Heart and Spirit: The Destiny

Strong and intelligent Naruto


Author's Note


So yeah completely redid the two chapters and combined them as one while adding a few details. Anyway going to go bed and will work on chapter 2 tomorrow which is mostly done.


Story Start

Two teens sat in a room customary of a teenage boy, in an embrace expected of lovers. The room had a computer on a desk along with a bookcase filled with numerous high-school books on the upper-shelves with stack after stack of games on the lower shelves. In the corner was a black backpack that was half open with some folders sticking out of it.

Also on the walls were several posters of various movies that were all the rage and expecting live action adaptations to come out. To the side of the wall was a Queen size bed with black sheets with a Computer chair sitting next to it. Currently a plug was connected to it as the laptop seemed to be downloading something though the most interesting thing was with its room occupants.

One of the teens was a young man with well kept spiky blond hair, slightly tan skin shade and sharp cerulean blue eyes. He was wearing a white sleeveless T-shirt and black cargo pants. His arms, tone and developed from sports and martial arts were wrapped around a bubbly and lithe Asian girl with dark hair with violet tint and small frame.

She was wearing a fuchsia sweatshirt and a pair of green, bubbly goggles as a headband. They were in a room in a two story building, the lower floor composed of Heatherfield's very own Chinese themed Restaurant the Silver Dragon.

The male, was the adopted grandson of Li (Power) and Yan Lin who went by his birth name, Uzumaki Naruto. Much of his past and origin was shrouded in mystery and the only person who knew most of his past were his grandparents; in fact Li was just as mysterious himself; even taking up his wife's name when they married.

The girl was the biological grand daughter of the pair, Hay Lin, a kind and very loving girl. Currently the supposed cousins were sharing a sweet kiss. Naruto broke the kiss and looked down at his blushing companion. He had several inches over her due to his athletic like stature. ''How was that?'' He asked, as she shifted a bit.

''It was...kind of Spacious,'' She replied in that unique dialect of hers. Hay Lin had a fascination of alien and extraterrestrial culture so her room was littered with alien posters and objects that reflected that.

Naruto rubbed his hand slowly across the girl's back. ''Yeah it was kind of nice.'' he said resting her forehead against hers . They were best friends, family, and something else undefined. More then friends but less then lovers was the only way to describe their relationship. They loved each other, but they weren't in love with each other. So it was only natural that he would be Hay Lin's first kiss.

The girl nestled her laid against his chest as they pressed their bodies closer, neither wanting to stop the embrace. They trusted each other more then anyone they knew. Naruto would never try to hut or force Hay Lin into anything and she would never betray them.

''Why didn't we think to do this earlier?'' She asked with a pout, knowing in a few minutes they would have to head for school.

''Who knows,'' he answered with a shrug as he softly stroked her back. ''...but don't get too comfortable. Remember when you dose off and...''

''Naruto!'' The lithe girl cried out as he began to tease her.

Though later that day their day would prove only to become more interesting. Naruto walked into the courtyard of Sheffield Institute. One of the things that stood out was the big green archway that read the title of the school that loomed over the entrance.

He waited for a few moments when he ran into none other then Taranee Cook. The Mocha skin girl was new to Heatherfield and stood out amongst the crowed with her tiny, round specs and the fact her presence filled the room with heat.

''Hey TC!'' He greeted, his nickname just or her. She was dressed in that orange turtleneck of hers. ''Running late again?'' he asked causing her to turn around.

''Well some of us don't have your flexible schedule!'' She retorted to his statement with a small smile. She really was an introverted girl until Naruto prodded her out of her shell some more.

''I'm just that awesome. I'll see you later!"' He said as he moved towards his locker. As he trailed the hallways the frantic sound of late sneakers entered the hallway.

Naruto shot around the corner and found himself bumping into a skinny girl with a bob-cut red hair head style. ''I'm sorry...'' He immediately offered, his gaze falling upon the cowlicks in the girls hair. His blue eyes then met with her brown ones.

''You're pretty cute...you must be new.'' He said as he crouched down and flashed that foxy grin of his. Naruto made it his duty to flirt with every cute girl he came across.

''Y-Yeah...'' The girl replied, a faint blush appeared on her cheeks thanks to the attention this cute boy was giving her.

''I'm Naruto, age 15, and amazing enough as it sounds Junior.'' he said referring that he was a grade higher then most his age would be. Probably not all that good of an idea seeing as he was doing more or less average in his classes. ''So what's your name cutie?'' he asked as he continued piling on the charm.

''W-Will Vandom...'' She hesitated, seeming quite guarded in her response as if she was unsure if she should answer.''Do you know where room 304 is?'' she asked him after taking a moment to compose herself.

