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notes: I'm on a writing spree. Three stories in one week.
I love Steven, he's totally awesome.

(he's a avalanche made of steel.)


He has a habit of running away.

He was seventeen when he decided that succeeding his father's company wasn't worth it. Instead, he took the chance to travel around the region— with his Aggron. (He decided to be a steel type trainer when he was thirteen and there was this huge avalanche— they saved him.)


He was twenty when he first fell in love.

He was Champion now, best of the best and there was this pretty girl. Flannery. He liked the spark in her eyes, and sometimes when they would lie in bed at night and dream about forever, he ran away. She never spoke to him again.

He never bothered to rekindle the fire.


He was twenty-two when he first met pure innocence in person for the first time.

Pretty girl, he thought— and she was, just blooming into something. He thinks that she's a gem hidden in all that dirt, unlike Flannery who shown her true colors never once trying to hide them.

He hears her name is Sapphire.

Fitting name, he supposes.


He was twenty-three when he first let a child down.

She was awarded Champion, that girl. She beat him and now he wouldn't even appear at her own crowning of Champion.

She was crying, they say. She refused the title, they say.

He acted like he couldn't care less.


He was twenty-five when he relinquished the position of Champion.

Passed it on to Wallace; then continued traveling places. Traveled to Johto, traveled to places and he felt free. No responsibility, until he met pure innocence in the eyes again.

Her name was Soul.

He wonders if those pillars of his soul are tumbling down a mountain.


(He's broken so many hearts, crushed so many souls and he wonders why his downfall came from a mere little girl.

a cynical-honest- part of him, says he deserves it.

He really does.)