"Serve my queen." Wilhelm Grimm-y said as his eyes rolled back into his head, his eyelids fluttered shut and his body went limp in Cavaldi's arms.

"No Grimm-y." He said, shaking him and again harder. He felt his face twist as rage flooded his senses toward the witch that did this. He stood, the elder Grimm falling to the ground with a soft thud.

"Demon queen. Hear me. Swallow my curse from the dark heart of my ancestors." He growled, a maddening chuckle following. He started to chant in Italian and watched as the tower began to collapse. He grinned maliciously and suddenly felt frightened. He and the elder Grimm-y were too close. He grasped Wilhelm under his arms and began to drag him away.

He found a shelter and made his way toward it. He gently laid Wilhelm down and he felt an even bigger spark of fear when the aged man did not awaken. He put one of his keen ears on the Grimm-y's chest and heard a faint heartbeat.

The Grimm-y is alive!He thought. He did nothing but watch the older Grimm for minutes. His chest neither rose nor fell but Cavaldi knew he was still alive. Being a torturer, he had to know the difference between unconsciousness and death. Wilhelm was stuck in the former. He wondered if the elder Grimm would ever awaken.

A shame, he thought, he was very handsome. A lot of lady lovers will miss him.Cavaldi's thoughts went from lady lovers to little ladies.

"The children!" He exclaimed as he remembered the trapped girls.

I vill be back Grimm-y. Please avaken if you can." Cavaldi said as he left the shelter and slumbering Grimm.

Outside was horrible, there were rocks everywhere.

"Hallo? Can anybody hear me? Hallo." He called out, not knowing who was hidden in the mattresses. He saw the person he wanted to see most climb, the only one who mattered, and he raced to him, he could save the elder Grimm-y.