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Chapter one: Arriving in Texas.

Please realize this is ehhe, FICTION and well. I hope you guys can like pardon my foolishness.

[Bella's POV]

I looked up at the gates in front of me, gulping.

I sighed and ran a hand through my dark brown hair, which hung at the nape of my neck like a boys. I looked down at my uniform, the black/purple plaid dress pants held up by a black leather belt. The white button down that was tucked into the pants, the gray blazer that covered the shirt, which had the school symbol on the left breast side pocket. And then there was the tie. It was black and purple, and hung loosely around my neck.

I sighed softly and walked inside the courtyard near the dorms, only to walk in a huge crowd of screaming school girls. Blinking, I made my way to the front of the crowd, confusion clear on my face. They were gathered around the gates of a dorm that held the school symbol, with a blue background. The girls formed like a path from the dorm to the school itself. I stood off to the side, more near the end of this…. Path I'm assuming this is.

"What the hell?"

I muttered as the gate doors opened and out walked a couple of boys. A group of boys walked out of it, dressed in the uniform like me.

The next thing I knew, a woman about 24 years old was standing besides me, a camera in her hand as she snapped pictures of the boys. She had brown hair that was in a creative bun, brown eyes that sparkled with mischief, and dressed most bizarlly. She was in bright red jeans, a tight colorful shirt, and a lot of colored bangles.

"Who are you?"

She asked, while still taking pictures of the boys. I blinked and took a breath.

"I'm.. Bell Swan."

All the girls were squealing, making me plug my ear with my pinky.


I muttered as they screamed louder.

"The girls are waiting to say good morning to the boys of Fork High school."

"Say good morning to the students?"

"See this high school isn't like others that look at your grades. Here it's all about your looks. The students here are all amazing looking."

"Is that really it?"

"This school has MANY sister schools around the world, so all the boys here are known through out the world."

"That's amazing. Really."

The woman nodded, snapping more pictures.

"Also the only time to see the boys is the 100 feet distance between the dorms to the school."

I nodded, watching as they passed by. I watched as a tall dirty blond boy took the lead, walking ahead of them. I saw a couple of other boys, who again. They all looked amazing and handsome. I chuckled softly.

As the boys walked by, girls shoved all kinds of gifts into the boys arms. I rolled my eyes at that, it was kinda sad watching them give guys presents. But that's them.

As the boys walked by us, a girl with a megaphone screamed, "PHOTOS! Come get photo's here!"

The girls made their way to the stand, literally knocking me over. I groaned and sat up, "Fuck that hurt."

I stood up as I saw the boy I came here to see. His blonde hair shined in the Texas sun, his pale skin brightened a bit. His blue eyes sparkled in the sun, and I noticed the black earring in his ear. Never noticed that.

The girls crowded behind him, and I again pushed through them. I was starting to dislike this. A lot.

As I followed him, 5 girls walked up in plaid skirts, button downs, a blazer, a tie, knee highs and black shoes.

The first girl, who had long brown hair and matching eyes stepped forward, "I'm Jessica! And this is the Jessica Force Four!"

I was confused. There were.. 5 of them yet she says four? Jesus Christ.

I leaned into the woman from before, "And what school are they from?"

"The sister school, Rose high."

"I see."

I watched as the girls from Rose high walked to the stand, "You guys aren't supposed to be selling these! You have no permission!"

The girl with the camera huffed and walked up to them, "Now you wa-"

"Your not supposed to be here!" Each of the girls said as they walked by, making the other girl fume. Literally I saw the smoke come out of her ears.

Ah, it was sort of funny how the 5 girls thought of themselves as 'body guards' to the boys.

When the girls started to crowd around well… him, the girls from Rose high freaked.

"OH my god! Get away from him!"

The girls all made away from.. Him as he just rolled his eyes and walked to class. I blinked and followed him, going into the school building itself.

There was a sign as soon as I got into the school, that said and I swear it's stupid.

