listened, "They've taken their guns too...we're gonna have to play this one good." He ran a hand through his hair.

"Just wait and see what happens."

"There's six to two, Chin." Danny said, "And Steve and Kono are now unarmed, or did you just not see that."
The older man gave him a level look, "Wait, brah." he said gently. He wanted nothing more then to go in guns blazing himself, that was his cousin in there and his boss...who he looked at as a brother...feeling the need to somehow support him in his father's stead.

"See I just can't seem to figure out what to do first...should we just...do it." He waved at a gun on the counter, "Or should we do a little torture..seeing as you *are* spies." He walked up to Steve, two others moving close. "How much does your team mean to you, *Commander* he sneered."

"A lot." He said, "They're family." His nostrils were flared,

"So..Are you saying you'll offer yourself first?" He raised his eyebrows, a gun cocked, pressed firmly to Steve's temple.

"No!" Kono cried out, instantly pulled back and restrained by one of the men.

"Kono...it's okay." Steve said.

"Ah...don't want to see him go, little lady? Too much fun playing house with your boss?"
A darkness descended on Kono's face and Steve mentally chuckled, if two men weren't holding her back she'd have laid out Josiah, "Not playing house, doing my job, protecting the innocent." She snapped, wrenching against her captors.

"Innocents..really." Josiah gave her an incrediously look, the gun still pressed against Steve's head. "People that do not have your homeland's best interest at heart, little lady, will raise taxes and take away jobs from *your* people...See if your big Kahuna here hadn't been born here like the rest of us he'd just be another useless haole and I'd have already commanded my man to put him out of his miserable white existance."

"Just because we protect people doesn't mean we agree with them." She said gently, "Please, I won't rush you again, let me go."

"You can stop the soft innocent sweet act now, Kono." Josiah said, "We know who you two are, and we know we can't trust you. Tie her up." He motioned to a chair where they wrenched her over.

"I"m sorry, Kono." Steve said quietly, "Really sweetheart."

Kono swallowed, her heart jumping at the pet name..there was no reason to keep playing now, his eyes were intent on hers. "For what?"

"For all of this, for putting you in danger again. For earlier."

Kono was now acutely confused, why was he doing this? She nodded, "It's okay, boss, really. I forgive ya." She smiled. He wouldn't really let these men kill him would he? Danny and Chin were outside..and HPD...right? They'd save them...

"Okay..that was so *very* touching." Josiah rolled his eyes, waving his gun as he spoke, "Can we cut the crap now? How many of them are there of you?"
"What? In my team?" Steve quirked a brow.

"Yeah. How many of you little spies are we talking about."
"Just her and I."

"You lying? Cause..if you are...I'll just do away with the lady first...seeing as you seem to care so much for her..maybe you should watch her die instead. Unless you just decide to tell me exactly what you all were planning...and it really seems ridiculous for *two* people to be in a task force." He chuckled dismally.

"There's just us two on this mission." He said quietly.

It was then that the ends clicked in Kono's head. His apologize was a hint...he wanted her to be a distraction, put herself out there, he apoligized ahead of time for putting her in danger she gladly took. She began working on her ties, which weren't very strong at all, finally she had them slipped loose enough. "Are you gonna kill me or him?" She asked softly, her eyes big and tearful. She hadn't had to *make* herself cry in ages.

Josiah turned towards her, the men still securely holding Steve. "Oh..both of you..but one of you before the other...I think your boss will talk more if you die first."
Kono swallowed, looking terrified, she locked eyes with Steve, "I would like to say goodbye to him first. He means a lot to me." She said, entirely honestly. "And I'd rather him not be held back, I promise no funny stuff." She said.

Josiah sighed, "Okay...I'm not heartless I suppose." he sneered, "Let him walk to her. Say goodbye quickly." He said, waving his gun.

Kono smiled as they let Steve move towards her, she glanced quickly at the window, it was close, big enough for her to bust through, what were a few cuts to your life eh? She swallowed, "I'm sorry Steve, if I was a better cop..you know." SHe shrugged.

"I said it was okay." He soothed, leaning down, brushing his lips against hers,

"Okay." She kissed him, for real. The most tender so far of their real kisses, she sighed. "Goodbye boss, it was great working with you." She said softly.

"You too, Kono." He said. And then it all happened so very quickly, she rolled to the right, slipping her hands from the ties and roll running to the window breaking through as a hail of gunfire sounded around her.


"Gun!" Danny yelled, "Go now!" He called to the back up teams, grabbing their weapons they lept from the van, grabbing an extra and tossing it to Kono, "You okay kid?" He asked, she nodded.

"Steve's in there...no weapon." She said, small cuts around her upper arms and face from the flying window shards, but thankfully not much more.

They set up a boundary, several officers poised at windows and doors as they looked in.

"Find him!" Josiah was heard yelling, "No way he could have hidden that fast."

Danny smirked..super SEAL..you have nooo idea, dick. He thought towards the crazy eyed man.

" I know I hit him." Another man said, Danny peeked, there were two men on the floor, bleeding heavily, not moving. Dead. "It happened so fast, Josiah...he made those guys shoot each other."

