Story: Keeping My Feet out of the Grave

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Chapter 4

It has been a few weeks since Bones was back in my life again. I regret the years I have spent without him because I enjoy the daily routines we share. My days start and end with Bones. I can not image a day starting or ending any better. He has kept his word and we have been going out on dates and taking things at a nice pace. Bones and Michael have gotten along wonderfully. The transition to Bones being in our home so frequently has had no ill affects on Michael. It helped that my team spent so much time at my house over the years so having another male around wasn't to hard for him to accept. He actually likes it. They have formed a nice start to a friendship possible more in the future. Michael has noticed the affection Bones gives me and teases me about it. He shows so ill effects about my budding relationship. I really do have a great kid.

Bone has wormed his way into my place of employment. It was actually quite funny how he gave my boss an ultimatum. If he was not apart of every one of my jobs then I would be leaving. It was lucky he asked me about this before he went forth with his plan. He even had talked to Kat about her joining too.

He felt I needed some time off since he felt I was working way too much and he required ample amout of time to woo me. His words not mine. It took some negotiations to get Don to agree to this but Bones was well prepared and held out something my Uncle could not refuse. Bones would supply his blood and he would sir vampires of Don's choosing.

Kat and Bones transition into joining the team was entertaining. Bones proved his worth when he kicked every single one of the members of the team all by himself in a matter of minutes. When Kat joined the guys were happy to have another female member.

She is training with the guys to prepare for her future work on the team. With Bones back in my life having her take on some of my work load will ensure more time with Bones. I think that is one of the reasons he asked Kat to join. The other being he was not a fan of me being bait. He did not show it but I could see later his dislike of having another man hands and smell on me. He never said anything he would just run a bath for me when we went home after a job. He would handle Michael while I took my bath.

When he had Michael settled he would sneak in just as I was getting out of the tub. He would have the towel ready for me. He was a gentlemen the whole time but I did see his eyes travel south as I was being wrapped in the towel. He was sweet when he towel dried my hair and then he ran a brush through it. He was the most loving man you could ever want.

We are still taking our time getting to know each other and getting intimate. I learned to adjust to his perusal of my body. He may be a gentlemen but he still a man. Well that is what he tells me if I call him on it.

For the most part we spend a lot of time together. There are times when we don't. Like today he is handling some affair with his line. He needed to go off to address a situation. I don't know what since he had to run off rather quickly. I received a call from my mother she said she had Michael over there and Kat was coming over so she requested I come over so we could have a family day together. She sounded actually nice. She never talked to me like that not since she found out from my Aunt when I was young a was going to be the next witch. Of course my mother never told me that information. No she just started getting mean. At first it was just looks which turned into words over time and then finally she resorted to action in the form a beatings, attempted drownings, burning and other things she could do when Kat was not around. I knew that Kat was not getting this treatment because I never saw a mark on her. Mother would also be nicer to Kat but not by much. I take that had to do with her being a half-vampire. We all heard about the evils of them when she told us of our heritage when we were sixteen. Of course I heard about the witch thing before that since our Aunt died before then.

Having my mother call in a rather friendly voice inviting me over like she was happy to have me in the house was odd. I would not say it made me happy for it did not. I came to accept a long time ago that I would never have a good relationship with my mother. Kat still tried to get her acceptance and approval. She is still looking for it.

I arrive at the house still wondering how come Michael was with her. Mother never said and did not give me much opportunity to inquire. I decided I would shoot Bones a quick text message so he would know. I knew he would be antsy if he came home after his business and I was not there especially with no word from me.

'Mom called. She has Mike and wants me to visit with her and Kat. At her house now.'

I shut my phone and put it in my pocket. I felt dread as I walked up to the front door. I hate spending time with her. If she didn't have Michael I certainly would not be here. I am here merely to pick him up and to leave as quick as Kat allows.

As my hand closes over the handle to the screen door I heard a noise and felt a sharp pain in my back. I try to reach my hand around to feel the spot as I am blanketed in darkness falling down the few steps onto the walkway.

My mind was in a fog. Not a natural one though. My eyes were blurred and focusing was something I was finding it hard to do. The voices were coming clearer and I heard Kat. She sounded off like she was in a similar drugged state that I concluded I was in. That was the most logical thing my mind came up with for me being so lethargic.

"You are sick." Her voice practically spit the words out in her drugged slur. "I look forward to killing you. I am just happy that your sperm did not make us as messed up in the head like you." I am guessing that our dear father in the one who put us in this state. Thoughts of what I have missed while I will still knocked out and has he hurt Kat. Please say she is not harmed.

"What is going on? Why do I feel like ate a bottle of Somas?"

