Set in my Alternate Universe.

Leia asks her father how he feels about her marrying Han.


Leia paced her room in the Jedi Temple. She felt Ani's curiosity.

"Han asked me to marry him." She told him.

Ani said nothing.

"He already asked Luke for permission but I wanted to know how you felt."


"Well, how do you feel?" Leia prompted.

"He's a great pilot and he cares about you. I have a lot of respect for Han Solo. If you wish to marry him than you have my blessing." Ani said at last.

Leia smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

"Thank you!" She whispered.

"I wanted to be married on Naboo, the Holy Men are known for their abilities to keep secrets and I want to get married at Varykino." She said.

"You want to be married secretly?" Ani asked.

"The Alderaanian Council would throw a fit and either forbid me from marrying Han or insist on a huge wedding." Leia explained.

"What about children?" Ani asked.

"I'll hide in the Temple before my condition becomes obvious." Leia answered.

She felt Ani's glee in the Force.

"If you haven't told that smuggler yes yet go tell him now." Ani said, obviously smiling.

Leia smiled and she left to give Han her answer.


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