Eternal Light

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Authors Note: Here's the sequel to Eternal Love. This story will involve quite a bit of religious stuff as I am strongly Christian. I try to express my beliefs as well as possible without trying to upset or insult other religions which I have no intention of doing as I respect what other people believe. I will be expressing these beliefs through the dragons' religion or beliefs. Again I don't mean to offend anyone.

Chapter 1: A Light From the Sky

Night covered the land in darkness and stars showed themselves to those who watched the night sky. The plains and hills were lush with plant life which was barren and devoid of life ten years earlier.

No one would have guessed that this pleasant spot was the sight of the most violent battle in the war against Marthaeter, the Battle of Liberation. The Portal of Dragons was just shy of a mile's distance away from the scene. The area around the portal was greatly changed.

The Shadows of Katsumoto had set up a fortress with the help of the locals to defend the portal. This small fortress acted as a second base for the men if their primary base of operations was destroyed. On the walls, small patrols of men and sometimes Avalarians or the rare moles were spotted.

Outside the walls in the surrounding area small patrols crossed the plains and hills. One such patrol was out on the edge of the territory that they patrolled and were making their way northeast when a member of the patrol noticed that the sky was growing brighter.

The men knew it wasn't anywhere near dawn yet and no storm clouds could be seen. It was when they looked into the heavens did they see what was causing the night sky to brighten as much as it had.

"A falling star!" one of the men cried.

"What omen is this?" another stated, "What have we done to upset our Ancestors?"

The star continued to descend and as it did the night sky grew brighter so that the stars that were just visible were hidden and the sky was as bright was midday.

The men watched in awe and concern as the light grew closer and closer to the ground and after a few moments of watching the light descend it collided with the ground causing an upheaval of earth. A gust of wind swept past them nearly knocking them off their feet.

The dust blocked their view of what was there and two members of the patrol were sent back to the fortress to inform their commander of what was taking place while the others advanced towards the site of impact to investigate.

A flash of light and the sound of a large explosion caught the attention of a group of travelers, these travelers where brothers in the order known as the Shadows of Katsumoto. Among these brothers was the leader of the group, Shadedulath, the man that led the order against the evil of Marthaeter ten years ago with the help of their dragon friends to free this land they called home.

Shadedulath was on his way to visit Spyro and Cynder in Dragoth, the City of Dragons. With him was Walker, his trusted friend and second in command, Hotakata, his personal advisor and captain of Shadedulath's guards, and the four finest guards Shadedulath has ever known, Sharlad, Yariv, Catyris, and Olerp. The party watched for several minutes wondering what caused such an event.

"There," Hotakata pointed out, "Our brothers approach the site."

A few miles away they could spot six black cloaked figures making their way to the site of impact.

"Let's head down there and find out what we can from them," Walker suggested as he looked to Shadedulath for approval.

Shadedulath nodded his approval of the idea and they descended the small hill they were on down towards their brothers who were nearing the now visible crater. They made their way down the gradual slope and it wasn't until the ground flatted did they begin to run at towards their fellow brothers who stopped at the sight of their approach.

Hotakata, whose speed none in the group could match, had ceased his running a hundred feet from the group and called out, "Lower your weapons my brother, your lord, Shadedulath, is approaching."

Upon hearing the news the patrol lowered their swords and bows, bowing as Shadedulath and his group reached them.

"Brothers, what has happened here?" Shadedulath asked.

"My lord we are not sure ourselves," the leader of the patrol stated, "We had came to investigate but decided it would be wisest to wait for orders from Brother Kelson who should arrive within the hour."

"I admire your decision but I am here and I will ask you to join my guard in discovering the truth of what happened here," Shadedulath stated.

"We will my lord," the man stated.

The thirteen black robed men climbed the short lip of the crater to find it no deeper than ten feet in the center but reached across for some distance. In the center of the crater there was a ball of light.

The group approached the glowing sphere and when they were twenty feet away they stopped, watching the sphere for any sign of action. After a few moments of waiting one of the men from the patrol picked up a chunk of dirt and tossed it towards the ball of light.

The chunk hit the sphere bursting into flames upon contact. The group took a few steps back from the sphere seeing what would happen to anything that touched the sphere of light.

A few moments later the sphere glowed more intensely and a bright flash blinded them temporally. When they had recovered their sight they saw a great dragon standing before them with pure white scales that covered most of his form. The dragon's horns and claws were a silver coloration along with his eyes. His tail was bare at its end baring no weapon on it.

The Shadows of Katsumoto looked in awe at the great dragon unsure how to respond to its presence. The dragon had not noticed them yet and stretched its limbs and wings. When the dragon was finished stretching it noticed the thirteen black clad men.

Shadedulath stepped forward when the dragon's attention was focused on them saying, "Welcome dragon, we saw your fall and came to see what happened. I am Shadedulath, lord of the Shadows of Katsumoto."

The white dragon's head lowered to their level and peered at them with eyes that looked like molten pools of silver before saying, "Well met Shadedulath of the Shadows of Katsumoto. I am Ur the Bringer sent by the highest of the Ancestors with a task that must be carried out."

The men that heard this could only wonder at what the dragon was referring to.

"What could a dragon sent by the Ancestors want here?" Shadedulath thought to himself.

"What task do you have here?" Shadedulath asked.

"To cleanse this land and make it pure as it was before the great wars long ago," Ur replied.

"You have arrived late then by many years," Shadedulath informed Ur, "Malefor and Marthaeter were destroyed by Spyro, Lord of Time."

"I have know this for some time now," Ur stated, "My task is not to that but to erase the effects they have had on this land and restore it to what it was when it was first created."