"Good morning Princess. I hope you slept well. As for the drugs, yes you did ingest quite a bit. But since you are a half-bred you can handle more than a human so no chance of you dying that way. I have better plans for that. Don't want you to get the easy way out." Lifting my heavy head in the voices direction and the form of a man started to come into focus. He had red hair and you could see the resemblance between us three. I looked down and saw I was fastened on top of a table on my stomach spread eagle. In my normal state I would have a chance of at least breaking the table but with this drug induced fog I felt it took most of my energy just lifting my head. I then felt something touching my inner thigh so close to areas I rather not have them near. I strained to look and saw an arm that was attached to a rather nasty looking vampire. He licked his lips as his hands started to go up further. There was a knife in his other hand that I saw inch closer. He then used it to cut my jeans from my crotch to my ankle not being all that gentle for I felt the slice in my skin at different pressure going deeper or shallower. The medicine that gave me dulled the pain a little. The vampire then leaned down and licked the blood path up my leg. Oh my god. I felt disgusted as I closed my eyes knowing he was soon going to reach the end. His tongue flicked the last bit of blood and dug under my panty line to reach the place that was basically on display to him. I felt bile rise in my throat.

"I see you made a friend Princess. Crow has been waiting for you to wake up to have some fun with you. Seems he has taking a liking to you over Kitty Kat here." Just great. How am I to get out of this when I can not even get my mind to even think of any useful spells. I feel weak. It hurt to try to remember even one spell right now. I am not sure if I could even cast one with my energy level so far down.

"You two have caused me so many problems. Do you know how hard it is to be the father of two half-breds? It is embarrassing. I am getting so much flack for the problems you have been causing with you trying to kill off the vampire population. You are ruining my chances of having the life I deserve. Now I have to practically hide so as not to get attacked by those who blame me for you two. If I had known my juice was still active I would have whacked one off before I let you mother seduce me." Our mother a seducer? I wonder which version of the events was the correct one. It most likely was the middle road and mom was a little more into the act than she claimed. I heard Kat ask him about it and the way he explained it did seem like she only freaked out when she found out what he was. No wonder she did not side with me when I was raped. She probably thought I was all into it like she was.

How are we going to get out of this. On my survey of the room, I noticed that mom was in in a far corner. Seems like she was green-eyed. I have to say I like this silent side to her. Kat was mouthing off big time so I tried to pay attention and think of something to get us out. I almost died when Kat claimed to be the one that worked for the government and killed all those vampires. I am not sure if it was to get the focus on her and be the martyr, but if that was the case she failed.

"You are a right bitch aren't you, so proud of your reputation. Well lets see how you are with you being responsible for your sisters pain. We are going to take all of it out on her. We know she is not so innocent herself. After all she was off killing with Bones playing his bait to collect his bounty. But since you are the big dog here we will let you crow all you want on your great feats." He was walking towards me near the end of his little speech. He took out silver knife and drove it into my hand. The pain as he flicked the blade every which way to do the utmost damage was pain that had me crying out.

"That is a nice sound. He then took another knife and drove it into my lower back as he took one of my feet twisting and pulling it hearing the bones snap and dropped it back down. The sound of my knee shattering was drowned out by my screams. "I think I should make it so no one can see the family resemblance." He rose the knife towards my face. The vampire behind me held it in place since I was thrashing all about. I heard Kat screaming, but could not make out any words. I felt the first slash across my cheek then one go down my neck. I cried out. There was more pain flowing along my body as more violence was inflicted. My body was released from their binds and then flipped so I was now on my back. The pain did not drown out the knowledge that someone was now ripping my pants off. I heard the vampire Crow call out. I heard parts of what he said. It seems like they found out that they had us confused since it looks like my tattoo gave away who I really was when he tore my panties off. Sounds like Ian was not mum about his visit with me if others knew about my tattoo. My private declaration is more public than I realized. The idea that I was naked and unable to move to the injuries did not seem to affect me any more. The pain was still growing since dear old Dad took to punching me now in the head. Right before I lost my sight due to eyes swelling up, I saw my fathers face. He was enraged. I felt one more the slam of a fist to the face and that was it.

A feeling of deja vu came over me. I felt warn out and in a fog. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was Bones' face. I smile. His face looked so torn. Why does he look like that? I could not think of a reason. Did something happened while I was asleep?

"That is just what I was hoping I would see again." I felt his hand on my cheek. "How are you feeling Luv?"

"Warn out. What were we doing to get me this tired? It feels like I did not get any rest at all last night."

"Hun, you are still out of it since you seem to not remember being tortured by your father." That startled me.

"My Father?" I tried to think what it was he was talking about. Bones gave me time and just lightly stroked my face. I felt a blank. There was nothing there.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what you are taking about. Its all one big blank. Can you fill me in?"

He let out a big breath. His face held one of pain. This obviously was hard for him. "Kitten you were tricked and held prisoner. You, your mother and Kat were all tied up by your Father and his mates. They green-eyed your mother to trick your sister into coming over. The also got you mother to trick you into thinking Michael was there and so you rushed over. They knew I was not with you and took advantage of our separation. They just did not count on you texting me your plans when you arrived there. They thought I was unreachable since they had me occupied with some of his other lackeys in a fight across town. I looked at your message right away and realized what was going on since I knew that Michael was not there. I have had him watched by one of my line.