''Yeah I do in fact.'' he said taking a step back to give her some room as he gave her a quick glance over. ''Guess that means you're a first year then. They're certainly making them cute nowadays.'' He said as the girl's face became as flush as her hair.

''You're shameless!'' A voice announced from the stairway above causing them to look up.

''Hey TC!'' He greeted, ''I thought you were going to class?''

''I forgot something in my locker.'' she answered him as she took a look at the new girl and adjusted her glasses. ''Good thing too...just in time to save this poor girl from you, you flirt.'' she rightfully and justifiably accused Naruto though before he could defend himself an all too familiar voice spoke up.

''Would you students please explain what you're still doing out here in the hallway?''

Taranee and Naruto cringed, and Will's shoulders shot up to her ears. Their gazes followed the source of the angry if not somewhat stuffy voice. It was none other then Mrs. Knickerbocker who stalked around with her ample chest thrust out before her and her even more ample backside swishing from side to side with terrifying force. She was a woman of her forties to fifties with fascinating...towering, shellacked pompadour. Snowy white. As translucent as spiderwebs. It was definitely one of the wildest old-people oddities most people would had ever seen. One couldn't help but stare at the stiffly glistening beehive.

''Hey there Principal Knickerbocker I was just...'' Naruto tried to talk his way out of the situation but Mrs. Knickerbocker was far too used to his behavior.

''Flirting with a new student.'' She stated as Taranee snickered.

''Not you too...'' The blond whined as the Principal shook her head.

''You have quite the reputation Mister Uzumaki. While you may not have class at this time I remind you not to distract your fellow students from attending class.''

''Well...off I go then...'' The blond said as he shuffled off to class. Though he wasn't expecting to run into the same girl and out fielders not too long after the academy let out for the day. Two girls yells, one almost shrill as a bird caught his attention.

Not too long after he caught site of a girl with long blonde hair and a lime green skirt. He recognized that girl as Cornelia, one of the three girls he had met through Hay Lin.

That was when he caught the site of greasy and pimpled Uriah and his gang bothering TC and the new girl...Will.

''Yo Outfielders! I still owe you bastards for my Phone!'' Naruto shouted as pointed out his balled up fist. ''I'm busting your heads in!''

Before Naruto moved in Uriah's gang tormented the students and children of their neighborhood through intimidation tactics. For those not so easily intimated they relied on numbers.

Because of the school strict policies when it came to finding the clique best suited to deal with the delinquents, the jocks didn't have many conflicts out of fear of being suspended from the team and the other reason being that Uriah's gang prayed on those weaker then themselves anyway.

Though that changed when Naruto joined the skill and used his knowledge and no how to kick the gangs ass without leaving any visible injuries. One such tactics revolving a sack of fruit. Another involving a plunger and a penguin. Oddly enough after that latter incident Uriah and his cronies avoiding Naruto like the plague.

And like that they were out.'' Damn Outfielders...hey girls looks like were meeting each other all over the place.'' He greeted then turned to Cornelia. ''Hey C!''

The mention girl merely ran a finger through her hair and said in a low voice, ''Hey.'' It was no secret that several girls had a crush on the aloof, girl crazy blond. He was a bit on the goofy side at times, but kindly and definitely athletic. While Naruto had a reputation for being hot-headed and brash he was also dependable; his reputation for being a pervert not withstanding.

''Everyone is up for the Gym at eight right? Party will probably be tamed being a school function and all but at least it's free food and pretty girls in 'interesting' outfits.'' Cornelia and Taranee rolled their eyes, already knowing Naruto's definition of interesting could be at least considered PG-13. ''You'll be there too right Will?'' He asked as the girl contemplated the question.

''I...I don't know...maybe.'' she stammered out, unsure as she didn't felt comfortable with the whole situation. One of the reasons behind why she and her mother moved to Heatherfield made it hard for her to trust people.

''I'm sure you'll find it fun. You should wear a cute little number an...aah.'' Taranee grabbed Naruto by the collar.

''Come on lover boy. Let's go before you scar the poor girl.'' she said dragging him off.

''No...TC...why have you betrayed me!'' He cried out dramatically. ''My house isn't even in this direction!'' He added.

Night soon came and the Sheffiled institute's Halloween party was kicking off. Hay Lin was dressed as a witch of some kind, long black boots and a violet Kimono like outfit while Irma was dressed like some sort of Maiden.

Elsewhere someone else was still trying to get her gear together. Will clad in pink shorts and tops couldn't decide what to wear. She then saw an older image of herself. It was who she wanted to be.

''Will?'' Asked her mother questioningly as she came in.

''Aah! Don't come in!'' Will cried out, covering her face with the dress.

Suasn gave her daughter a questioning look. ''Why aren't you dressed yet? I thought you were going to put on the black dress.''

