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Prologue~ A Whole Lotta Trouble


The last time I crossed the California state line was 4 years ago. I was driving toward my bright future at San Diego State University. Now, I'm heading in the opposite direction and toward what I believe is the next step in my life. Jake.

I'm going to meet Jake in Las Vegas, and I'm going to make all of his dreams come true. I, Bella Swan, am going to marry Jacob Black. That's right, in 8 hours I will become Mrs. Jacob Black. Except I don't want to be Bella Black. So, maybe he can just become Jacob Swan, because I like my name. Besides, it would make Charlie fucking ecstatic. It may just be the only way for Jake to keep his balls after news that we have eloped spreads like a wild fire through our tiny town in Washington. Which it will, because that's what they do in Forks, they talk about what other people are doing. It distracts from the fact that they are doing nothing.

It's one of the reasons Jake and I decided eloping might be best. We didn't want to have a huge wedding full of people who were just there so that they wouldn't be left out of the newest topic of gossip on Monday morning. My dad, being the Chief of Police, basically guarantees that the town would shut down on my wedding day so that the entire fucking population could attend. And I am just not down with that at all.

So, here I am driving as fast as my 2001 Toyota Echo will take me, down the I-15 towards Las Vegas, Nevada. The giant thermometer I am staring at says that it is 113 fucking degrees at 11am. I am definitely not in Forks anymore. I decide to stop at the giant flashing thermometer, to fill up my tank. I also need to see if I can get someone to take a look under the hood and investigate the tick-tick-ticking that has been driving me to plan the murder of Mr. Toyota himself for the past 90 miles. I squint up at the sign that tells me I can get gas, pancakes, and a motel room all on this one corner. Let it be said that this corner looks like the only piece of civilization left on the planet. I am completely surrounded by... Nothing. Literally, nothing. I guess the building identified by the giant yellow sea shell is my best bet. As I approach the garage, I see a pair of tan steel toed boots sticking out from under a slick black 1963 Chevy Nova. The car was sexy as fuck, but I decide that licking it might burn the shit out of my tongue.

I shake myself out of my musings and I see that the boots are now attached to long legs in gray coveralls. They are also attached to a broad chest and a pretty face. A pretty face with full, pouty lips and shiny eyes. I swear that he is so damn beautiful he actually sparkles. His hair is covered in a bandanna that he is using to catch the sweat before it drips into his eyes. The emerald fucking green eyes that are helping to accent the cocky smirk on his face. I have to mentally wipe the drool from my chin, and then... He spoke. His voice is like velvet, and it caresses me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

"What can I do you for, gorgeous?" he asks. And I melt like a popsicle into a puddle of goo at his feet. I think I'm in a whole lotta trouble.

Would you change your mind, at the very last moment?

Would you say stop for a second... I'll bet you could think for a minute.

In the morning light... he says, "When will I see you?"

She says, "I don't think tomorrow, baby

Sometimes I wonder if things would change if we stayed together

Would you change your mind, at the very last minute

I think you should stop for a second... Think for a moment

This could be a whole lotta trouble.

Whole Lotta Trouble ~ Stevie Nicks