Story: Keeping My Feet out of the Grave

A/N: This story will most like change. Only pieces of the second book will be in here. I think I might be blending Books 2 and 3. Nothing concret yet. AU with an addition of a few new characters. Canons are not a given. Rating is due to language.

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Chapter 1

What a way to spend my night off before a job. At the moment I have a knife in the heart of a vampire that I was to question tomorrow. The job was different from all the others I went on so I knew something was up. When he mentioned the same ship I heard about from Bones I knew they were connected.

"Since I have your attention I am curious what your real name is. You see I heard about that ship crossing and knew the names of the four survivors. Which one are you since I know Tim, Ian, Charles, and Crispin were the only ones to survive the attack in the colonies.


"Ah so you are the creator."

"Can you let me up? I rather have this conversation sitting comfortable in a chair being able to look at you than with having a knife in my back. Of course the view of your breasts is lovely. It be more fun to actually be able to do more than just look."

"I will let you up. Just don't try anything stupid. I rather not have to fight."

"Agreed." I took the knife out slowly as not to kill him on mistake. He got up off the floor, looked at his bloodied shirt from where the blood ran to the front, and looked at me. He shook his head and went to sit on the couch. He patted the seat beside him. While he was getting up I rose and righted my clothing. I get more action from my jobs than I do in my personal life. I looked around and shrugged. I took the seat he motioned to. I just did not get as close as he liked. I could tell by the look he shot me. Did he think we were going to continue on with his seduction?

"I think I can guess who told you the story. There are two things that give it away. One being that lovely tattoo. I have never seen a bone in the shape of a heart. Interesting choice unless one knew the reason one would use bones as the outline." He raised his eyebrow waiting for my comment but I kept my mouth shut. "The second being this very unpleasant vampire I know. I have never seen him so disagreeable and it looks like I found the reason. I'll say I never seen a girl get him so undone before. You must be something."

"Oh really? Who might that be?" I wonder how long ago this was. Is her still like he described or has he moved on. I do miss him it is as evident in my dreams. Those dreams go both ways either I am having a mind blowing dream or a heart breaking nightmare. I might wake up shaken but happy at the same time since I dreamed about him and saw his fae. But I stand by my decision to leave.

"My dear friend Crispin or should I say Bones. I bet he'd love your tattoo. I wonder how pissed he would be if he knew I saw it considering its location. I best stay out of swinging distance."

"You will not be telling him about my tattoo or that you saw me for that matter. I do not want him knowing where I am."

"Why's that Luv?"

"You know what I do for a living and who I work for. I rather him not get involved. I want they far away from him. They might decide to go after him. I already have them thinking he is dead. Like you I consider him a good friend. If he popped up they will know I lied and then they might find an excuse to go after him like they did with you. I already figured out that the mission to go after you was not on the up and up. I usually go after vampires who kill humans that are ignorant about them as meal. I know your kind can feed without killing. The targets I go after are killing unnecessarily. Your human employees knew what they were signing up for when they worked for you and then stole for you. They knew the penalties. I know vampire laws differ as did they. It was justified."

"Yes you are right. The one that sent you had his own agenda. I know who your boss is. I just did not know Crispin's girl worked for him. Interesting news that is."

"I bet." He likes to keep bringing that up. He does like to egg me on. I am not Crispin's girl. The idea does make my heart flutter. Then reality reminds me I left him cowardly with a Dear John letter. Our friendship will change due to my actions. I don't ever want to see his disappointed face. Yes I said I loved seeing his face no matter what contexts in my dreams, but those are dreams that are sprouted from my own thoughts and insecurities. The real Bones might react way worse and I hate to deal with his real anger.

"Your boss Don is after me because he wants a particular vampire that I turned." That is interesting. Don never let that little tidbit be know.

"Who did you turn?"

"His brother...BUT before you go off on me let me say that he asked to be turned. I did not force him." His brother is a vampire. No way! No wonder he is so into his job.

"Like you did Spade and Bones?" Bones did mention in his tale that he refused and Ian took away his choice. No matter what I am glad that Iam did it. Everyone has different people they meet in life that change you in someway. Good and Bad. Bones is one of those people for me. Don is one too. Who knew I be working for the governement using all the skills Bones taught me. Even though Don is the reason I gave up my friendship with Bones I can still put him under the good category along with Bones and my son Michael. The bad includes those vampires that attacked me and brought Kat and I to killing our first vampires. My Auntie Elizabeth changed my like too even though I did not know her personally but the legacy she left me along with all the tools to learn to use my powers was very life changing. I fell like I know her from her journals and grimoures. If she was not outcast from the family I might have actually had someone in my family that actually loved me besides my sister Kat and my son.

