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Main pairing: Hitsugaya/Rukia

Sub pairings: Kenpachi/Retsu, Ichigo/Momo, Byakuya/Rangiku

Warnings: OOC, strong language in later chapters, implied sex in later chapters, Original characters

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Hitsugaya Toshiro sighed.

A deep and heavy sigh that resonated from deep with in his chest and would probably have killed all manner of living things had it been something solid. At the very least it would've kept all his paperwork on his desk. Not that it was only his paperwork. A certain someone's been shirking her duties again and even if he would bother looking for her, he knew it would be useless.

At this point in time – one in the morning – Matsumoto Rangiku was probably drunk off her head or already fast asleep.

He could bang his head on his desk for walking out of the office earlier the former day. If he had stayed, she'd be behind her desk doing paperwork just like him, but the moment he had stepped out, she had seen it as her chance to slip away. People could say what they wanted, Matsumoto Rangiku knew how to hide her spirit force when she wanted to.

He yawned, his mouth stretching wide before he clamped his hand over it. God, he was tired. He reached for his cup of coffee – he was more of a tea guy, but coffee kept him awake better – and sighed in annoyance at the fact that it was empty. He knew that if he stood up now he would go back to his quarters instead of do his work.

He gazed hatefully at the last pile left. If he could look it into spontaneous combustion, he'd have done so. It was only one pile left and if he could finish it off before the next pile came in, then all the better. He looked at the thick stack, if he came in early later, get maybe five hours of sleep, he'd have the pile worked off before anyone brought him more paperwork.

With the decision made, he got up and headed out of the office, placing his coffee cup into the kitchen before heading out completely.

He could tell it was going to rain later in the day. He could feel it in the exceptionally cold air and see it in the way the clouds had cut the stars and moon of from their viewing pleasure. All of Soul Society was fast asleep by now, the way it should've been. The ones awake were supposed to be awake.

He did not count himself amongst them.

He folded his hands into the sleeves of his haori and quietly trudged along the barracks of the Tenth Division towards his quarters.

The first thing he heard, from a distance, was the wailing of a child.

For a moment this confused him. Most female shinigami stayed on various contraceptives through out their career, choosing not to have children in the event that these children would be left alone when the parents died fighting something. It was an unspoken agreement between captains and subordinates that if a female shinigami decided to become a parent that they would first request permission to do so.

It was the only paperwork that never reached his desk, so where the child's wailing was coming from, he did not know, but whoever it belonged to, they had better shut it up.

As he came closer to his quarters, the wailing got louder. He frowned, wondering why no one was bothering with this.

As he turned the corner, he realized why.

The baby was on his doorstep.