''The only black thing that'll suit me is a garbage bag!'' Will said as her face dropped and she started to cry.

Susan pulled her daughter into a hug. ''Why are you saying that? What's wrong?''

''I look horrible.'' Will said through a choked sob.

But she had to admit she felt a tiny bit better when her mother gave her shoulders a little squeeze.

''I only see a young rose, who is about to blossom.''

She grabbed Will by the shoulders and turned her toward the mirror. Will looked at her mother. She saw a pretty woman with long, wavy dark hair and big hoop earrings. And next to her, she saw a girl. A skinny girl with a scruffy head of hair and wan, red-rimmed eyes. turned Will to the mirror. '

''Look at yourself. Will you're beautiful! Let's get going before the party ends.''

Will squinted at her reflection. Was it possible to love herself in this state? She decided to give a small smile to try. She lifted a corner of her mouth.

Not bad.

She raised the other corner.

Will didn't want to admit it, but it did help. She grabbed the black dress out of the box and held it up against her body. Not bad, again.

''Now, let's get going,'' her mom said. ''The party won't last forever.''

''And we have to pick up Taranee,'' Will added. Thankfully, Taranee was not mad about the late ride. She was happy that Will wanted to go.

Twenty minutes, later. Mrs. Vandom and the two girls pulled up at Sheffield. Will and Taranee hopped out of the car and waved good bye to Will's mom, who hung her head out of the window and grinned.

''Have a great time,'' she called. ''Hey Taranee, take good care of Will for me. She's a shy girl. Put a little fire into her!''

''See you later, mom!'' Will said, feeling her cheeks go hot. She felt a surge of gratitude for Taranee's sweet smile. It would have been so easy to snort with laughter, point at Will and shriek,''Mama's girl!''

Instead, Taranee just waved at Mrs. Vandom and said, 'Maybe I'm not the right person for the job, but I'll try!"'

The girls followed the orange-and-black signs taped to fence posts, pillars, and any other available surface. They all pointed to the party. With each step closer to pounding music and shrill chatter of the dance, Will's mouth got drier.

''We're still in time, Taranee,'' she hissed into her friend's ear. Or what would have been her ear if Taranee hadn't dressed as a sort of Neopunk Amelia Earhart. She was wearing a leather aviator's cap, complete with goggles and ear-flaps, and a zebra-striped coat over her simple pink dress. 'Let's turn around and get out of here.''

''Looks like it's too late,'' Taranee said, sounding just as tremulous as will did. ''Cornelia!''

Will gasped and peeked over Taranee's shoulder. Yup...there was the blond goddess herself, looking as gorgeous as ever in a tiny purple camisole and voluminous pink skirt. She looked every bit the popular girl. But Cornelia's smile was as warm and welcoming as it had been that afternoon.

''Hours later,'' Cornelia said with a grin. ''Fashionably late, you might say. That's okay. The party's just hitting its peak.''

A little far away the one who controlled water was dealing with her own complications. Irma looked down at the filmy, indigo skirt of her once-yellow dress and willed it to shimmy back and forth, or spin around or...something.

''You're at a party, she told herself irritably. She glanced at the costumed kids smiling around the gym in hockey masks and devil's horns and dramatic, flowing dresses. Cobalt blue was on the stage, slamming out an Alicia keys cover. The overhead lights had been covered with gold cellophane and candles burned in the rafters, giving the entire room with a hazy yellow glow.

But it's hard to dance when you're seething. Which is exactly what Irma had been doing ever since she made the mistake of confiding in her friends about her wardrobes magical transformation. Hay Lin and Elyon had laughed so hard, they'd almost collapsed on the floor.

''Your dress turned from yellow to blue,'' Hay Lin snorted. She looked down at her own silky Kimono, which was just as gorgeous as she'd promised. ''And I'm actually a Japanese Geisha.''

''Next thing you know, she'll come to school as a blonde and tell us, ''I didn't dye it. It was magic,'' Elyon squealed.

Elyon's just picking on me to distract us from her punishment, Irma had thought angrily. She gave the band's lead singer, Matt Olsen...otherwise known as Elyon's big crush...an angry glare.

And now, to top it all off, Irma's friend weren't paying any attention to her. They'd all traipsed to the gym door to greet the new girls, Will and Taranee. Cornelia was planting a pointy black witch's hat onto Will's sheepish head.

''It's my fault we're late,'' Will said. ''I lost track of time, and...''

''Hear that, Irma?'' Elyon said, turning to grin at her. She was dressed as an elf, or imp, or fairy...something mischievous, anyway. She wore a feather green tunic and a crown of leaves. ''This is what I call an original excuse!''

Hay Lin glanced at Irma and giggled.

''She got here late, too,'' she told Will and Taranee. ''And do you want to know what excuse she made up?''