"Correct, I may have been a little forceful with them. I was still a young vampire when I turned them. They were also my best friends. I was not willing to loose them even when they perferred to live a limited amount of time. Oh and by the way thank you for not killing my friend Magnus. He has been with me for over fifty years. This night may have differed greatly. Instead of seducing you I may have been a little rougher due to the loss. So thank you again."

"I told you I already felt this job was off. That is why there is no team with me. The job is to be for tomorrow night. I suggest you leave before we arrive tomorrow."

"I still can't believe I found Crispin's girl. Do you know he has been looking for you. He has not told me personally anything, but I heard things. I understand now why those people who tried to hire Crispin to kill the fabled Reaper disappeared. Seems like he does not want anyone hurting his girl."

"I am not Bones' girl. We worked together for awhile. I did not know him that long."

"I find that is not the whole story. Tattoo remember?"

"Well.." I did not know what to say. But I stupidly tried. I say stupid because it did not come out convincing. "I may have had some feelings after I left that he did not share. It was more like a teenage crush or infactuation. But that was years ago. Those things fade with age and the knowledge of how things really are in life. I was basically his student so that is his only connection to me."

"That is surely an incorrect take on the story. No matter how long your time together was, you made an impression on the chap. All he does is search for you and do jobs. Granted he has never told me personally for I bet he did not want my opinion. He probably thought I would cause more help than aid. He would be right of course. I know he has a partner, but I have yet to meet her. I wonder if she was hired to replace you on the jobs. Maybe she is doing a little more than helping on the jobs now." He stopped to think about it. "I have not heard from him for over six months and there are no new rumors circulating. He could have stopped the search for you. Maybe he finally moved on from his obsession." That hurt. My heart felt like it was stabbed instead of Ian's. He was probably right too. There is no reason for him to be attached to me after so little time. He was out of my league. With his old profession and the years of different partners, I could not have been anywhere near the group he would consider worth remembering. Hell all that we shared was a few kisses. That is elementary play ground stuff. Plus it is hard to imagine doing anything remotely close to what he is accustom to. I still have never let anyone touch me that intimately other than dancing. I doubt that I will ever be intimate with someone without my mind replaying my first and only sexual experience. From what I read so women never get over being raped. Some lucky women do, but there are not a large supply of men who would wait until I am ready and be hit with rejection and tears at every attempt.

"See I told you I was nothing more than an employee. He has a new partner so it is best not to bring me up. Why mess with things? You are his friend so you don't want to bring up unpleasant memories. Let him move on." I wonder if his partner is my sister. Did she say on after I left? Most likely. I bet he probably won her over. He does have that personality that draws people. She must have surcombed to it. Maybe she got over her hatred of vampires and realized Bones is a wonderful man and developed feelings for him. It hurt to think about that, but they both deserve to be happy. They can be there for each other. I felt a tears fill my eyes but I blinked them back. I will not focus on that. I need to move on myself. It looks like I need to really try. There is no going back.

"I can see your point. After meeting you there is no way I am not going to let you leave without the agreement that we keep in touch. I can see having you for a friend will be highly entertaining."

"Why is that?"

"I have not met another half-breed before. When I saw your eyes light up, I felt like I won the lottery. You my new friend will be the best thing I have ever found in ages. Plus you are lovely to look at." He gave me a sly smile.

"I will agree to your request if you promise not to let Bones know you are in contact with me. Please."

"Why would I want to share you with him? You are mine darling and I am a selfish bastard that does not share well with others." He is surprisingly honest with that statement.

"Agreed then." We exchanged contact numbers and I was heading out the door. "Remember my team and I are coming tomorrow. Leave as soon as you can."

"I'll be but a leaf in the wind. You will be talking to you soon, Pet." He blew me a kiss. I just shook my head and left.

The next night my team left Ian's house disappointed that the target was not there. Don was just as rumpled. He said he had no clue where he would have gone. He said he will just have to keep a watch in hopes to find Liam Flannery again. I just reacted like everyone else as to not let on that I knew anything I was not suppose to.

Ian's POV

"It is great that you were all able to come play a little poker tonight. It has been too long since we've gotten together." I felt positively giddy. I can't wait to see his reaction.

