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Stuck Like Glue

"Your mouth is saying one thing, but your body is saying the opposite. Give in, Erin. What do you have to lose?" Dave growled. He stroked her until her breath came out in pants and gasps.

"You want me," he repeated with confidence. Before she could deny him again, Dave turned her around away from him. Pulling up her skirt, he took in her body - the same body that had been wrapped around his only a few short weeks ago as he took her against the hard oak door. His body throbbed painfully.

Releasing himself from the tight confines of his jeans, Dave cupped and kneaded Erin's breast while his foot nudged her legs apart. Eagerly his body probed hers.

Vaguely, Erin was aware of stepping out her panties as Dave parted her legs and positioned himself behind her. She expected him to take her fast and hard, but he surprised her by pushing slowly inch by inch into her moist, wet, heat. Breathless from surprise and his size, Erin tried to gather thoughts as he pushed deeper into her. Her hands grasped the edge of the desk for balance as he set the rhythm. Slow and deep.

Her body matched his thrust for thrust while his hands rested on her hip. Immediately her body tightened as she moved against him. "Dave…" she moaned out loud.

"What bambina?" he asked. "Don't you like this? What I'm doing to you?" Dave smiled before thrusting hard and full into her pliant, waiting body. He was so addicted to her. Twenty years hadn't changed one thing…except they were older. "You're just as tight as I remember; hot, wet, and tight."

"I like it. Touch me right there," she gasped and moved his hand between her thighs.

Dave nuzzled her soft neck. "So the old Erin Strauss is still in there," he teased as he pulled out slowly and thrust back in.

Erin closed her eyes and threw back her head as his fingers brought her to her first orgasm. Her moans of ecstasy reached his ears as her velvet walls clamped down and held him firm.

"That's it," Dave encouraged. "Come for me." He stroked her faster.

Erin gasped from the sudden lack of oxygen in the room as the second orgasm overwhelmed her. Her body pulsed around his erection - trying to milk a response from him as she cried out his name.

Dave tried to hold back as Erin's body pulled him toward the abyss. Grasping her hips with both hands, he pounded harder and deeper, his breath coming in pants.

Erin reached down and cupped his balls. "Oh God!" he moaned into her hair. Suddenly, he stopped thrusting and pulled out. Turning her around, Dave covered Erin's mouth as he maneuvered them both to the side of the desk. Blindly he shoved the papers and files off as he tried to clear a space.

Cupping her body, he laid her down on the hard wood. His eyes scanned her slowly as he tried to reign in the screaming demand of completion his body wanted. Erin had teased him for too long with her short skirts, her strategically unbuttoned blouses, and her musky perfume…all designed to make him insane. And he had almost ignored her until three weeks ago when she came knocking on his door. She had driven him insane and nearly killed him.

Now he was going to finish what she started.

Skillfully, his fingers slipped down and stroked her. Dipping his finger in her heat, he licked it off. "Mmmm," he said. "Delicious." Moving down, he kissed her gently. As his mouth covered over her swollen pink nub, he heard her cry out his name.

"Careful," he teased. "Someone might hear you."

"I don't care," she moaned as his tongue drove her crazy. Her hips thrust upward as an invitation, but he ignored her as he continued feasting on her delicious honey.

Erin couldn't tell up from down as Dave continued with his ministrations. Tantalizing torture was the only way she could describe what he was doing to her. And she loved every second.

"Dave," she called out. "I need you inside of me."

"I'm not done…"

"That's an order from your superior," she bit out and parted her legs further.

Immediately, Dave got up and positioned himself at her entrance. "You're so wet." Gently he filled her with his length. She moaned loudly. "Too much?" he asked.

"No. No." She shook her head. Her hands reached down and cupped Dave's buttocks to pull him deeper. He set the rhythm - slow at first, he picked up the pace. "Deeper. I need you deep!"

Pushing in deeper, he tried to do as she asked. Each time she arched, he met her. Slippery with sweat, he tried to keep her in place but the glossy oak finish prevented that. Biting off a curse, he hooked an arm under each of her thighs and placed her legs over his shoulders.

Pulling out, he thrust back in. Her cries of pleasure reached his ears and only encouraged him on. Faster he moved in and out to bring her to her third orgasm.

"Touch yourself," he demanded, his eyes black with desire, the sweat running down his face. Blindly, Erin's hand moved between their bodies. Unsure at first, she found her tempo as she stroked and fondled herself. Slowly, her body tightened and released as Dave continued to fill her body with his and her ears with Italian endearments.

"I don't think I can hold on much longer," Dave panted.

"Almost there," Erin chanted as the orgasm started at her toes and slowly spread thru her body. "Almost." Pant. "There." Pant.

"Move your hand." Dave pushed her hand away and in a matter of seconds brought the orgasm from her toes through out her entire body. Immediately she incased him in a tight, wet, velvet glove that held him, pulled him, and threatened to destroy him if he didn't join her.

He was almost there. His thrusts became faster. He could feel it.

"Oh God!" Dave shouted out, forgetting where he was. Snapped back into reality by his outburst and Erin's cries, he covered her mouth with his and silenced them both as his body thrust once more and then released deep into her.

Fully sated, Dave lay on Erin for a long minute and tried to catch his breath.

"Are you still alive?" Erin whispered, her fingers gently played with his hair.

"Barely. You?" he returned.


"Was it good for you?"

"Just as I remembered. Some things never change." Erin flicked her gaze up at him.

"No they don't." Dave pulled back and adjusted his clothes.

"But this doesn't change anything between us," Erin replied as she stood up and buttoned her blouse. She ran her fingers thru her hair and tried to get some semblance of professionalism.

"Maybe not." Dave gave her a raised eyebrow then turned on his heel.

Pulling her skirt down, Erin watched him. "You know, that if you want to bring me lunch once in a while, I won't say no."

Dave smiled enigmatically, then bent over and picked up the discarded panties. Looking them over, he pocketed them.

"Wait! What are you doing?" she protested.

"If you want them, come and get them," he challenged. Then he turned the knob and opened the door. Stepping out, he stopped on the threshold. "Oh, Erin, one more thing: Game set." His eyes twinkled. "You're supposed to say 'match'." He closed the door firmly behind him.

Erin watched him leave. Bending over, she retrieved the folders and papers. Match was only called when the game was over. The game had only begun, and she wasn't ready to throw in the towel yet. They were stuck like glue to one another and she wasn't ready to let go. Not yet.

"Not quite yet, you bastard," she mumbled, but there was a smile on her face when she said it.

The End