The blue-eyed male made it to the gym in one piece. He sighed in relief.

"Alright now to work out and perhaps get her off my mind."

That of course would be easier said than done. Shuyin entered the gym. He didn't know where to begin until he decided on just sitting down at the bench and lifting some weights for a while. He could barely keep his mind on that for long however when thoughts kept traveling back and forth to the green-eyed girl.

"Shuster." He heard and looked up to see the smiling face of Rikku. He instantly dropped the weight on to the floor. He mentally thanked god that it didn't fall on to his foot.

"Shit." He cursed.

Rikku laughed.

"R-Rikku did you follow me?"

"Yep, why did you leave so fast? Don't you want to spend some time with me?"

She asked with a pouty lip that looked so incredibly sexy to him right now.

"I…" he stuttered out.

"Aw," she smiled then put a hand on to his head. "You're so cute when you're nervous."

"Rikku please…."

She then placed herself on to his lap. He let out a slight groan.

"I know that you really, really want me."

"I…god…." His hands shook wildly as he began reaching for her.

"I know that you do. I see the way you've been looking at me, but Shu guess what?"


"It's just a daydream silly."

"Huh," he snapped out of it to see that he had indeed been dreaming. "Damn," he thought. "Uh," he sighed. "Rikku…"

The blonde girl let out an unexpected sneeze.


"Are you alright?" Paine asked.

"Oh I think someone's talking about you Rikku." Yuna spoke.

"What?" the blonde girl said. "That's just superstition Yunie no one is talking about me. I do wonder though…" Rikku began.

"What's on your mind?" Yuna asked her cousin.

The shorter girl stood there with her hand to her chin as she thought to herself. "It's just what Dr. P said about Shuyin leaving so fast. He did seem kind of strange."

"Yeah." The brunette nodded. "Now that you mention it he did seem very nervous."

"You don't think he's hiding something from us do you?" Paine said.

"No, um well, hiding things like what Dr. P?"

"Oh I don't know he could have a secret identity, wife and kids?"

Rikku coughed loudly over that second one.

"No way he'd tell us if he were married."

"I agree." The brunette nodded. "He was strange today though."

"You don't um think he's…"

"What is it Rikku?"

"N-Nothing, never mind but maybe we should talk to him and see if he's okay."

"Yeah maybe we should." Yuna agreed. "He's our friend."

"Well then let's go find our friend. The silver-haired woman suggested.

After a shower at the gym the blue-eyed male left and decided to just take a walk around the city. His mind was still drifting to thoughts of the blonde teen.

"I think I'm going to lose my mind." He decided.

The fantasies and thoughts of her were beginning to really take its toll on him.

"This isn't going to work well if I can no longer be near her without the thoughts."

He closed his eyes for a moment and thought. He truly needed some type of plan.

"I can't very well avoid her. She would get suspicious."

He then decided that there was somewhere he could go to relax.

"I think that I need a drink."

He was now heading to one of his favorite sports bars. He could grab a drink and maybe catch a blitzball game on TV.

"Yes I need to relax."

The blond kept walking when up in the distance he noticed three very familiar teen girls.

"No way." He thought.

"Hey look Yunie, Dr. P isn't that him?" Rikku pointed.

"Yeah it looks like him."

"Shuster!' Rikku shouted and waved like a mad woman.

"Damn, she saw me."

A part of him wanted to just slip away but didn't want to make things anymore strange.

"Alright just act normal." He told himself as Rikku was now heading in his direction at top speed.

"Shuster hey I'm glad that we spotted you."

"Hello again Rikku."

"Yeah." She nodded. "So how was the gym? Did you have a nice workout?"

"You have no idea." He thought to himself. "Yes." He nodded. "It was very intense."

There was silence between the two blonds for a moment until Shuyin spoke again.

"I was just about to go the "Three Spiran's" and have a drink um, do you, Yuna, and Paine want to come?"

"Sure." She smiled. "Yunie, Dr. P do you guys want to go?"

"Yeah that sounds good actually." The silver-haired female agreed. "I could use a drink."

"Okay it would be nice for all of us to hang out." Yuna decided to go along too

"Great." The blue-eyed male smiled. "Shall we go?"

"Right, let's go."

He knew that if Yuna and Paine were around as well he could probably keep himself in better control

"With so many eyes on me there's no way I can slip up."

"Hey Shuster," Rikku called out to the blond male.


"Are you okay?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know you just seemed like you were kind of on edge earlier."

Yuna and Paine nodded in agreement

"We're worried about you Shuyin. You're our friend."

The blue-eyed male turned around to give a brave smile.

"Yuna, Rikku, Paine I appreciate the concern but I promise that I'm fine."

The blonde girl put her hand on to his shoulder. She couldn't help but still feel concerned.

"Are you sure Shuyin?"

"I'm sure; now let's go get those drinks. It will be my treat."

A bright smile exploded on to the green-eyed teen's face. She suddenly jumped on to him throwing her arms around his shoulders which threw the blond male off guard.

"Shit," he thought.

"Now you're talking let's go." She cheered.

"Um Rikku…" he started


"I can't exactly walk with you on me like this"

"Oh yeah." She turned red slightly then jumped down from him "S-Sorry."

All the while Shuyin was just grateful that he didn't get aroused or anything just from being that close to her.

"Thank god for self-control right now."

Although the blue-eyed male wasn't so sure how long that self-control would really last.