Fingers played against the contours of her flesh and she whimpered slightly. Her thoughts jumbled in a daze, never had she felt so helpless, her own fear working agianst her. Smooth teeth nibbled at her sholder, pulling her from her momentary lapse.

She struggled slightly at first, wobbling so gently her captor barely noticed her frail attmpts at escapeing. His lips krept closer to her rapid pulse, his tongue playing with it's reverbrations. She flung a damp elbow back , but it merely swished air against his frame, still he let her go. He took a few steps back as she wobbled forward, her body flushing . She tightened arms around her naked figure , covering what she could, hopeing he couldn't see, hopeing he wouldnt see. She hunchd over , thinking that that might perhaps dwindle his view, and turned around.

Slightly dampened brown hair mashed agianst his forhead, eyes of like wise sature beaming out at her. A twinge pulling at his lips. He eyed her,at first feverishly, takeing in her form, her attmpts of concealing any fleash, failing with her shock.

Her eyes a barage of emotin, betrayal, shock, fight. Especially fright.

"Uh!," she whispered out, her body still hunched down, her face frozen at a stand still. She swallowd hard before uttering out ,"Urawa-san!"

His gaze fluctuated, and he turned away, his deminor flaialing a bit. A wicked grin still etched on his face. He cleared his throat and moved forwar. She would have run, to put on clothes, or rather to hide, but her legs were stuck, her body tense, and muscles tight.

His expression had changes so rapidly, now his smirk was gone and a blush grazed his childish features, but still, that omnious air flowed about him. Ami could smell it, like a musky rain, and it reeled in her mind. Earlier his gaze was fixed on her, now he did everything in his power to avoid looking at her. Urawa aimed down, and Ami flinched pulling her body back, up, and straight. He picked the moist fabric off the floor and threw it around her shoulders, pulling her into his arms, shocking her slighty. She had , expected somthing eles? She blushed as thoughts, erotic little thoughts , played into her mind.

She cringed as his grip tightend and his hands molded on o her hips. He never touched her like this, domineering and yet so intent on being gentle. Her body trembled.

The towel now draped over her form, it's cold wet texture disturbing and yet, those parts that pressed up against Urawa seemed, colder? She looked away. This all felt so very strange. Why hadnt she pulled out, why was she still in his arms, why'd he come?

She turned up to face him, slowly pushing her self out of his embrace, intent on finding the answers to her questions, intent of getting out of said predicament, intent on feeling, unlike this.

He watched her, for just a moment, his face hardened slightly before leaning into her lips. She yelped against his kiss and pulled back, but two hands soon held her neck tightly forceing her lips to gape open.

His tounge poured into her, mingeling and manouvering over her own. Her heart raced. This kiss. I love this kiss. He mind speckled as memories made their pressance known. This kiss.

He pulled back, his body trembling and eyes closed. He left her standing, her own body reacting so warmly. He could feel her, everything about her. How he mised this, how he yearned for this,all those years. All that time, denied the only thing he'd ever truly wanted. He worried, his face obvious of that. His brow furowed slightly and he screwed his eyes shut. A tiny voice echoed in the danmkest areas of this mind. He cringed. This work, if just for tonight, it would work.


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