"Welcome! To ensure the cleanliness of the school, please remove your shoes and wear the slippers provided! Thank you! Principle!"

I rolled my eyes and slipped my black dress shoes off and looked at the cubbies that held other black shoes and some white slippers. I gulped and tried to find a place to put my shoes, "Crap.. Where do I put these?"

I looked franticly as to where to put my shoes, when I bumped into someone's chest.

I looked up and saw a man with black hair and light gray eyes, "Where do I put these?"

"Just put them anywhere."

He looked at me, his white lab coat seeming more white over his black dress pants and button down shirt.

"Are you new here?"

"Uh.. Yeah I'm the new transfer student. Bell Swan from California."

"I see. You better hurry class is starting soon."

My chocolate eyes widened, "Crap!"

I shoved my shoes into a cubbie and pulled the slippers out, slipping them on quickly. I rushed down the hallway and into what I assumed was my homeroom class.

[No one's POV]

In the class room, boys were all acting like idiots. They were throwing balls around, sitting on desks and talking.

"I mean it damn it! The big breasted women are the best! I say that DD and G's are my favorite!"

A boy with bronze hair and green eyes stated, laughing as all the boys around him rolled their eyes. One of them looked at him, "Really Edward? Is that all you think about?"

Edward smiled a crooked smile, "Of course it is. What else?"

A boy burst into the room, panting, "THERE'S A NEW STUDENT! AND HE'S FROM CALIFORNIA!"

Everyone in the room started to go crazy, "Maybe he will be one of those with multi colored hair!"

"Multicolored hair and piercing everywhere!"

"Aight aight! But you know what we gotta do right?" Edward yelled, a grin on his face.


"Everyone shut up the teacher's coming!"

Everyone sat in their seats as their teacher walked in, an Asian man in his late 40's.

"Alright then everyone sit down. And let me introduce our new student. Bell Swan."

Bella, on the other side the door gulped and put her hands on her knees, "I got this!"

She lifted her head up and walked inside, smiling.

As the teacher wrote her name on the bored, everyone around the room looked…. Disappointed.

[Bella's POV]

I looked around, and everyone looked so disappointed.

"Um.. I'm Bell Swan. I'm from California."

One of the boys stood up, "Dude! He looks like he's fully normal like us!"

"Uh.. Uh.."

"I will be right back boys I am needed in the teacher's lounge."

The teacher left, making me blink.

"Wait where do I sit?"

But he was already gone, making me sigh. "Crap," I muttered.

From the corner of my eye I saw a boy with bronze hair and green eyes sit on his desk and kick what looked like a soccer ball. It bounced off the wall in front of me and smacked me right in the face. Everyone started to laugh, making me fume. Jesus Christ! I turned and there was another ball coming towards me so I lifted my messenger bag and blocked it, then a tennis ball.

I looked out at the boys as they all went, "Ohhhh!"

I smirked and then the fucking stupidest thing happened. A metal wash bin dropped on my head, making me see stars. Fuckers!

They started laughing as the boy who kicked the ball at my head pointed to the second to last seat in a row, "Hey Bell! Your seat is over here!"

I rolled my eyes and walked up the aisle to it but then someone put their feet out and I tripped. I groaned and looked up to see a boy with dark blond hair and light green eyes.

He smirked and looked down at me, "Just think because you are a little cute doesn't mean your cuter then me."

I blinked and got up, shaking my head. I sat down at the desk and sighed, I'm doing this why again?

"Hey, whose shoes are these?"

Someone who was blocked by the door held up my shoes, making me sigh. "Those are mine."

One of the boys got up, "Transfer student! What is wrong with you! Aren't you supposed to say, 'Dammit dude!"

"The transfer student sure is weird."

They think I'm weird? Really? Idiots.

"They were in my cubbie."

I rolled my eyes and walked down the aisle, "Stop whining about where they were. If you wanna fight about it bring it on."

I looked at the boy and held my breath, there he was. It was him. There in front of me stood Jasper Whitlock, the reason I'm here.

