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My name is Sakura and this is my story. I walked into my house and sat down. "Hello brat, remember me, did you miss me?" an arrogant voice said. I quickly turned around to see a smirking Sasori. "I thought you were dead." I said wide-eyed. "Oh please, like I would die that easily, but you did manage to turn me back human." He frowned. He took a step towards me and I moved back. "Why are you here?" I asked. "Two reason: to bring you to the Akatsuki and a little pay back." He grinned with a seductive smile.

I ran straight to my room and locked the door. When I reached for the house phone Sasori grabbed my hand and pushed me onto my bed. "Nani yo!" I shrieked. "Like I said to get pay back and like they said pay back a bitch." He snickered. The feeling of him being on top of me was ineffable. I didn't know what he would do to me. Sasori is the type of guy how has all types of machinations up his sleeves and that worried me."Wa- wa- what ar- ar y-y-y-you g-going to do to me?" I stuttered. Sasori smile got even bigger. "You know what I'm going to do; I'm going to break you, outside ...and inside." He whispered in my ear.

The paused scared me, sending shivers down my spine. His warm breathe on my neck made it worse. "Get Off Of Me!" I yelled. "Now what fun would that be?" he said in a child-like manner. Before I could say a word his mouth crashed into mine. He bit my lip making me gasp allowing his tongue to snake its way inside. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth making me moan.

He stop for air and slowly licked my neck. The feeling made me flinch and I heard him laughing against my neck. My arms were pinned down so I couldn't push him off. "Where's your fearlessness, your courage, your bravey?" he asked with a hint of hubris in his words. I just glared at him, wishing he would stop. Then in one quick motion my shirt was thrown across the room. "How did you-" I said before my bra was ripped from my body. Leaving my unprotective pale skin expose to him.

"Wow, looks like I can't call you little brat anymore, who knew you were hiding such big breast under that shirt." he said with a devilish smile. "Don't look, you perv." I said. My face quickly turning red. "Why shouldn't I, it seems like I got a great reaction from you." he smirked. " I wonder what kind of reaction would I get if I did this." he uttered. He took my right breast and licked it slowly. He massage the other one.

I tried to restrain the noise that was forming in my throat. He kissed lower and lower. Stopping at my naval and looking up with his crimson eyes. I could tell he was thinking of slow and painful ways of making me suffer. He got up and tied my hands together. "I still remember your strength, but I'm sure you won't try anything, if you do this will hurt more than it has to." he said with a cold stern voice.

He slid my pants down making me began to struggle. My underwear was next to join my clothes on the floor. There I lay under a murderer and I was completely naked and defenseless. I could do nothing. "You take good care of yourself don't you?" he beamed. His head lowered and I panicked. I felt his tongue lick me,teasing me. His pace got faster. I felt something weird in my stomach. He stuck a finger inside my heated core. As he went faster he added another finger.

I finally reached the end. I screamed as loud as I could. As I calmed down Sasori looked at my with a confused look in his eyes. "Are you a virgin?" he asked. I slowly shook my head with all the energy I could muster.

His signature smile got bigger. "Lucky me, I get to take your innocence away, and ruin you for any other man, two for one." he laughed. Then there was a knock at the door. "Looks like we have to finish this later, but that hickey on your neck and thigh means your mine, if anyone takes your purity away you'll pay." he sneered. He cut the ropes and disappeared. I got up and got dress. I slowly open the door and I saw someone who I didn't expect to see at the door...

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