"But you would displace thousands of people from their homes," Shadedulath swiftly argued, "Where will they go?"

"I am afraid that many will not have to worry about their homes since they have had impacts that have caused some of the events to transpire," Ur answered, "None here are free of sin and do not have the full protection of the Ancestors and the Divine One so some must die for the preservation of this land, which has been deemed sacred."

"But we fought to defend these lands from Malefor and Marthaeter," Shadedulath argued, "How can you do this."

"Do not lecture me Shadedulath!" Ur roared, "You and your order have fought to defend these lands that cannot be denied but you and your men are criminals and outcasts with many sins that reformed their ways. While slaying evil creatures may redeem you and may suffice for now it will not be equal to a full redemption before the Divine One."

Shadedulath felt his anger rise, as the dragon insulted his order and the noble things that they have done. His fists were clenched which Walker noticed and placed a hand on his friend's shoulder to bring him back to reality. Upon feeling Walker's hand he let his hands go limp and took a deep breath.

Ur spoke again, "I will not start the purge until the moon is full and it shall end on the next full moon. After which all indigenous species will find the world as it had been long ago. Your race though will not be spared as few of each faithful race shall be."

Shadedulath was finished with this dragon that threatened them with death due to their flawed pasts. He turned and swiftly left the crater with his men making their way towards the Portal Fortress.

Walker and Hotakata quickened their pace to catch up to their friend as Sharlad, Yariv, Catyris, and Olerp were a few meters behind them.

"Shade what the hell is going?" Walker asked who was obviously confused by what had happened, "What does this mean for us?"

Shadedulath was quite for a moment before speaking slowly as if he was piecing together a puzzle in his mind, "We have found ourselves in the middle of an event that will…may decide our fate."

Hotakata asked, "Ur said he was going to cleanse the land and that we will perish. We cannot attack a message from the Ancestors or we will be no better than what we all once were."

"So we are just supposed to die without a fight Hotakata?" Walker replied quickly with a hint of rage in his voice, "I will not die without honor."

"We can die with honor by respecting the Ancestors and their choices or we can die fighting Ur and be dishonored after death," Hotakata argued, "Which would you want?"

"Enough!" Shadedulath hotly stated, "We are not going to die and most certainly not without our honor if we do."

"What are we going to do then?" asked Walker.

"We are going to continue on our path and head to Dragoth and talk with Spyro and Cynder about this. If they cannot help us convince Ur to not follow through with this action than we will have to get everyone we can through the portal and we shall take refuge in Dragoth until the land is suitable for us to return," Shadedulath explained.

"What about our home and the heritage we have there?" Hotakata asked, "It will be wiped off the map."

"We will bring everything from the base and other outposts that we need with us to Dragoth," Shadedulath responded, "Once we reach Portal Fortress I will give Kelson orders to get an evacuation underway along with the transportation of what we need."

"We only have a week," Walker pointed out, "That's not enough time for those in the far southern regions. What will happen to them?"

"The White Isles have never known taint or corruption according to the Lord of Time before Spyro. I trust that he was right about that," Shadedulath said, "If it is so then Ur will not need to cleanse it and it is far enough from the shore that he might over look it. We will have our brothers in the south and the civilians stay in the White Isles until this all blows over."

Cynder strode down the halls in her home as she searched for Spyro, her beloved mate. The changes that Cynder went through in the last twenty years were quite obvious seeing how she had reached her maximum length and height and how she had developed into one of the finest dragoness known to the dragon race. Her black scales glistened in the sunlight as it poured through the windows, warming her.

She came to a set of double doors made of blue crystals that very much resembled spirit gem clusters. As she pushed against them the doors gave little resistance and she passed through the threshold.

Cynder stepped into a great hall of white marble with many isles filled with ancient books. Large statues of dragons made of the same white marble stood at the end of each isle as if to keep guard over the ancient texts. Numerous stone podiums dotted the length of the hall providing a place for the books to be read.

Cynder enjoyed this place greatly. She had taken up reading many of the texts especially those which concerned the long history of dragons. She had passed away many days in this hall and she knew she would spend many more here.

As often as she was in her though it was nothing compared to Spyro's time spent here. The first year after become the chronicler was the worst for her. Spyro would spend days and on a few rare instances weeks on end recording the events in the War of Liberation in the fullest description.

The years following were calmer and demanded less time to scribe them allowing Cynder some much needed and hoped for time with Spyro. She continued across the hall until she approached a great pool of water which glowed with light blue energy.

Standing next to the pool was Spyro who had grown a great deal as well. His body was so well built that he looked much older than he really was. Cynder would have believed that he was at least a hundred if she had not known him. His purple eyes starred into the pool watching events of recent years unfold.

Cynder went to his side and wrapped a wing around his side as she entwined her tail with his. A smile appeared on his face as Spyro's attention turned from the pool to Cynder.

"You certainly know how to get my attention," Spyro stated.

"Well I do know quite a bit about you," Cynder said with a smile.

"That you do," Spyro replied as he nuzzled her.

A stone guardian's heavy footsteps echoed through the great library's hall as it entered. These guardians were once the protectors of the Celestial Caves where the late Chronicler dwelt. These guardians now serve under Spyro and protected the city of Dragoth.

The guardian reached the pool and stated in a ghostly whisper, "My lord, you have guests."

Spyro turned his head around to face the guardian and said, "Thank you, I will meet them in the study."

"As you wish," the guardian responded as it left.

The guardian returned to the guests stating, "My lord will be with you soon. Please follow me."

Shadedulath, Walker, Hotakata, Sharlad, Yariv, Catyris, and Olerp followed the guardian down the hall and towards the study, all of them eagerly waiting to speaking with Spyro and Cynder.

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