Big Time Love or Lust

Pairing: James and Carlos

Summary: Carlos is in love with James but James is too busy sleeping with a different person every night with Carlos in the bed next to them. How will Carlos cope?

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, if I did then Big Time Rush would not be a kid's show. I also don't own anything you may recognize

Thank you to Mochi no Yume for the title.

James Diamond was a man whore. There was no other way to describe it. This was another thing to add to the long list of faults associated with the tall boy, but Carlos didn't care about any of them. Yes he Carlos Garcia, the reckless bundle of energy was gay and in love with his narcissistic best friend James Diamond. Too say that the brunette was perfect was an understatement and both Carlos and James knew it.

With his perfectly styled brown hair, only messy in the mornings before he made himself beautiful; times Carlos treasured, his large hazel eyes always friendly and inviting, his winning smile which made most of the female and male population including the small boy melt. His amazing washboard abs playing the main part in many of Carlos' fantasies, the small trail of hair leading into his jeans making the Latino wonder what was hidden behind the material made James a god in Carlos' eyes.

To some people it would have been ironic for him to be in a boy band and gay but half of the band had already beaten him to it. Kendall and Logan had been dating since they arrived in LA, the warm weather driving their hormones mad until they couldn't help but tear each other's clothes off and fuck like rabbits. That was six months ago and the pair were still as loved up as they were when they first got together. They had recently come out to their fans and sales had sky rocketed every wanting a piece of the action.

Carlos hadn't come out to their fans yet but had secretly confided in Kendall and Logan the night they told Mama Knight about their relationship. The pair had been happy for him and immediately engulfed in a hug, telling him they were there if he needed them. However he hadn't come out to James yet, scared the pretty boy would assume that he would hit on him every chance he got. No, Carlos didn't know if he would be able to live if James rejected him for who he was.

There were many faults people found with James Diamond but there was one that haunted every one of Carlos' dreams. In the recent weeks the pretty boy had begun to bring people back to their apartment, more specifically the bedroom the Latino and the pretty boy shared.

The Latino remembered the first time it had happened. The boys had had a bad day of rehearsals and wanted to do nothing more but go home and climb straight into bed. However James had different ideas.

"Let's go out, blow of some steam," The pretty boy said flicking his bangs out of his face.

Logan was the first to decline, his eyes heavy and most of his body weight resting against Kendall. The blonde didn't look much better but at least he could hold his own body weight. Wrapping an arm around Logan's waist, Kendall leant down and whispered something into the smaller boys' ear. Logan visually brightened in front of them, lacing his fingers with Kendall's.

Carlos was happy that Kendall and Logan were coming but he knew he would still end up lonely. The blonde and smart boy would probably end up making out in the booth next to him, while James danced his worries away on the dance floor. Even though watching James dance was one of his favourite things to do, Carlos didn't think he could stand watching various guys and girls throw themselves at the pretty boy.

The problem was mostly James' fault anyway. The tall boy was a flirt, especially on the dance floor. Carlos could remember one time when the tall boy had danced with seven random people at once, brushing them off as soon as the song ended. The Latino had felt sorry for them, their faces filled with disappointment as James began to dance with new people.

With Kendall and Logan making out next to him every five minutes and James grinding against anything with a pulse, Carlos decided he wanted to be back at the Palmwoods, curled up in bed with his trusty helmet. Signaling to his friends that he planned on leaving, the Latino wasn't surprised when Logan and Kendall agreed, obviously eager to get each other into bed. Looking out onto the dance floor, the small boy was greeted with the sight of James grinding with not one but two men, hands anchored on his hips.

"He'll be fine," Kendall muttered before dragging Logan out, obviously to make out with him before Carlos joined them.

He was right, by the time he made it to the Big Time Rush mobile, Kendall had Logan pinned against the bonnet, his hands slowly making his way up the smart boys' shirt. The journey home had been silent except from the occasional squeak from Logan as the blonde continued to man handle him. Carlos was more than happy when they arrived back at the Palmwoods, quickly exiting the car and making his way back to 2J.

Leaving the front door open for the lovebirds, Carlos headed straight for his room knowing Kendall and Logan wouldn't make it as far as their room. Just as Carlos had finished pulling on his pajama's covered in hot dogs, he heard a series of moans, some sounding like Kendall's name come from the living room. The Latino sighed; he knew that they wouldn't make it to their room.

The small boy had only been asleep for a couple of hours when the door to his room opened the light from the living room streaming across the room straight into his eyes. Huffing in his sleep Carlos turned over effectively blocking the light from his eyes. A couple of minutes passed before the light disappeared, replaced by a shuffling noise near the foot of James' bed. The springs of James' bed squeaked as a weight dropped on to it and the Latino assumed James had passed out but then the springs sounded again as another person climbed onto the bed.

Now whispers and flirty giggles could be heard from the other side of the room, quickly changing into a series of wet noises. James had brought someone home and now they were making out on the bed next to his. Carlos felt anger boil in his stomach which quickly changed to sorrow as he continued to listen to the pair. What he heard next surprised the tan boy even more. A cap being popped could be heard in the dark room followed by a grunt. Carlos' eyes shot open, James wasn't fucking some random girl, no he was preparing to fuck a guy. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, ladies man, James Diamond was about to fuck another man.