''There's nothing to laugh about,'' Irma retorted with a scowl. ''All of the clothes in my wardrobe did change color.''

Hay Lin and Elyon burst into another round of hysterical giggles. Irma squirmed some more. She knew if it had been anyone else telling such a crazy story, she'd be the one laughing loudest. But, well the shoe was on the other foot now. And boy, did their laughing make Irma mad.

''It's the truth!"' she yelled at Hay Lin and Elyon. ''And if you don't want to believe it, that's your problem.''

Will stepped in fromt the doorway met and Irma's eyes.

''I believe it,'' she said quietly.

Before Irma could flash her a grateful smile, Martin Tubbs appeared. 'Martin!' Any time Irma least wanted to see him, which was, well, pretty much always, there he was. And each time he was goofier than the last. Tonight he was wrapped in about a hundred yards of tattered bandages. Behind his Coke-bottle glasses, he blinked dreamily at Irma.

''Hi, Irma,'' he whispered. When she glared at him with what she hoped were icy eyes, he leaped back and whipped out a Polaroid camera. At least Martin sometimes knew hw to read Irma's 'get lost' signals!''

''How about a picture, gals?'' he called.

''Yeah!'' Hay Lin cried. She slung her arms over Will's and Taranee's shoulders, and Elyon and Cornelia squeezed in. Then Hay Lin grabbed Irma and Yanked her into the shot.

''I'll never tell you any secrets again,'' Irma hissed to Ha Lin. ''So there!''

''Sure! Smile, girls!''

All six girls were crowded together.

Since the girls were distracted by the picture he took the moment to surprise. So placing down his mask he silently crept behind them. Taking a deep breath he then shouted,''NARUTO IS A GOOD BOY!"'

All six girls nearly jumped out of their skins.

''Naruto!'' Hay Lin reacted, trying to sound mad though her visible reaction all and all was cute.

''Jerk!'' Cornelia huffed with her arms crossed.

''Naruto is sorry!'' He said lowering his head. ''Naruto will be a good boy Naruto promises!'' He said, continuing speaking in the third person.

''What are you supposed to be anyway?'' Irma asked curiously, forgetting her frustration with her color changing clothes.

''Naruto is a Ninja!'' He declared as the girls looked at him with disbelief. ''Behold the spoon of Naruto!'' He took out a wooden spoon and held it in the air.

''Looks like someone got into cookie jar again,'' Irma joked. She couldn't help but smile at Naruto's antics. They both loved humor and pulling pranks. That's why they got along so well. And much to her dismay Crush number 1 on Hay Lin's 'Irma's Top Ten Crushes List.'

'Irma is so mean! Making fun of Naruto! Naruto will prove he is the bestest Ninja ever!'' He declared as he took off, becoming a little too immersed in his roll.

The girls continued enjoying the party Unaware of the events to come.


Well I decided to do the challenge myself since no one seemed interested. Let me know what you guys think. As for the pairing. The Naruto and Will focus of the relationship if others are voted will be the primary focus of any of the pairings with Hay Lin a close secondary, so you'll have to wait awhile for a lot of development and fluff for the Irma and Cornelia aspects if their voted.

A lot of events will be shared along side my 'The Guardian's Kitsune' story, but with this one sticker a bit closer to canon and character intrepretations that the other one want have when it 'Grows it Beard' so to say. If you're having trouble understanding themes and ideas my stories are following I suggest looking up Tropes and Idioms.


Naruto x Will: Vote 0

Taranee x Naruto x Will :Vote 0

Hay Lin x Naruto x Will: Vote 01

Irma x Hay Lin x Naruto x Will : Vote 01

Irma x Hay Lin x Naruto x Will x Cornelia: Vote 01

Irma x Hay Lin x Naruto x Will x Corneliax Taranee: Vote 02

Hay Lin x Naruto x Will x Cornelia: Vote 1


Story Challenge


Idea came from thinking of Naruto concepts of Body and Spirit from the whole Rikudou Sennin deal. So thinking about it (While excluding Kingdom Hearts) W.I.T.C.H. was the first thing that came to mind when dealing with the heart.

So I propose a story challenge that someone writes A Multi-chapter version of this one shot (Mainly using the comics) of a Naruto and Will pairing. (Even among NarutoxW.I.T.C.H. stories a lot of the pairings are crappy. Except that one where the guy brough the W.I.T.C.H. girls into Naruto's world. It's a NarutoxHay Lin. The other pairings seem a bit conditioned/forced. Especially since I've been reading the comics that actually deal with the girls characters and personal growth unlike the TV show that glosses over many of the traits and important points.

More then one person can take this challenge just be sure to ask permission and feel free to turn it into a Harem if you want.

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