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"Well, well, what do we have here?" Ozai asked. A Water Tribe woman was tied up at his feet. Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, and Zuko came into the throne room.

"Well done Azula." Ozai praised his daughter.

"For once, Father, Zu-zu didn't slip up!" Azula said smugly. Mai, concerned, looked at Zuko, then her face reverted back to emotionless. A servant went and untied the young girl's mouth.

"You traitor!" Katara screamed at Zuko. Zuko turned away his head in shame.

Mai went up to Zuko and slipped her arm; around Zuko's shoulders, but he shook it off.

"Ahhh, so my son has finally bed a women?" Ozai smirked. Both Katara and Zuko's faces trned red.

"We did not!" Katara screeched.

"Water Tribe girl, you shall be my son's personal servant!" Ozai smirked. "Since you both know each other so well."

"He's nothing but a traitor." Katara whispered, tears welling up her eyes.

"What was that?" Ozai leaned in.

"He's nothing but a traitor!" Katara screamed. "He betrayed the world..."

"But brought honor to the Fire Nation." Ozai said.

"His uncle!"

"Bout time my son manned up!"

"And me..." Katara whispered, tears falling down. "The Avatar is dead, because of your monster daughter!"

"Is she always this emotional?" Mai asked.

"Shut up, bitch!" Katara yelled. "At least I can feel, maybe that's why Zuko never noticed you as a child—you are a walking ball of depression!"

The room went silent. Ty Lee told Katara that Mai had always had a crush on Zuko. Azula laughed.

"Quiet peasant!" Mai scrowled at Katara. Katara rolled her eyes.

"Well, at least I can take a hint when a guy doesn't like you?" Katara said. "Stop throwing yourself at Zuko! You're embarrssing yourself!"

"You know, she's not so bad!" Azula smirked. "She would make an excellent noble, maybe even better than Mai."

"You're going to groom me like platypus dog?" Katara huffed. "No thanks, I'd rather be in jail to rot, like Iroh!"

Zuko flinched at this one. Ty Lee gasped, Azula smirked, and Mai, once again, showed no emotion.

"Oh, feisty one..." Ozai said. "Maybe I'll take her for my own?"

Katara gulped. She was about to open her mouth to protest.

"No Father!" Zuko said. "I'd wish to have the Waterbender!"

Ozai looked at his son. "Of course Prince Zuko. Servants, take this girl and clean her up; I'm sure she and my son will have fun tonight!"

Mai's hands clenched.

"What's wrong Mai?" Azula, sitting on the throne next to her father said.

Mai's hands unclenched. "Nothing Princess."

"You're nothing but a monster!" Katara spat to Azula.

"Oh, you flatter me!" She replied.

Servants carried Katara away, who glared once more at Zuko. Zuko turned away, he had just betrayed the only person to ever try to reach out and understand him, since his mother. He also helped in the downfall of killing the world's last hope. Maybe he could make it up to her? Maybe, she'll forgive him.