Luka's P.O.V.

Miku is my best friend but sometimes she can be the devil's demon. She flushed everyone's house out with bug's exception: Meiko and Kaiko's apartment. Now we're all stuck at the brick house including him.

"Crap Crap Crap Crap…"

I scowled as I frantically searched frantically for my tuna in the jumbled fridge. I knocked aside rotted leeks, old bananas, mushy oranges, bottles of spilt sake, bug eaten chile peppers, and shiny eggplants. I opened drawers, looked in the corners, and still I did not find the tuna anywhere. I picked up all of the other food and examined it. I grimaced in disgust as I touched a browned banana in the trash. I immediately discarded the leeks, due to the fact that they were covered in mold.

My stomach rumbled…

I picked up the only unspoiled food in the fridge, the eggplant. I rose from the floor and grabbed a knife from the counter. I sat the vegetable on the counter and held the sharp metal over the end. I hesitated, noticing how shiny and pretty it was, and set counter and held it before my lips. The surface was smooth and cool, and I savored the feel before biting off a small piece. The taste flowed through my mouth, and closed my eyes in pleasure. I snapped them open as I heard a deep voice behind me. I open my eyes very wide and turned around slowly. A certain purple- haired samurai stood there in his pajamas (no shirt and boxers) "W-What?" I asked, swallowing. He smirked, walking closer. "You like eggplants, huh?" I glared at him and blushed. He stepped closer, less than a foot away from me now. I looked for a weapon. The nearest object was the knife, I picked it up. He grabbed my hand with the eggplant still in it and took a large bite, he then took it out of my hand. It was my only breakfast and he expected me to take that. "HEY THAT'S MINE!" He looked surprised as his attention snapped from the eggplant. "Eh? You want want some?" He shrugged "Okay." He took a bite, stepped closer, and kissed me. His mouth opened, and I felt myself responding in, such to get the eggplant that was in his mouth. He stepped closer, and I did not push him back. My tongue entered his mouth, exploring it and sharing the taste of eggplant. He responded in kind, his lips fitting mine perfectly. I loved this feeling, this taste. I put a hand on his bare chest and one on the back of his head. He put one of his my shoulder and the other on my lower back. I entwined my fingers in his hair as he backed away he took one good look at me in my bathrobe with only my bra and panties on underneath along with my stockings. I hid the knife in the pocket of my bathrobe. He came close, untying my robe and through it off in just a way t where you couldn't see or hear the knife. He backed away and started to kneel as I put my leg on his knee. He ran his hands up my leg and took them off just as smoothly. He stood and grasped my back, pulling me close. Quickly, he undid my bra and kissed my neck. We fell to the floor, myself the one on the ground. He took off my underwear in such a way that I forgot about the knife. He and I then kissed and I could taste that delicious eggplant. Quickly it came to us making love on the kitchen floor. I reminded him that the others would wake in a few hours, but rather than quitting he took me upstairs and that is how I fell to the hand of the warrior.