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Author's Note: Since this is not going to be a short story here's some more of what you might want to know. This is how I've decided to imagine the second generation of werewolves, emphasis on the anger issues and the puberty. If you don't like OCs then turn back now because while I intended to focus more on the parents, the kids take over as the story goes on. Jacob/Leah is my obvious deviation from canon (as might be expected when Jacobleah is the reviewer who inspired this). I'm using a story I wrote called For These Ones as the sort of bridge from the books to this, but you don't need to read that; just know that Jacob and Leah are together for this. And they have children. The story also gets more serious as we go along but never too serious.

Warning: I cleaned up this character's language a lot so I could rate this T but he gets away from me sometimes. Still, just assume Levi is telling his story, but Dinah's the one writing it down. That's the canon reason why certain words are obviously less strong than they would be. And since you don't know who those people are why don't I just shut up and get on with it? Okay.

Growing Pains

All I wanted for my seventeenth birthday was a car. It didn't have to be good car; I was so desperate I would have taken any piece of crap machine Dad could salvage from his shop.

Instead I got a talk. This talk was even worse than the talk Mom had given me when I was fourteen where she had detailed all the ways she would ruin my life if I was ever disrespectful to the girls I found myself having 'urges' about, before she rolled her eyes and said the urges were natural and I should never ever attempt to satisfy them in her house. It was the most embarrassing, awkward moment of my life—and it was still less awful than the talk Dad gave me on my seventeenth birthday.

Son, you're a werewolf.

Geez, thanks Dad. I never would have figured that out even though I HAVE CLAWS NOW.

Perhaps it wasn't my most mature moment.

Having lived on the rez my whole life, where everyone was related to everyone else and there was nothing to do but talk about each other all day, I was used to people knowing my business. So it didn't surprise me when Will showed up, even though my cousin was the last person I wanted to see after finding out I had turned into a four-legged monster.

The thing about Will is...he's a dick. And that's the nice way of putting it. On the list of people I wanted seeing me with fur he was below even Marlena Call who has the greatest tits in the fine state of Washington.

"You look damn stupid like that," he said. "And you've got orange fur. You look like a giant freaking pumpkin."

I growled. I was doing that a lot since I had turned into a werewolf that morning.

Why the hell is he here? I asked Dad. Since he wasn't too fond of Uncle Paul, he usually understood my irritation with the man's son. That day he just told me to wait a second.

Then Will took off his clothes and turned into a wolf too.

You didn't tell me you were a werewolf? I demanded.


I didn't want you to try sending me to rehab, loser. So no, I didn't tell you I was a werewolf.

Is there anyone else around here who's a werewolf that I should know about? I asked the enormous bear-like russet creature that was supposed to be my father (even though Dad hadn't turned into a gigantic wolf my whole life…except apparently he had).

That's a good question, Levi.

That wasn't you answering, Dad.

Well, you see...

Everyone's a werewolf, Will said helpfully. Dad didn't correct him.


Dad basically went through every friend he had, plus Brian Uley, which was just going to be awkward. Will decided to be helpful, the way only Will could.

Including the father of the girl you think about when you jack off. Did I mention Will was evil? He just kept laughing. Oh, and being a werewolf means he can read your mind. And so can your dad.

Well, that was going to get awkward.

There's one more person, Dad said. Like it could possibly get any worse—maybe it would be Marlena herself.

Then you'd at least get to see her naked instead of just stalking her like—

Does he have to be here for this? I interrupted. Because he is not helping.

Yes, he is, Dad said. I felt myself agreeing just because Dad said it. The last time that had happened I had been eight. Mom said it was because I was just going through a phase where I couldn't help being a jackass. My mother was all heart.

There was no one else our age when it happened to me, Will said, like I was supposed to feel sorry for him. Guess I did. In a way. There was something reassuring about having Will around, even though I couldn't help wishing he would be nice for just once in his life.

Just shut up, I told him. For the first time ever Will listened to me. It wasn't natural. Neither was turning into a werewolf so I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised. Now, who else can read my mind?

Your mother.

Funny Will. Who is it?

This time it was Dad who said: Your mother.

I didn't handle that maturely either.

It took me a week to learn enough control so I could phase back. It had taken Will three weeks—so that's where the loser had gone and why no one had cared; I probably should apologize for screaming that my parents were unfeeling assholes—so I felt pretty good about it. I had even beaten Brian (it had taken him thirteen days) and boy was a pansy ass do-gooder.

Damn. I wasn't supposed to think that sort of stuff anymore. He could read my mind.

The way my mother could.

Dad had kept her and most of the others out of my head the past week. Most of the guys he had listed had once been werewolves, but they were long retired. There were only a couple of them left anymore. Mom, Dad, Uncle Seth, Embry and Quil, Sam, Uncle Paul and some guy called Max. I could remember that.

Uncle Seth had stopped in and so had Uncle Paul (mostly to drag Will home, but still) though the rest of them left me alone. It was better this way, Dad said—that way I could concentrate on myself instead of the incoming army.


I just wanted to go home and get a decent meal. Raw meat sucked.

You're pickier than your mother, Dad complained. But I could tell he was eager to get home, too. It was creepy as hell, being able to read my father's mind. At least he hadn't thought about Mom—

It was amazing how quickly he could phase back. A little weird, because I was suddenly seeing a lot of Dad naked and that would never not be creepy, but there was nothing we could do about that. As a werewolf I had to get used to weird. Plus, it sounded like I was going to be naked a lot.

Around Mom, as Will liked to point out.

"Can you hear that?" Dad asked after we were dressed and standing on our front porch. "Guess where your mother is."

"In your bedroom. Going through drawers."

