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This viggie contains breast feeding. If that makes you uncomfortable than I apologize but it is a natural occurrence in many woman that have given birth and my mom was never embarrassed by it.


It had been a week since Bail's birth and they had journeyed to Naboo to show off the newest member of the family.

Leia smiled as Luke held his nephew close and made soft noises that sounded a lot like cooing.

"He's a beautiful child." Her grandmother, Jobal, commented.

"Why he have funny hair?" Pooja's oldest daughter, Winona, asked. "Because that's how we wanted him to look like." Leia said.

At that moment Bail wailed.

"He wants you." Luke said, carefully giving the tiny child to Leia.

"You should have one Luke." Han said. "You are excellent with kids." Luke blushed but didn't say anything.

"You like Mara Kryze." Leia said.

"I barely know her!" Luke said. "Besides I teach her how to meditate. It would be inappropriate for me to have a relationship with her." Luke stated.

Everyone shared knowing looks.

"I am not attracted to Mara!" Luke said; causing several people to laugh.

"When do you have to get back to Coruscant?" Ruwee asked, changing the subject..

"We shouldn't leave Kira alone for too long, but she and Ahsoka can hold down the fort for at least two weeks." Luke said.

"That is a relief." Sola said. "You have so little time to yourselves."

"We knew what we were getting into when we decided that we wanted to restore the Jedi Order." Leia explained.

"So, how many people know about Bail?" Ryoo asked. "Only the Jedi and everyone here." Leia answered.

"That makes sense since you have yet to announce your marriage to Han." Sola commented as she observed Bail try to suck on Leia's blouse.

"People are going to find out eventually." Jobal commented. "Nothing can stay a secret for forever."

"We will try to keep it as quiet as possible until we are ready to reveal our marriage." Han said.

Leia grabbed a blanket, opened her blouse, draped the blanket over herself and allowed Bail to nurse.

Winona stared in fasination.

"What are you doing?" She asked. "Feeding Bail." Leia answered. "Why?" Winona asked. "Because he is hungry." Leia answered.

"Have you ever seen a mother pitten with her babies?" Leia asked the young girl. Winona nodded. "Well that's what I am doing." She explained.

Winona's mouth was a perfect O.

"So you have milk in you?" The little girl asked. "Winona!" Pooja said, her face red.

"Pooja, it is natural for her to be curious." Jobal said.

Leia nodded.

"At least she's learning from family then someone else." Luke said, his face slightly red.

"Want me to burp him?" Han asked as Leia lowered Bail from her breast. Leia nodded and carefully handed Bail over to his father.

"So what do you think he's going to be when he gets older?" Ryoo asked.

Leia shrugged.

"He has a lot of potential so he could be nearly anything in the Jedi Order." She answered. "But I do know that he is going to go far."


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