He stopped and looked down for a moment. His hands were clenched into fists as he was fighting off some emotion. He looked up and I saw some red near the corners of his eyes. "When I got there with a few of my guys we broke in and found you naked on top of a table and there was some prick on top of you. The sight of you all beat up and there was so much blood. My main focus was on you. I let my men handle your mother and sister after dispatching the other vampires in the room. I flung your Father off you as he ripped your throat out. I saw one of my line grab him and I took care of the bastard that was on you sending him flying in the same direction as I ordered my guys not to kill either of the two and to hold them." He took a breath and his hands were back on me as he pulled me in close to his body. "You were not moving and you were losing so much blood from that neck wound as well as so many others. I was not going to let you die. If I could not heal you I would have turned you or brought you back as a ghoul. There was no way I was going to lose you."

"How are Kat and my mother?" I don't really give a fig about my mother but I did want to know what happened.

"They are fine. I can't understand why they focused on only you. Were they planning on torturing you one at a time?"

"I don't know. My mind is only giving me glimpses that go along with what you mentioned of my injuries, but no words yet."

"It was my fault." Kat's voice called out as she came closer. I looked at her from around Bones' arms. "I though if I made them believe I was her they would leave her alone. Before she woke up after being drugged they seemed more incensed about the work she did with the government than the killings we did for one of your jobs. I laid claim to her actions and they decided to take out all their anger on her to upset me more." She huffed. "It worked. I was so pissed but I couldn't do anything. Of course they had her so full of drugs she could not get us out of this mess." I knew what she meant but I was hoping Bones would not pick up on that information. I trust him with my life but I still can't come clean to him about the witch side of me. I don't want him getting into any trouble if his knowing got him executed along with me if it became known I was practicing my craft. I have never brought up that subject since Kat asked all those questions over four years ago. I have faith that he would still love me but I rather not put him in any more danger than he already is. With him around so much I have not been able to practice and that is what keeps the control at bay. I have been feeling little surges during the weeks since he has returned to my life and I have not been able to work on it. There was flub on one of my jobs that was noticeable but no one had a clue of how it happened. I played along. Kat heard but was unable to ask anything. She has almost slip a few times near Bones and I was afraid her would catch on and start asking the right questions. I have been looking at some more powerful spells that are out of me skill level after I learned how to unlock all pages so there is no limit to what I can read.

"You are right I know my girl would have been able to break free of that table if she was not drugged. I hope you realize Luv that I am going to be on you like glue for awhile. Almost losing you makes me so uneasy that I will need you in my sights."

"Please say you don't plan to follow me when I use the bathroom." I tried to play it off.

"It will be tough making due with waiting outside the door." He was kind enough to play along. Well I hope he was kidding.

"Oh this is going to be hell." Yes I may be flirting with him in my own way.

"What I thought you loved me. Are you getting sick of me?"

"No its not that. It's just some things are not to be shared. That being one of them." I heard Kat snickering.

"Laugh it up Kat. You know you would hate it too."

"Your right but I still find it funny."

"It is not that funny. You must be desperate for something to laugh at."

"Can someone explain how they were able to drug you."

"Kat it is up to you since I don't have a clue about anything that happened today."

"They shot her up with liquid meds and administered them with a tranquilizer-dart. She didn't even get a chance to enter the house before they shot her. I know this because that is how they got me. I saw them right before I was hit. I woke from the drugs just a few minutes before she did." She then turned to look at me and her regret was clear on her face. "I am so sorry Katie. I thought I was helping.

"Please Kat it would have happened no matter what. I probably would have received the same beating since I was tied to a table. I remember you were tied to a chair. The only difference was they just wanted to make you suffer blaming the whole thing on you."

"She is right. But don't worry. I will be taking care of him myself. He will not have an easy death. I plan on him feeling my wrath for years. I will not be letting you two in the room when I do what I need to do. Please understand that I can't have you there for this."

"Damn it Bones, I want to kick his ass too. Why do we have to sit out."

"Kat please, can't you see this whole thing is bad enough for him. I am sure he will do enough damage for the both of us. You know him probably better than I do in that area. You have seen him work for the last four years. Do you think he will not be thorough?"

"No, he will make them beg for their death, but I wish I could have had a part of it." Her words showed she was giving in. I am glad the fight was not worse. "Katie I bet you could do even worse things. Don't you want to have your revenge?" Can't she keep quiet about the magic. She is going to give it away.

"That would be something to see if she actually had the power to do worse than me. But I rather deal out the punishment for her." Well that is good. Did she want my secret known. The way she is looking at me I think she does. It is a good thing my mother is not around. She surely would have said something and all hell would break loose.

I can imagine loosing control if someone hurt my son. That is when my revenge streak would come to light. If I were to loose Bones for good I have a feeling I would break.

Bones took me home and was immediately in the clutches of my son. He looked like he had no idea which he probably hadn't. Kat was staying with mother in a hotel until their place was put back together. I did see her hanging around Tate. For all the times I have spent with him, I have never seen him look at any woman like he was looking at my sister. Interesting. I think I like the idea.