Cloud dusted his hands. "If you're staying with him, don't bother buying white shirts."

The Warrior of Light allowed the silence to represent his perplexity.

"The quantity is more than Sephiroth's stash of shampoo."


"I see that you have found your crystal."


" … Hold: Where in the world did you get obtain that giant chocobo feather?"

"This? From Bartz."

"It somehow fits in your pocket?"

" … Yeah."


But how was that even possible?


Squall grit his teeth as he got up off the cold floor.

If that guy kicked him out of the bed one more time, he was getting it.


"There's not enough water."

Frowning, the Warrior of Light stood and picked up the bucket, going towards the shoreline to get more water as he attempted to avoid the annoying hermit crabs that aimed for his feet. He filled it to the brim and strode back to the small dune where they set their supplies, his hands covered with sand once more as soon as Squall nodded at him to sit back down, pouring the liquid into the damp pile on his left. The two worked at the project in diligent silence to the sound of waves and birdcalls: When the gunblader finally withdrew after forming the right wing, he assessed the current state and tipped his head in satisfaction.

Ultimecia, who was surveying the ridiculous teamwork from afar, simply arched her brow in dismissal.



He widened his eyes.

But it was too late.

"I'm buying Rainbow Railroad," Squall said, giving the required amount of cash to Tidus, the banker. "And I still need the two hundred dollars from the opportunity card."



Bartz laughed and shook his head. "It's over, man: You lost. Squall is whipping your bottom." An incredulous sigh. "Can't believe it: All the railroads and utilities? You got to be kidding."

The Warrior of Light knit his brow. "No, it is not over, yet—there is still hope."

Scoffing, Lightning haphazardly threw down her cash and strode away,

"This game was over, to begin with."


The Warrior of Light blinked as a solid hand clapped him on the shoulder.

"Why, Squall!" Laguna started, beaming at the two of them. "Is this one of your new friends?"

Squall furrowed his brow.

How to explain this