Big Time Love or Lust

Pairing: James and Carlos

Summary: Carlos is in love with James but James is too busy sleeping with a different person every night with Carlos in the bed next to them. How will Carlos cope?

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or the show even I would love to own them especially Logan and Kendall. I also don't own anything you may recognise just my own idea.

The boys' tour was coming up in 3 months and Gustavo was already starting to prepare them. It would have been okay if the large man didn't insist on running through the same song twenty times, screaming at them whenever one of them made a mistake. It wasn't their fault that they kept messing up. They'd been singing since half seven that morning and were in desperate need of a break. It was frustrating for the four of them, but was most noticeable on James.

The pretty boys' hair was far from perfect, sticking up in all directions, the hot recording booth creating a wave in the usually sleek locks. The frustration was evident on his face, his full lips pursing every time Gustavo spoke. Carlos couldn't help but wish for their boss to shut up. If today continued to stress the taller boy out then it was obvious where he would go later.

Ten hours later and Gustavo finally let them go home for the night. Kendall, Logan and Carlos were tired, the large man making them run through the same routine a thousand times. It was obvious that James was tired as well but he was still frustrated from earlier. Waiting until the others were in their respective rooms, the pretty boy headed into the bathroom to make himself look presentable for the next lucky guy or girl. It wasn't a surprise when guys started hitting on him. It had freaked him out slightly when it first happened but as time went on, he slowly got used to it.

He could understand why they did. Who would be able to resist him, with his perfect hair and washboard abs? It was the whole reason he wore tight tops and jeans especially when he went out. He loved the feel of the material clinging to his perfectly sculpted muscles, the sweat that accumulated on his body whilst on the dance floor, making the fabric stick to his skin, outlining his abs. It made him the main attraction most of the time not that he minded.

Spraying himself with Cuda, the pretty boy gave himself a final once over in the mirror, smiling when he decided he looked as amazing as usual. A red tight fitting shirt covered his upper body while black leather trousers clung to his muscular thighs. Each hair on his head was styled to perfection and he would deny it if anyone asked but a thin sheen of lip gloss covered his full lips making them shine slightly under the light.

Peeking his head out of the bathroom, James let out the breath he was holding when he noticed that everyone was still in their rooms. Grabbing his wallet off the table, James headed out of the apartment, closing the door as quietly as possible behind him. However it wasn't quiet enough and Carlos let out a sigh as he heard the click of the door.

Finally changed into his pyjamas, Carlos grabbed his iPod off the nightstand, popping the buds into his ears before he climbed into bed. The Latino smiled as Katy Perry began to play in his ears, lulling him to sleep. He had a feeling James would be back with a buddy tonight. The small boy didn't know who he wanted to yell at more, their boss for stressing James out to the point where he had to go back to a club and pick up a random stranger for a quick stress reliever or James for letting Gustavo get to him as much as he did.

The large man did Carlos, Logan and Kendall's heads in as well but it didn't mean that they go went and picked up the first person that paid them any attention for a quick fuck. Well Kendall and Logan didn't need to find someone else to relieve their stress but the pair didn't fuck as soon as they got home. That was usually because they were too tired from their long days of harmonies and in a way Carlos was glad as the pair could get quite loud.

Arriving at his favourite club, James flashed his fake id at the bouncer before casually sliding through the door, immersing himself in the bright lights and loud music. He couldn't understand why the others hated these places so much. To him it was heaven, the bright multi coloured lights bouncing off of every reflective surface bathing the various dancers in pools of light. Some people looked better in this light than the harsh light of day but this didn't bother the pretty boy, it was the sense of anonymity that the brunette loved.

Standing by the stairs which lead to the dance floor, James surveyed the mass of writhing, grinding bodies; the bass of the music vibrating along the floor, sending shocks up the tall boys' body, adrenaline coursing through his veins. He could feel his muscles relaxing and some of the tension that sat between his shoulders melted away as he continued to watch the dance floor. Even though he felt less stressed than earlier, James knew it would be a while before he fully relaxed.