"Jasper.. Whitlock." I mumbled.

"That's what is says on my cubbie."

He walked in front of me, "Here you are.. Shortie." He placed my shoes on my head and walked up the aisles.

"Whose that?"

He asked to a boy in the front, who had brown hair and light blue eyes.

"The transfer student from California… supposedly."

Groaning softly, I went up to the desk they boys said was mine and went to sit when Jasper moved my bag off the desk and on to the one behind it. "This is my desk as well. New guy." I rolled my eyes and sat behind him, sighing.

This guys got a bad personality, I thought, but I finally met him. The one whose inspired me to come here.

"Hey Bell! First of all what type of name is Bell?"

"My parent's wanted a daughter named Belle but had me so hence I'm Bell."

"Anyway is it true you hold the record for the 100 meter dash at your school in California?"

"Who cares that he holds the record in either California or Crack alley, he still isn't that great!"

I rolled my eyes as one of the boys jumped up, a mini laptop in his hand. "Look! He might be faster then Edward!"

The bronze haired boy, now known as Edward to me, got up along with most of the boys and looked at the screen. Okay so what I'm fast? Not a big deal.

Yeah. The next thing I knew I was being lifted from my armpits and held against a boy. Fuck me what the HELL is going on? Another boy dropped to his knees and felt my legs,

"There's nothing special about his leg muscles at all. I mean seriously there is NOTHING special about these."

"Lemme take a look at him! You can always tell from the upper torso!"

Edward yelled as he walked up in front of me.

"I'll do it!"

"W-wait a minute here! Guys lemme go!"

The next thing I knew Edward had his hands on my chest, right where my breasts are. Fuck me.

"He's flat! He has no pecks at all!"

I rolled my eyes as they let me go and sit down finally.

"That's all?"

"Man! I can't believe I lost to a guy like him!"

Edward groaned and held his head in his hands, when one of the others boys said.

"What about the marathon soon? We'll see whose the better runner then."


I raised an eyebrow as Edward looked at me, "A marathon is different from a 100 meter dash! You won't stand a chance!"

"You tell him Eddie!"

The boy who tripped me leaned on Edward, who scowled. "Lemme go Alistar! Go fawn over Peter!"

"But Peter isn't here!"

"Shut up. Your all just annoying."

We all looked at Jasper, whose hands were clasped in front of his mouth as he looked at us.

"Your acting like a caged monkey. Who cares who runs faster?"

"Ah! Says the ghost member of Track and Field Jasper! So young yet so mature!"

Jasper rolled his eyes and stood up, walking down the aisle, "Idiots."

"Hey come back!" Edward yelled as Jasper left the room.

I followed him and almost crashed into him. Almost!

"J-jasper! Ah thanks for distracting them from me."

He looked at me, "Whatever. Wasn't for you."

He walked down the hall as I sighed, this was going to be hard wasn't it.

[My POV]

After class, in the garden area of the campus, a tan boy built very nicely in a martial arts gi with a black belt walked in front of a line of boys in similar gi's with white belts. In his hand was a kendo sword, which he swung as he walked in front of the 10 other boys.

"Did you guys know that all three dormitories compete in compitions over the year?"

One of the braver boys said, "No sir I didn't know."


The boy in charge hit the other's head with the kendo sword.

"As we know the marathon is next week! And dorm 1 must win!"


All the boys shouted, as their leader walked in front of them, and before he could continue speaking, a boy from Bell's class, now in a gi with white belt, ran up and panted, "Big trouble! The new boy, Bell, ran 100 meter dash in 10 seconds!"

"What? He ran it in 9 seconds?"

Now let's take alook at the others shall we monami's?

"Did he really complete the race in 8 seconds?"

A boy with blond hair and blue eyes said, as he faced the people of his dorm. His golden cape tied neatly around his neck, his white costume pants and blue costume shirt now shown to his fellow members of Dorm 3. The rest, like him, had capes of different colors and similar outfits, which I thought was stupid! Nahh they look cute… like geeks!