"Shut up and find him!" He hissed, his gun trained, he turned a corner and gasped as his wrist was gripped by a bloody hand, turning the gun upward, firing into the ceiling as he was brought down,

Danny gave the signal and the teams rushed the house as Steve wrassled the leader, keeping the gun out of reach of them both, finally the other man cried out as his wrist broke under the pressure and he dropped the gun, Steve tossed him to the ground, wrenching his hands behind him, "Drop your weapons, now!" He heard his partner call, "Drop 'em." Guns clattered to the floor as the goons held up there hands. They'd lost two of their men already, weren't willing to risk their lives. "Turn around..that's it, hands up come on little Rambos. You got that one Steven? You can handle him? You're kinda bleeding there."
"I got 'im." He panted, wrenching him to his feet, turning him over to a waiting Chin who simply pulled him out of the house.

"Steve!" Kono called, holstering her gun and running to him, looking down at the two dead men, he pulled her to his side. "You're okay." She said

"Of course I'm okay." He grinned a bloody smile.

"He's always okay, kid." Danny quipped, the officers hauling off the others.

Kono smiled, "What'd you do?"
"I'll tell you all about it later." Steve said, wincing a bit.

"You're hit." She said, touching his shoulder.

"It's okay." He waved at her, "We'll get it patched up."


After a trip to the hospital to get "patched up", Kono waited in the waiting room, standing and smiling slightly at Steve as he came out, "Loosin' the sling.' he growled, "You know how many times I've been shot in my life?" He frowned deepily.
"Sorry, boss."
"Steve. Remember?" He quirked a brow,

"Well..that was undercover." She said, looking down, "That's over now."

Steve smiled, "When it's just us...I like hearing you say my name." They both felt a schoolkid sheepishness come over them and they looked down.

"Okay." She sighed, "Well I guess we should go pack up our stuff and head home. You know I think I may keep that place in mind. My apartment's a fish tank." She smirked, laughing when Steve ditched the sling as soon as they settled into the car.

"You should." He smiled. They drove in silence back to the neighborhood. "You did good, Kono..really. Especially the thing in the end."
"What..reading your mind?" She smiled.

"We make a good team." Steve shrugged, simply.

"We do." She nodded, her voice softly.

"If I didn't have Danno." He said quietly, thinking about his next words, "I'd be honored to know you had my back." He said, giving her a sincere look.

Kono smiled broadly. That meant a lot. A big lot. If he didn't have Danny...he'd want her as his partner. It kept her warm as they pulled into "their" driveway.

"I'll take my bike back." He said,

"Your bike huh." She said with a smile in her voice.

"I bought it." he beamed. He followed her into the house and they packed silently. It wasn't that it was awkward..but it was almost sad. They had become closer friends here, almost ruining it between the sheets. But then again, in the back of their minds they wondered if that really would have ruined it...of course it would! They worked together! It would make it awkward between everyone...Chin would be angry with Steve and Danny wouldn't be able to help but tease them..that was just him. Like an annoying little brother. Kono chuckled.
"What?" Steve smiled as he zipped his last bag.

"Just thinking of how Danny can be like an annoying little brother."
Steve laughed, his head tilted back, and laughed hard. "I've never thought of it that way." he grinned, "But it's true." He sighed, "Okay, see you back at the palace." he smiled, heading downstairs.

Kono sighed, loading her things into the car by herself and giving the house a long look.

"Kona! Kona honey!" It was their neighbor, she smiled, walking over to the older woman,

"Hey Hanna." She said, "Are you doing okay?" Her daugher had been arrested hourse before for heaven's sake.

Hanna nodded, "I'm doing ok..." She gave her sympathetic smile, "I didn't know how bad it was for Sarah. You and your partner did a good job...you were so believable." She smiled, "You would make a good couple."
Kono smiled sadly, "Well, we work together. But Steve's a good friend."

Hanna smiled softly, patting Kono's hand, "You care about him, honey...and he cares about you. These things are sticky, but I'll tell you...if it's meant to be, circumstances don't mean anything, nothing will stop you from being with the one you're meant to be with." She said, grasping Kono's hand, "Sometimes it takes us pretending to realize how much we want something for real."
Kono thought about that for a moment, looking back at the little house. "Thanks Hanna. Take care, okay?"
"You too honey. Grab that man!" She waved a finger at her, before returning to her own house. Kono smiled, walking slowly back to the car, looking up at the house...it had been another life...a week and a half of something she wanted down deep inside..that little happy home that she'd known as a child. A job, another mission complete. But something was very different this time. A large ball of discontentment settled in her heart, she'd seen a side of Steve very few people saw...she doubted even Danny saw it and they worked side by side every day. There was talk of course about those two, but no...he wouldn't snark that way about him if Steve showed him the side he'd shown her. She sighed, driving away, turning up the radio...In another life...she'd have been his girl.

"In another life, I would be your girl. We'd keep all our promises, be us against the world. In another life, I would make you stay, so I don't have to say you were the one that got away...All this money can't buy me a time machine, no, can't replace you with a million rings. No, shoulda told you what you meant to me...cause now I pay the price. In another life...I would be your girl. We'd keep all our promises, be us against the world...In another life...I would make you stay. So I don't have to say you were the one that got away...the one that got away...In another Life."

Song by Katy Perry