"Yes, you are quite right. It is long overdue for a visit." Mencheres spoke while looking at his cards.

"Indeed. I was looking forward to robbing you blind tonight." Spade sat to the left of me and he showed he is actually happy to be here...unlike Crispin. His face was just a blank mask. I wonder if he is still looking for Katie. I will keep my promise, but I do plan on having some fun.

"Crispin I was wondering if you are still looking for that Bird?" He slowly looked up from his cards.

"Why do you ask Ian?" He did not give anything away. Well I will just have to push a bit.

"Oh just asking because I met this lovely girl recently that turned out to be the Reaper. She came to visit me at my house."

"Your not dead so are you sure she was the Reaper? I have not heard of her leaving her targets alive."

"Who said I was her target? We had a lovely visit. She is a beautiful girl. Her skin was ethereal. Her hair was a little different than what you were rumored to be looking for. She did not have red hair. I can not say if she would look better with red hair. You know women they love to change it up. There current shade of blond was very appealing though. From what I could tell from how close we were, I was unable to tell if the drapes matched the carpet since she lacked hair from my position." I pretended to be lost in thought but I kept a watch to see if he changed his expression. If I am correct he has to be growing angrier by the minute thinking I was able to see an unwrapped box. Granted I did not actually see the box, but I was one article away from the prize. I did not see any hair around her panties and tattoo.

"And why would the Reaper call on you?" He is passing over my digging comments.

"I am not sure the origin of the visit, only what it turned into." I let a slow smile rise on my face.

"Really now. I heard she uses her body to get the attention of her mark. Are you sure she wasn't there to kill you?"

"I guess she could have been, but I am proof that she did not kill me. We did get intimate. That kiss tasted heavenly. I particularly loved this little heart tattoo that she got just inside her panty line. I have never heard of that in all the stories. I guess not many are lucky enough to see that or they could have and are just not alive to say anything." I just smiled. I am loving this. He may not show anything outward, inside he has to be reeling.

"I have not heard of any tattoo. You sure you had the Reaper there?"

"Oh I am sure. There is something I forgot to mention that the heart was a made out of a bone. That was an interesting way to make a heart...don't you think Crispin?" That got him. I know it.

"Bone shape heart? That is odd. I wonder why?" Charles has to be asking for Bones affect.

"Why to symbolize her old partner Bones of course. She told me they use to work together and shared she use to have a school girl crush when I brought up her tattoo later after we were together. She mentioned that they did jobs together some years ago. I told her that I had not seen you in more than six months, but the last I heard you had a new partner and thought you were doing fine." He does not need to know we did only a little kissing and fondling. Let him think I tasted what he had. I bet it pissed him off that not only did I have her I told her he moved on. I'm a bastard.

"And why would you tell her that?" I thought I detected something in his voice.

"I felt bad for saying you were not happy with her departure and did not want her upset that she hurt you. I figured if she knew about you moving on and that you were possible linked with your new partner she would feel better about her decision in leaving you."

"Where did you see her?" He still tried to mask his true feelings. I knew better.

"I'm sorry. I can't tell you that. I made her a promise."

"She made you promise not to tell me?"

"Yes that and not to tell you the nature of our relationship." Oh that sounded so much worse and it is the truth. I just kept the promise not to let him know we have a friendship not a intimate relationship. This is the most fun I have had in a while. Thank you Luv.

"And what... you see each other regularly?"

"I have not had a chance to see her again yet, but we conversed recently. I look forward to being with her again. Those lips are just so sweet." I could feel the emotions coming off him. He was not containing them like he wanted to. I felt the rage.

"Give me her number."

"I can't I gave her my word. You just don't break those with girls like her. She is way too special. After all how many half breeds have you ever met. She is my first and oh so special. A treasure really. One that I hate to lose." I let my face show that those words had a double meaning. " Please let keep her lineage a secret. I don't think she wants that to be common knowledge. I know I can trust you lot with this."

"Ian..." Bones was stopped by Mencheres.

"Bones now is not the time. You will not find out what you need tonight. What you seek will come to you. You must wait. Please let this go tonight." He then turned to Ian. "Let's talk no more on Kathleen tonight." I wonder if he knows what I know about her. I did my research on her after our little visit. Seems we are connected. A member of my line is related not only to Don her boss but to her as well. I know who her father is. And from what I hear he knows his daughter is working with his brother. I have never heard a rumor about the Reaper being a half-bred so that is information I will only share with this group.