A boy dressed in the school uniform stood next to the boy, "It's true everyone is talking about it."

"AHHAH! With this boy, since we in Dorm 3 aren't the most athletic people, we could use a boy like him."

The boy in the uniform turned around and pointed behind the member's of Dorm 3, where Bella was walking. "That's Bell! Over there!"

[Bella's POV, IK ik a lot of changes but hell! It's the longest chapter I've written in a year!]

I was walking in the court yard when a group of boys with drama costumes and capes blocked me. I blinked and turned around to see a guy with blond hair and blue eyes, in a gold cape, white costume pants and a blue costume shirt.

"Do not be afraid! Bell Swan! I am Michael Newton! Dorm head of Dorm 3! We want you to join us!"


He walked over to me and touched my cheek, like caressing it. One word. Ew.

"Won't you lend your attractive face and running ability to us in dorm 3?"

"Dorm 3?"

"Yes! Now how about you sign here?"

He pulled out a paper from his pants, okay ew, and opened it.

It said on the top, Dorm Entrance Agreement.

"So yes?"

I blinked, "NO!"

I ran away from them and heard Michael say, "She's fast!"

I ran away towards the courtyard gates and hedl the side, "This. Is. Not. Fun."

I walked in as a bunch of boys ran up in martial arts gi's and white belts. And yelled something like , "Stop right there! Ahh!"

I groaned, "Not again."

A taller more built, more tan boy with short black cropped hair walked in between the group, he was in a gi to but with ablack belt.

"Bell Swan! We are from Dorm 1! I am Samuel Uley! And I am here to test your abilities!"

I groaned, "Alright."

I pulled my fists to my side, "I decline!"

I turned and went to run again, but the freaks… er boys from dorm 3 were in my way.

"Come! Join us in dorm 1 Bell!"

"Ah Samuel," Michael said as he walked to the front, "This one is ours!"

"Shut up you god damn geek! He's ours!"

"How dare you! You muscle headed imbecile!"


The two groups started to fight with me in the middle so I slipped away and ran. Again.

I stopped in front of one of the buildings on campus and started panting, "Aiya why is it so hard here!"

"Hey! Transfer!"

I ducked behind my bag and look up. I saw one of the boys from my class. He was tall with messy light blond hair and gray eyes, cute. He was kinda pale but nice I guess. He was in black knee running shorts and a track jacket, so I guess he is a runner?

"Ah Demetre right?"

I stood up and smiled.

"Actually it's Demetri."

I chuckled and took a deep breath, "So what happened to you, Transfer?"

I raised an eyebrow, "You really wanna know?"

He nodded and I straddled a bench, my bag between my legs. "Well then, lemme explain."

He straddled the bench and faced me, smiling.

After I explained everything with Dorm 1 and Dorm 3, he laughed.

"So you've been through a lot today huh?"

"You don't even know the half of it. So what's with Dorm 1 and Dorm 3?"

He chuckled and stood up, pointing to a board. The board was basically a map of the dormitories. The first dorm was labeled in red with a drawing of a guy in a gi in a martial arts stance, the second was labeled in blue with a soccer player near the top and then the third down was in yellow with a drama geek near it.

"There are 3 dorms in the school and everyone choses where they stay. The martial arts department managed by dorm head Sam is basically Dorm 1. So they all are matrial arts freaks. Then there is the athletic department managed by dorm head Peter so that's dorm 2 and the drama department run by Mike is dorm 3. The dorms compete at times against one another."


I raised an eyebrow, "Explain."

"Well we compete and we can earn a prize. Like free dessert for a year or being excused from the raido work outs in the morning. So I guess that this marathon has a prize as well."

"Ah so that's why everyone is desperate to win."

"Of course. The rumor of you being fast probably got out."

"No wonder I was chased."

"Mhm. I think Dorm 3 needs the help though."

"Ah. Um what dorm is Jasper in?"

"Same as me. Dorm 2."

"I see."

