Hey guys, it's been a while (a bit over a year actually) since I uploaded this and I thought I'd update it. Enjoy! - Hellbunny

"OW! F**K!"

"I'm sorry, I'll try to be a little more gentle..."

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry."

Kurogane said begrudgingly. Primrose was attending to wounds that would make even a grown man howl in pain.

"A little louder, I didn't hear you!" A jovial voice said from behind them.

"What're you doing up, spazface?" said Kurogane.

Fai smiled and said with a smooth, happy tone, "I was feeling a little pain so I needed Mrs. Everdeen to put some poultice on the burn."

"Go back to sleep, then."


"Hm? Yes?" Prim looked up with intelligent blue eyes.

"Where's Katniss?" Fai asked.

"Oh, Katniss is out hunting."

"What does she hunt, usually?"

"Well, let's see..." said Katniss, "I sold a pheasant, 3 squirrels and a wild turkey at the Hob and I brought home 2 rabbits. That's a lot, usually. I've also got some berries, a loaf of bread, and you can get some of Lady's milk, and I think that'll feed all of us."

"Ah, good morning, Katniss! How're you?" said Fai.

"Never been better." Katniss deadpanned.

"Do you mind if I cook? I mean, you're letting us stay here, it's the least I can do."


A delicious smell awoke Syaoran from his dreamless sleep on the floor. He had just had the strangest dream about a triad of annoying unicorns, and he was incredibly confused. His knees made a popping sound as he woke up and checked on Sakura.

He brushed the bangs from her face and felt her forehead.

Good, no fever. Syaoran thought. Sakura let out a tiny sigh as her forest green eyes fluttered open.

"S-syaoran? Where are we?" asked Sakura.

"We're in a land called Panem, in their 12th district. We're staying with the town apothecary, Mrs. Everdeen and her two daughters, Katniss and Primrose."

"Ow..." said Sakura, noticing the wound on her leg.

"Careful!" cried Syaoran, putting his hand on her shoulder, "You scratched your leg. It was pretty deep, Mrs. Everdeen had to give you something called a tetanus shot."

"Oh. It's ok, it only hurts a little now." said Sakura, getting up.

"Does it? Good." replied Syaoran, following her out of the room.

"Fai must be cooking." said Sakura happily, sniffing the air.

"Did somebody say my name?" Fai's voice rang out from the miniscule kitchen. He smiled as Syaoran and Sakura came to the table.

"Good morning, Fai-san. Kurogane-sama. Good morning Katniss, Prim." said Syaoran, "Good morning Mrs. Everdeen. Thank you for letting us stay."

"Not a problem, Syaoran. Are you feeling all right?" said Mrs. Everdeen as Prim braided her long, flaxen hair.

"Yes. Thank you for that tea, my throat feels much better now."

"That's good. It had menthol, honey, elm bark, licorice root and sage in it."

"No wonder it tasted putrid to me, I hate licorice root."

"That's too bad, it's very useful."

"Well, here it is!" said Fai, sliding plates of rabbit, berry & bread pudding, and goat cheese wrapped in basil with fresh strawberries.

"Happy reaping day, everyone." said Katniss.