Making his way to the bar, James flashed the barman a smile before ordering a beer. The barman recognised the pretty boy as a regular so didn't bother asking for id, sliding the five dollars off the bar and into the till. The brunette raised the bottle to his lips, taking a swig as his eyes scanned the dance floor. At the moment there was no one who caught his eye but he knew in time there would be. There always was.

His nights always started like this, casually observing the other patrons before sliding off his stool and heading out into the mass of writhing bodies in the middle of the building. James always made sure he went to the middle and usually before he could let his body get accustomed to the rhythm a body would be pressed against his, hips moving in slow sensual circles.

Most of the time the rest of his night would be a blur, only brief flashes in the morning. It was obvious that he did shots, his mouth feeling like a washing machine in the morning, the bitter taste of vodka lingering in his mouth and most of the time he would wake up next to either a half naked or naked body. James couldn't remember a time when he woke up next to last night's companion and actually say he didn't regret the night before.

The worst bit about the morning after was trying to sneak his new friend out of the apartment before Mama Knight or one of the other boys saw them. He had slipped up with Matt but had quickly come up with a believable lie that luckily everyone brought. Well everyone except Carlos. It was obvious in the Latino's eyes that he had seen them when he woke up and was disgusted with the pretty boy for lying to everyone.

Deciding it was time to hit the floor, James drained the last dregs of his beer, settling the empty bottle on the bar before sliding gracefully from his stool. Tugging on his shirt, James quickly and purposely made his way down the stairs to the dance floor, immediately loosing himself in the bodies packed tightly together. Various hands ran down his chest, sides and back as he made his way to the middle of the room. It didn't bother the pretty boy one bit, the feeling of people appreciating his body slowly removing the tension from his body.

Standing in the middle of the dance floor, James let the music wash over him, smiling as a pair of hands slid around his waist. They pulled him back until his back was pressed against a broad chest. Swaying his hips in time to the music, the brunette brought his arms up to wrap around his partner's neck, every inch of their bodies touching as they rocked to the beat.

It wasn't often that James let someone dominant him, whether it be on the dance floor or in the bedroom but for some reason tonight the pretty boy didn't mind. The brunette could feel his partner's blatant excitement pressing against his lower back. James was just about to tilt his head back and begin the rest of the night's activities when he spotted a cute blonde watching him. He felt his length twitch beneath the extremely tight pants he wore as he watched her body sway to the beat of the music. Her obviously surgically enhanced boobs bounced slightly as she turned her body to the side.

Removing the arms from around his waist, James stepped out of the man's grasp, turning to blow him a kiss before heading over to the blonde. Running his hands over the tight fitting white dress she wore, stopping when he reached her hips.

"Hi, I'm James, I'm in a band," He whispered huskily in her ear.

"Cassidy," She replied, batting her eyelashes at him.

No more words passed between the two as they swayed to the beat, Cassidy circling her hips every now and then, James holding back a moan as her ass brushed against his erection. Deciding it was time for them to take a break, James grabbed her hand and led her away from the dance floor, admiring the way her ass swayed side to side as she walked.

The sound of the apartment door opening and closing woke Carlos from his peaceful sleep. It was then the small boy realised that there was no music playing. Scrabbling under his pillow for his iPod, Carlos pressed the play button as soon as possible, his heart sinking when please connect to power flashed across the screen. Flopping back against his pillow, the small boy listened as James and his latest conquest made their way to the bedroom.

Turning so his back faced the door, Carlos waited with bated breath for the inevitable squeak of the door knob being turned and was surprised when it didn't. Closing his eyes, the Latino began to drift back to sleep still waiting to hear the door go. He didn't have to wait very long. It hadn't even been five minutes since Carlos closed his eyes when the door banged open, a pair of hushed whispers heard in the door way.