"You're learning fast," Dad said. It was kind of nice, having him grinning all proudly. Things had been kind of lousy between us lately—even before he had refused to buy me a car he had been kind of a jerk—so it was kind of cool that this werewolf thing had him being slightly less of an overbearing asshole.

"She's walking down the hall now."

"I guess she heard us," Dad said, just as the door flew open.

Mom regarded me the same way she always did, totally unimpressed. Her eyes looked a little mistier than usual, which is why I had to say something.

"Hey, Mom. Just found out you're a real bitch."

The growl Dad made promised me a world of pain. It was worth it though.

"You're not funny," Mom declared. Yes I was. "And Jake? No growling at your son."


"He's also a member of our pack," he protested. "Now get inside, boy. And don't talk to your mother that way."

So I did what I usually did. I flipped them off, grumbled under my breath, then did what Dad said because, you know, he was my dad and everything.

"Glad to have you back, Levi," Mom called after me. Mom's always been good with the sarcasm and today was no exception. Mom could make people bleed with just her words.

At least she had a good spread laid out. Mom was a killer cook.

"Where's Judy?" I asked. My older sister, Dinah, was off at school, but the pain-in-the-ass sometimes known as my younger sibling should have still been at home. I had been gone for a week; it would have been nice if someone pretended they had missed me.

"She's with your aunt."

Crap. Judy was like the only kid on the planet Will tolerated, for the sole reason that she could help him plan all sorts of evil things to do to me. When she got home I was going to have to fear for my life (or maybe I'd just get to test out the extent of my werewolf superpowers a bit earlier than I had expected). It's not like my parents would stop her. Most people thought my sister was the sweetest little girl ever, failing to notice that she was really the evilest human being ever known to walk the face of the earth. Actually. I had tried to perform an exorcism as kid, but Mom had made me stop.

"So it's just the three of us? Joy."

My parents rolled their eyes in unison. They did a lot of things together like that. I had always found it kind of creepy, in a they-MUST-be-pod-people kind of way, and it was still creepy even though now I had a reason.

"So you two are the Alpha pair, huh? That means I'm for sure going to get to be in control when Dad kicks the bucket, right?"

"Over my dead body," my mother promised. She was laughing, a little. "That's the general idea."

"The power mad thing is your fault, Leah."

"And probably the attitude, too."

"Nah. You were never as bad as that. No one was ever as bad as that."

"Sitting right here," I muttered, not that my parents cared. Though they looked surprised, for a second. "Hey! All those times Judy would swear you guys were muttering to yourselves—you were?"

"Sorry," Dad said. Mom only shrugged, "It's going to be a pain to remember to stop now."

"Sorry me turning into a giant freaking monster is inconveniencing you," I snarled.

"Down, Levi," Dad commanded. "Calm down."

I don't know how I managed—Mom had already grabbed the good dishes off the table in case I phased and destroyed the spread—but somehow I didn't phase. I guess I really was getting better at the werewolf thing.

"So you two have been talking about us in front of our faces all these years. Anything else I should know about?"

Mom answered seriously: "We...we don't go on nearly as many trips for work as we say."

"So what were you guys doing when you'd disappear all the time?"

Not that I ever cared that my parents would take random trips at the drop of the hat, even though Dinah always said it was suspicious and for years Judy couldn't sleep when they were gone unless I let her stay with me. While Dinah believed they were off on business (even if she suspected some sort of gang stuff), I had always thought they were just blowing us off. The three of us could get kind of annoying.

"We hunt vampires."

"Yeah, Dad. That's just what I was going to guess."

"I'm serious, Levi. We kill vampires. When we'd go off...we were tracking down vampires. That's why we always hated leaving."

Mom always made sure to give us five kisses each (cheek, cheek, nose, forehead and one more on the nose for good luck, we always chanted with her) and Dad always made me promise I knew where his will and stuff were before he left. I thought it was them being paranoid, even though I never really thought of my parents as the over-protective types. Sure, they were annoying and nosy, but they usually didn't worry about us. They knew that we could take care of ourselves.

"You...you could have gotten hurt?"

"We're tough," Dad promised. Otherwise known as a yes. Shit.

"That's why you phased," Mom explained. "What with the pack a lot smaller than it used to be, when the vampires came near the town it triggered the three of you boys."

"There are vampires nearby?" Maybe I should have been scared, but I was just kind of excited. They might not let me fight Will just yet, but they'd let me fight the vamps I could already tell.

"We took care of that already," Dad said. "I'm just sorry that we couldn't get them before they got to you."

"Is it that bad being a werewolf?"

They looked at each other then, like they were waiting for the other to answer. Or maybe they were trying to figure out the answer using their telepathy. My parents were kind of co-dependent. Sometimes, when they were in really weird moods, they could practically finish each other's sentences.

"Your brothers will make it worth it," Dad said finally. "And you'll be keeping people safe this way. Keeping your sisters safe."

But I didn't want to keep them safe. It wasn't fair—Dinah was older and Judy was more annoying. Just because I was a guy didn't mean I should have to put up with having Will in my head. But it's not like my parents had a choice about whether I became a werewolf or not. They probably would have picked Dinah, if they could.

So since we were stuck with each other, I sucked it up.

"So you're the only girl?" I asked Mom.

"Yeah. We never did figure that one out."

"Is there anything you guys did figure out?"

Dad was glowering at me again, but Mom was just gazing at me with that look on her face. She didn't get it often, but I hated when she did. It always made me feel like crap. With tears half in her eyes, she got up and came over, putting her arms right around my shaking body.

"We're glad you're home, Levi. I know it's hard, but we're glad you're home."

Mom wasn't so bad, sometimes.

"Me too," I muttered.

Then Dad handed me more potatoes so I guess he was all right too.

To Be Continued...