I took a closer look at the board and grinned, "Thanks Felix! Bye!"

I ran away, but still heard him mutter, "He's fast."

I ran towards dorm 2 and saw what I assumed was the dorm head. He has dirty blond hair, blue eyes, was tall and lanky. He kissed a girl with fair hair and head towards the dorm gates. I ducked down and hid behind my bag, as if trying to avoid the other people.

"Oi. Aren't you ah… Bell Swan?"

I looked at him, "Ya. I am."

"I'm Peter. I'm the dorm head for Dorm 2. Come on lemme show you around."


He put an arm around my shoulders and lead me inside.

He showed me the lobby, which connected all 3 dorms apparently.

Before he could show me dorm 1, I saw an outside nook that had the CUTEST dog out there! It was a golden retriever with a yellow bandana around his neck.

"Ah I see you've met Tramp. Don't get to close to him. He only let's Jasper and girls around him so be careful."

"Awe! How cute!"

I dropped to my knees and started petting him, and I saw Peter's mouth drop. "Fuck how'd you do that?"

"California charm."

He rolled his eyes and showed me the laundry room, where I saw the boy from class before. He had light brown hair, blue eyes, and was dressed not in the uniform but black jeans, a gray button down with a black vest and a loose purple tie. \

"You might wanna be careful. You don't wanna lose your clothes here!"

"Yes yes Peter."

I followed him into the cafeteria, where AGAIN I saw that SAME boy. I freaked and jumped up, making Peter laugh.

"Peter! Is that a ghost?"

"No no that's Alec. He can see ghosts. And read Auras."

"You sure he isn't a ghost himself?"

Alec looked up from his good and held up his hands, "I sense a ghost right near you."


I jumped back at least 5 feet. Joy. Just joy.

That's when Alec took his leave and people from Dorm 1 and Dorm 3 ran in.

"Bell! Get away from peter! He will get you pregnant by just being near him!"

Mike screamed, making me freak.

"Guys calm down."

"Pregant? Hell no!"

I ran through the crowd and turned to face them, while they bickered over who would get me. I'm a HUMAN not a fucking piece of meat!

"Bell come to dorm 1! Your talents will be wasted in dorm 2!"

"No! Dorm 3! Dorm 3!"

I looked out the window and saw Jasper, sprawled out on a bench asleep. I thought about it and looked back at the crowd.

"I've decided. I'm going to be… Dorm.. 2 bound."

I saluted them as they all fell over in sobs saying something like, "No! NO NO!"

I ran outside to the bench Jasper was on and looked at him. He looked so peaceful but.. I knew he hasn't smiled in a year.. My fault really. I thought back to him winning his biggest race and that smile. God it was amazing.

I flung mybag softly on the grass and sat on the back of the bench, stretching my arms out. To bad I put to much weight on it and I fell, and the bench tipped so Jasper fell on me.

"That.. Hurt…"

"What are you doing?"

He looked at me, eye brow raised.

"Well you see."

"Nevermind," he drawled and stood up, walking away.

"Such a weirdo."

I rolled my eyes, "Not even gonna help me up. So nice."

I stood up and got my bag, then headed inside. Peter pulled me aside, a shit eating grin on his face.

"Your in Dorm 205 with Jasper that Ok?"

"Yeah sure."

"Good cause we put all your stuff in there."

I rolled my eyes and headed to the dorm, and thankfully he wasn't there. I reached into my suitcase and got a brown plaid button down, a green t-shirt and cargo pants. After changing into them and pulling on my white sneakers I headed to the cafeteria.

I sat down as Peter got up on a table, "Alright! So this year the runenrs for the marathon are me of course, Edward last years winner who else?"

"How about Bell?"

I groaned as Peter looked at me, "Well? Will you do it?"

"Ah I can run 100 meters sure but I'm not sure about a marathon."

"So we need two more people."

"I'll do it Peter!"

That boy, Alistar, from class today raised his hand and stood up. He was in khaki pants, a red plaid long sleeve button down and a black vest. He clung to Peter's side.

