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Episode: Heartland

Destiny Meets Jackson

In the past 6 weeks, Destiny and the team had been settling back into the feeling of normalcy. She loved the life she had. She'd go to school, like any normal 7 year old would do, but unlike normal 7 year olds she would go to NCIS afterwards.

She would spend her time in Abby's lab as her father, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, her godmother, Ziva David, Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo, and Timothy McGee would work cases that were sometimes dangerous and life-threatening. Although she knew that they all could take care of themselves, it didn't make her worry any less.

Her bond between the team and herself had strengthened after being separated for so long. She would often spend a lot of time with Ziva to hear the stories of the times when Ziva and her mother, Jenny Shepard, were partners years ago.

Her mother had been murdered almost 5 months ago. She still missed her deeply and often hid to cry. Now that she had a solid support system, she was never hidden for long. One of the team would find her and talk to her. The talks helped with the grief she felt. Now, that the grief was to a minimum, she felt as if something was missing, but she didn't know what.

Destiny is at NCIS due to the fact that she has a very bad cold. Her father sent her down to Abby because of a call-out, like always. Abby was more than willing to occupy Destiny. She and the child had grown close since they discovered that Gibbs was her father and since the death of her friend.

Abby watched Destiny as she slept on the futon in her office. The child looked so exhausted. Abby was clearing the tables and sanitizing them for the new evidence that was coming. Tony and McGee walked in each carrying an evidence tub.

Destiny was awakened by the chatter. She stepped into the lab and watched the agents and tech talk. She heard Tony say something about her father, about what his hometown was called. She stepped over beside Abby and looked at Tony.

"Where is Daddy from?" she asked. Tony looked over at Destiny.

"Stillwater, Pennsylvania," he replied.

"Does he have any other family there? Do I have grandparents there?" she asked. Tony looked at Abby and McGee before answering.

"I don't really know. You would have to ask him," he replied.

Destiny nodded and planned on doing just that. She stepped out of the lab and headed up to the bullpen. Tony and McGee followed.

In the bullpen, Ziva was at her desk working on the case to find some information and they began to talk about her father. She smiled at some of their suggestions of him being on this earth. She walked over to Ziva and leaned on her godmother's shoulder. Ziva spun her chair slightly to allow Destiny to sit on her lap. McGee and Tony noticed this. They had come to realize that Ziva was very different around Destiny. It was like she had become a mother overnight.

Destiny wrapped her arms around the woman's neck and hugged her. Ziva felt her forehead. "Hm, your fever seems to be going down. Are you taking your medicine like you are supposed to?" she asked.

Destiny nodded, yawning. Ziva began to hum as Destiny began to drift back to sleep. The voice of her godmother was very soothing. Gibbs entered the bullpen. He noticed Destiny being held by Ziva.

"Is she okay?" he asked.

Ziva nodded. "She is tired, but it does seem like her fever is going down," Ziva said. Gibbs nodded.

"How long has she been asleep?" he asked.

"Not long. She just fell asleep before you walked in," replied Ziva.

Destiny stirred. "'m not 'sleep. Jus' restin' my eyes," Destiny mumbled. Ziva smiled and Gibbs chuckled.

Gibbs had thought about how to go about solving the case and he knew he would have to go back to Stillwater to find the answers he was looking for. He also knew that he would have to face his past as well.

He had decided in the elevator that sick or not, Destiny was going with them. He had someone he wanted her to meet. As if the team could read his mind they began to grab their gear. Ziva set Destiny down and Gibbs picked her up while walking past to go to the elevator.

He ordered Tony to stay behind to follow-up with a family, the Taylor family, a family of one of the victims. Tony didn't like the idea, but followed it anyway. He valued his position as senior field agent. He waved to Destiny and she waved back giving him a small smile.