The young man adjusted the controls of his ship, making sure everything was alright.

"It's been three years since I saw them, I wonder how much Gohan and Father have improved." The young man said, thinking out loud.

The young man had a dark blue jacket with the capsule corporation logo on it, as well as black pants and long straight lavender hair. His name was Trunks and he came from a future that had been ravaged by artificial lifeforms created by an evil genius known as Dr. Gero.

It had been some time since he last visited his friends and family of the other timeline, but things in his own time had prevented his return.

Trunks looked over the readings on his ship's atmospheric scanner.

"Seems like everything is normal" Trunks said

Suddenly Trunks and the ship he was inside began to shake uncontrollably as the surrounding space erupted in some kind of storm.

"Computer! What is going on?" Trunks yelled as his ship continued to violently shake.

"The nature of time space is undergoing a change, it is recommended that exit of timestream occur as soon as possible." The computer's monotone voice said.

Before Trunks could ask the computer what a change in timespace meant, a sleek humanoid covered in copper-hued armor flew by Trunks and his time machine at incredible speeds, causing Trunks and his ship to spin out of control.

"Computer, get us to normal space now!" Trunks yelled

Meanwhile on Earth, Vegeta ignored the rainstorm that had erupted and made his way towards his gravity training chamber.

He was about to open the room and enter when a clap of thunder accompanied by the sight of something Vegeta thought he would never see again appeared.

Vegeta rushed to the broken, smoking time machine and saw his son. It was a son Vegeta had not seen in many years. Not the Trunks who had grown up in a mostly peaceful world, Vegeta saw the warrior who had lived in a hell created by the androids.

Wasting no time, Vegeta tore the top off the already damaged time machine and lifted his long lost son's body out of the debris.

Future Trunks whispered something in Vegeta's ear, something which made the Saiyan's eyes widen in alarm.

To Be Continued...