"I don't think so Alistar."

"But my father's friend is a marathon runner!"

"I don't care it's not you!"


"Ugh fine. Anyone else?"

"What about Jasper?"

We all looked at him, he sat in the back in levi jeans, and a white long sleeve t-shirt. He looked at Peter, "No."

"Come on Jasper you're injuries healed already. So just run." Edward said as he pulled his blue button down closed over his red/white long sleeved shirt.

"I said no. so it's no."

"We don't need him," Edward sneered.

I gulped, I didn't want there to be a fight. So I raised my hand, "I guess I'm gonna be running then huh?"

I watched as Jasper walked away and everyone else congratulated me on it, saying I would be one of the best.

I followed after Jasper to our dorm, which I loved. It was one room with a loft and a shower also. There was 2 lockers to my left, one green one red so I'm assuming red was mine. In front of me was a desk with a lamp and obvious clutter, with a chair with wheels in front of it, yay! To the left was a bed with a bookshelf headboard and foot board, with a lamp and colander as well. Around where the shower was, it was like a nook basically with a mini fridge, and a table. Along with a clothes line. Smart.

I picked up one of the boxes from the floor, obviously mine, and walked up the stairs to the side to the loft. After a few trips, I finally had most of them up there. When I was getting the last one, Jasper came out fo the shower in just his jeans, a towel around his shoulders.

I wanted to blush but I didn't I'm stronger then that.

"So looks like we're classmates and roommates huh? Isn't that a coincedence!"

"I liked it better when I had my own dorm."

"Don't be so cold!"

I was near the top of the stairs when the box broke open and my stuff fell out, making me gasp.

I moved as quickly as I could to pick them up, but it was to late. Jasper picked up one of the many papers, an article about him. He just looked at me with disdain as he asked me one question, "Why do you have this stuff?"

"It's because.. Because.. Running. You used to be one of the fastest runners out there. And now… you won't run! Why'd you stop?"

He just glared at me, "It's none of your business."

"It is my bu-."

He pulled on a black tank top and left, slamming the door.

I groaned, "Why'd I open my big mouth?"

I started picking up the papers and got about half of them when the door opened. I turned around and I saw Peter, with a leapord print towel wrapped around his waist.

"Hey have you seen jasper?"

I turned away, "He isn't here!"

"Man! I was hoping to borrow his shampoo!"

He left making me sigh and again start collecting the papers."

The door opened again and a boy from around the dorm with black hair and light eyes walked in, with a towl again wrapped around his waist.

"Hey is Jasper here? I wanna borrow his shampoo."

"He isn't here!"

The door opened and Demetri walked in a towel walked in, "Hey Jas-"


"So mean Bell!"

They left the room and I sighed, good god.

"Why don't you guys own your OWN shampoo!

I put away the papers and grabbed some clothes and headed into the shower.

[My POV]

The dorm door opened and Edward walked in with an Adias towel around his waist.


He walked into the nook and tried to open the bathroom door, but it was locked.

"Why's this locked?"

He pulled out a mini ruler and unlocker the door, slipping his hand inside.

Bella, who was in said shower, saw his hand and her eyes widened.

'Fuck I'm about to be found out!' she thought.

Edwards hand felt around for a bit and grabbed a bottle of the shampoo, "I'm borrowing this!"

He pulled the bottle out and closed the door, "It's cold!"

As he was leaving he tripped, just as Alistar walked in with a pink towel in his hair and a pink towel around his waist.

Edward reached out and grabbed Alistar's towel making it fall.

Edward looked up and saw ehhem Alistar's 'prized possesion' making him scream, "AHHHHHHHH!"

Alistar looked down and screamed as well, while Bella yelled to.

After the boys left and she was changed into her Pjs, she climbed up into her bed and laid down, an arm over her eyes.

"Only one day. One day and I go through all of this. It better be worth it in the end."

And with that she passed out for her first night in Forks High.

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