Nothing Ever Belongs To Me. Dang It.

Seeing as it was getting colder and colder by the day, Angel had begun to switch out his shorts for sweat pants for his morning runs. He'd also traded in his old shoes for a new pair, of course not due to the cold just having been in need, and they weren't getting along with his feet just yet.

The sun had barely risen over the small town, most of the locals still fast asleep in their beds, not ready to start the day yet. Through open windows of the houses he passed, he could see a few groggily stumbling through their homes, robes still own, yawning and not having a care about the day just yet.

Sometimes he envied that.

It was in his blood though, having a routine, a life as he did. He figured he'd be rather lost without it.

Curving along with the road, his footfalls echoed into the wind along with his harsh breathing. A car slowly crept up behind him, the blue haired old lady waved at him, as she did every morning before speeding along ahead of him. Birds chirped, a few dogs barked, there was a hum coming from the factory to the left of him.

Making his way toward the town's small park, Angel did his best to quickly wipe at his sweaty face, tried to make himself as presentable as possible. Gravel began crunching under his feet as he steered off onto the curved trail of the park, his heart pounding a little quicker. At first glimpse of her, Angel slowed down his pace not wanting to blow right past her, or make it seem overly obvious as he checked her out. Neither sounded like the best of ideas.

One of these days he swore he would say something to her besides "Good morning," but by the nerves doing their best to control him he had a feeling that just wasn't going to be today.

Close enough, their eyes locked after giving the other a quick eye swoop and he greeted her as per usual, and she replied with hers, her eyes now cast downward as they became directly next to one another.

A second later the two had passed by, continuing on their opposite directions, walking the land which the other had already come from.

Angel did a quick turn around, admiring the view as she walked on. To himself, he let out a low whistle, then in his head berated himself for not having the balls to speak to this one woman.

He soon found himself on the other end of the park, crossing the street after another car went by, waving to him as it did. Pausing at the stop sign, his eyes flickered to the side, watching her a few feet away from the entrance at the top of the hill.

With a loud sigh, he turned right, heading off the opposite direction until tomorrow came around again.