Ami reached over her body and turned the knob. It squeeked shut and she smiled. A bath was the most relaxing pasttime. She reahced her arm out , makeing the warm lather splash about, and picked up a book lying on the tiled floor. This was bliss. No loud noises no screams or constant giggling, just the sound of water splishing gently against her frame. She giggled a bit, wondering if Usagi-chan could ever feel sane in such solitude. She sighed and withdrew further into the tub, letting her shoulders sink in and allwoing the water to play against the edges of her hair.

Water chunked against her legs as she lifted out of the tub. She always seemed to lose track of time while batheing. She wrinkled her nose as her feet touched the cold floor, then laughed as she cuaght a glimspe of her reflection. A wrinkled nose didn't suit her very well. She picked up a nearby towel and began patting down her body, little droplets catching on her thighs and knees. She brought the towel up drying sections of hair and pulling it back, but even then wild strands clung to her forehead and cheeks. She dropped the towel into a white hamper and picked out another, wrapping it around her body and tightening it above her chest. She'd get dressed in her room, she decided ;grabbing her slightly dampened book and aiming for the doors.

The air was cool in the hall , the familiar smell of home stiffling the sent of her recent bath. Droplets of water followed close behinde her as she moved into the living room. She walked slowly , inthrawled in her current readings, with one hand she held her book and with the other her towel. She paced a bit further before stopping. Her mind a whirl ;filtering through the words she read. She stood silently amist furniture and the like, she'd often get caught up like this. Her finger played against the books edge , yerning for a flip of the page.

The grip on her towel loosed as she aimed to hold the book in both hands, as if to steady herself, or in some feeble attmpt to establish balance. The towel slipped a bit but still pressed against her body. She leaned into her book, her posture flailing and the towel falling to the floor. She'd noticed, considered picking it up, but, no one was home,and no one would be. Perhaps, just after this chapter....

A slight tap sounded behinde her, and two arms soon wrapped around her naked figure. She yelped, dropping her book and freezeing her frame. Someone..had been there, had seen her..was now...

Soft hands played across her shoulder and over her tummy chilling her to the bone.

"You have no idea, how much I've missed you, water nymph."

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