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Chaptur 1 - They Meat

Bella put her long heir in a ponytale n staired n the mirrer. She had bootiful long brown heir and it even kurlz at the tips like Izabella swane in the pirate movei but not as mulch as in the movei if yu know wut I meen. So lick hert eyes also are brown but much lyter like carmall seerup.

"BELLA!" She herd her dad call her down to her and his living room. She are walked an ran down to see him n he had a pot belli n stuff from drinking all the time. See bellas dad Charlies a alkoholick n wuld hit her if she dont cum fast enouf so she had to run as soon as he calls.

"Yeah Dad?" She timedly askd him.

"I need you to drive too town an pick me up a twenny four pack of bear an sum cigerattes." He scrutched his pot belly thru his to small stained grey wife beeter tank top as he sat spralled out on his cheir watchin like reruns of MASH n Bonanzaa.

"Kay." She scaridly repliess cuz she do an did. Taken the keyes of the counter she went out to get in and start the truck which was old n rusty an barly work but it was al lthey had cuz Charlie livd off whalefare n didn work he hadn worked since his wife rene left him fer a yunger man n left him with a baby girl n he used to be a cop but quikly quit cuz he was spirling down to alkoholism.

So like nway she drove the barly workin truck to town n parkd in front of Beer City the towns like only place for no gooders. N she walkd in n waved to her frend Jacob Balck whu happnd to be the cashyear. They becum good frends cuz Bella had to go to the store so much fer Charlie n Jacobs dad was frends with Bells daad whos name was Bill n he abused Jacob too.

Anyway Bella got her dad a pak of Marlbros n a 24 pack of Buds fer her dads drank problem. When she got to the cunter Jacob checked her n her shet out n they made sum small talk too because they hadnt ben able to catch up n a while.

"Hey Jacob." Bella smile at him n batted her lashes seductionly.

"Hey Bells" he grinned at her n flexed his musclees as he baggd her cuz he was trying to shows off he had this huge majorly crush on her fer years.

"How you doing? Bill ben good or bad?"

"I ben good Bella I most worry about you more cuz Charlie can be meen huh and like you been ok?"

"Yah I ben ok he dun hit me much anymore I knew how to handle him mostly just keepem happy n drank n he wunt be an able to even get up and stuff. Let alone hit me."

"Thats good. So Bells think you can get away tomarrow? I think we shud hook up."

"Sorry Jac you know I dont think of you that way n shit but we culd hang out I guess long as you know its just as frends."

"Yeh ok I can do that." Jacob lookd sadly at Bella but he got over it sort of for nao cuz he luvd her so he wuld wait cuz he knew she wuld come around evetually.

"Hey there, you're looking spicy girl." A new voice spoked up interuptiong ther convosation n they looked to see a relly hot n sexy guy who was like uber pale but he totally looked sexey pale n shet an he had on boyliner n boyshadow n his lips were like almust red cuz he was so pale n his hair was like a deep bronse brown culor.

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