Scrunching his eyes as tight as possible, Carlos wished that his IPod hadn't died. Even if it didn't completely drown out the sound of James getting his rocks off, it would have least muffled them. It was obvious that James had brought a girl home this time by the flirty giggles that came from his side of the room. It was times like the small boy was glad that he had the bed furthest from the door, James probably wouldn't be able to get his date over to the other side of the room.

Carlos heard the pretty boys' bed squeak a couple of times and couldn't help but wish that the tall boy was too inebriated to actually do anything and just pass out on top of his date. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and a series of breathy whimpers could be heard from James' fuck buddy as the brunette went down on them. The tan boy let out a sigh which he quickly disguised as a snore when he heard the pair pause.

"More James, please," Carlos bit back the urge to scoff at this. Whoever she was, she was pretty eager.

Moans and whimpers were the only thing that could be heard in the room. Rolling over as quietly as possible, Carlos resisted the urge to cry as he caught a glimpse of the shadow against the wall. James had his head between his partners' legs, bobbing up and down slightly, as his fingers tweaked and twisted the overly perky nipples heaving with every breath the girl on the bed took.

"James, ngh." This was the loudest moan yet and Carlos couldn't help but watch as the legs braced on the pretty boys' shoulders clamped tightly around his head as the body beneath him arched off the bed.

Tearing his eyes away from the shadow on the wall, Carlos snuck a look at his alarm clock. 3:25 stood out against the dark in bright red, reminding the small boy that he had to be up in about three hours to make practice at seven.

"Fuck Cassidy," James moaned, breaking the tan boy out of his thoughts. It was the last straw.

Ripping his headphones out of his ears, Carlos leaned over and turned the lamp on his bedside table on, startling the pair on the other side of the room. He wasn't as shocked as he thought he would be with the sight that greeted him. James was on his knees on the bed, his hands tangled in a mass of blonde hair which hovered around his crotch. Said blonde was also on her knees, her puffy lips wrapped around the pretty boys' cock, hands resting against the tall boy's cheeks where several sets of red marks covered the tanned skin. Her eyes flickered towards Carlos, obviously unashamed of the position she was in.

"Could you be any more of an asshole," Carlos demanded staring straight at James. The tall boy didn't answer.

"You couldn't have taken your whore for the night somewhere else to fuck, considering there is someone else in this room who actually wants to sleep but no you had to bring her back here to fuck, not caring about anyone else as normal. Now if you don't mind I'm going to try and get some sleep on the couch before rehearsal tomorrow. " The Latino was breathing heavily after his rant.

James just stared back at him in shock; the small boy was never usually like this. The brunette always thought Carlos was sound asleep when he had his little rendezvous'. How wrong he had been.

Shoving his pillow under his arm, Carlos gathered his duvet in his arms and headed towards the door. Yanking the wood away from the frame, Carlos was just about to step out when he turned back to the shocked pair.

"Try not to catch anything," He said before walking out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Throwing his stuff onto the couch, Carlos rearranged them to his liking before climbing under the duvet. Now he may be able to get some sleep. He had barely had time to close his eyes when the door to the bedroom he had recently vacated opened.

Opening his eye slightly, the tan boy watched as James clad in boxers escorted a now fully dressed Cassidy to the door. No words passed between the pair as James let her out of the apartment. Carlos quickly closed his eyes when the tall boy began to turn towards him.

James couldn't help but feel bad as he looked at his sleeping friend on the sofa.

"Shit," He whispered to himself, running a hand through his dishevelled hair.

Knowing that Carlos was best left alone when he was tired and angry, James turned back towards their room, taking the Latino's advice and attempting to get some sleep ready for tomorrow's rehearsal.

The next morning, Kendall and Logan were confused beyond belief. Stumbling out of their room, to make breakfast for everyone else, the pair were shocked to see Carlos sleeping on the sofa, most of his duvet on the floor.

Whatever had happened between Carlos and James must have been bad for the Latino to resort to sleeping on the couch. Determined to find out when they had the chance, Kendall and Logan got on with the task of making breakfast.

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