The small boy felt his heart break as he continued to listen to the pair. Even though he knew James wouldn't remember anything in the morning, it still hurt the Latino to think that the pretty boy was hooking up with yet another forgettable person; someone who's taller, leaner, better looking than he could ever be. It was just another indication that someone like James would never be interested in someone like him.

A series of grunts broke through the eerie silence followed by a long moan. Moans and grunts soon began to fill the room, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing in Carlos' ears. Turning onto his side, the Latino hid his head in the pillow, the material not thick enough to muffle the sounds of James' moans.

Carlos could tell that James was close by the way he let out long moans, the headboard hitting the wall; the small boy was surprised that Kendall and Logan hadn't woken up from the noise.

James' companion let out a shout and the tan boy knew it was all over for him. The headboard hit the wall several more times before James let out a high pitched moan, signaling that he had cum. Carlos let out an inaudible sigh as he heard James flop down onto the narrow bed next to his fuck buddy for the night. Less than five minutes had passed when slight snores could be heard from the bed on the other side of the room.

The Latino stayed with his back turned to James' bed as he drifted into a fit-ful sleep, the last half an hour replaying over and over in his head. For some reason he couldn't forget about the way moans that left the pair as they climbed the peaks of ecstasy together; James' high pitched moan as he came making Carlos slightly hard.

The small boy was ashamed of himself for this and began to think of the most disgusting things he could imagine. The tan boy let out the breath he had been holding when his cock finally returned to its flaccid state. The rest of Carlos' night was spent tossing and turning, the Latino getting less sleep than he was used to. Tomorrow was going to be hell for more than one reason.

The next morning rolled round too quickly for the small boy. Dragging his weary limbs out of his bed, he wrinkled his nose at the stale smell of sex and cum which filled the room. Looking over at James' bed, Carlos felt his face scrunch up in disgust. The naked pair were sprawled across James' single bed, limbs intertwined, cum covering both James' and his mystery dates stomachs. If he wasn't so disgusted with his best friend then he may have taken time to look over James' bed buddy.

After relieving himself, Carlos dragged his protesting body out into the kitchen, the sight of Logan sat on Kendall's lap; the blonde nibbling on the smart boys' neck. Not bothering to interrupt the loved up couple, Carlos joined Mama Knight in the kitchen, the smell of bacon hitting his senses.

The Latino smiled at his surrogate mother as he poured himself a glass of orange juice. Walking back to the dining table, Carlos nearly dropped his glass. Sat at the table laughing and joking with Kendall and Logan was James and his new 'friend'.

"Morning Carlos," James smiled, his hand beckoning the small boy closer.

The tan boy didn't respond and went to sit on the other side of the table, stealing Logan's seat; not that the smart boy minded, he was too busy with Kendall.

Now that he wasn't naked and covered in cum, Carlos found himself assessing the mystery date James brought home last night. The guy next to James had short brown hair which stuck up in different directions, sparkling blue eyes, a large nose and full lips, which hid sparkling white teeth. He was still dressed in last night's clothes but they were now slightly rumpled; probably from his and James' make out session.

"Hi, I'm Matt." The mystery date extended his hand towards the tan boy when he noticed him staring.

"Carlos," He replied, his hand not leaving his side.

Everybody could feel the tension in the room, only easing slightly when Mama Knight brought their breakfast's over. When she spotted Matt, her mouth opened slightly and she looked straight at Kendall. The blonde's mouth fell open in shock; he knew exactly what his mom was asking. Tightening his grip on Logan, Kendall pointed at James as discreetly as possible.

"Mama Knight, I hope you don't mind but I bumped into my old friend Matt last night and I said it was alright for him to crash," James said shooting the woman his best smile.

She took a breath before smiling brightly and saying, "That's fine hunni, just wish you had told me when you came in last night."

Lucky for James, she didn't notice the pretty boys' blush.

"Darn it, I didn't make enough for everyone," Mama Knight said placing the plates on the table.

"You can give Matt mine," Carlos said getting up and quickly leaving the apartment.

The others stared at each other for a moment before tucking into their food.

That had been six weeks ago and Carlos was still acting funny towards James. The pair used to be inseparable, always coming up with pranks and plans to get the Jennifer's into the pool but after that night, Carlos blew James off whenever he wanted to hang out choosing to spend time alone in the apartment, leaving James to sit by the pool dejectedly.

Kendall and Logan were starting to worry about their friends; they knew Matt wasn't an old friend of James'. Carlos was worrying them most out of the two. The usually hyper boy spent most of his days in the apartment, playing dome hockey or watching cartoons on TV. There were no more pranks on Bitters or the Jennifer's and whenever James went out for the night, Carlos would stay up later than normal, sometimes falling asleep on the sofa.

The pair didn't know what the problem was between the two and in a way they were lucky they didn't.

Authors' note: I hope you guys liked this. It is different from what I usually write and I am not sure if I like how this turned out. I really hope you enjoyed this.

There will be more.