There was a nervous knot in the pit of his stomach. He smoothed his tuxedo coat one final time. The beautiful bride next to him squeezed his arm encouragingly and they began to walk towards the waiting minister. As they made it up to the altar, he lifted her veil and kissed her cheek. He then offered her hand to the man that stood—

Shawn sat up stick straight. It wasn't right. How could he give her away? It wasn't Juliet. He wasn't giving Jules' hand to another—it was Hallie's. In his still-sleepy fog, he wasn't sure which was worse. He looked over and saw Juliet sleeping soundly beside him. He stealthily slipped from the bed and into the next room over, needing the reassurance that Hallie was still unable to walk—nonetheless glide down a church aisle into another man's arms.

As he stared down at his daughter, he couldn't resist the urge to touch her. She whimpered at the contact and opened her bright blue eyes to look at him.

"Shhhh . . ." he soothed, patting her belly.

She uttered a light cry and he lifted her into his arms, holding her head against his chest.

"We did this all backwards, Hallie," he whispered, walking her from one side of her room to the other. "Your last name is already Spencer, but tomorrow, your mom's last name is going to be Spencer too. We'll all officially make up the Spencer family, Hallie. What do you think about that?"

Hallie cooed in approval.

"Let's see what's on TV, huh?"

He sat down on the couch and began flipping channels. He settled on the episode of Full House where Joey and Jesse attempt to change Michele's diaper for the first time. Shawn chuckled to himself. "They make it look so difficult."

He seemed to have forgotten his own early diapering mishaps as he enjoyed those of the bachelor uncles turned first-time babysitters. As the reruns played on, Shawn lay back on the couch and covered them both with a blanket.


Juliet wanted nothing more than to hit the snooze button. She sighed, resolving that she had far too much to do to even think of getting more sleep. The sight that greeted her eyes when she went looking for Shawn brought a smile to her face. She knelt beside the couch and ran her knuckle lightly against Hallie's cheek. Though her only waking resemblance to him thus far was her slight chin dimple and the way her eyes scrunched up when she smiled, she looked exactly like her sleeping father when she slept.

Juliet reluctantly left the scene she felt she could drink in for the rest of her life in favor of showering. The sooner she got ready, she sooner she could start her life as Juliet Spencer.

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